Fortnite OT4 Release Notes

Major Features


New Primary Missions - We've added a couple new primary missions to help in your battle against the Storm. Jump in now to play Launch the Rocket and Retrieve the Data.

Secondary Activities - We've also added more things for you to do when you're out in the world of Fortnite. We call them Encampments, Anomaly and Siphon. You'll get things like BluGlo (a new resource) and crafting materials for completing these secondary activities.

Home Base Updates - Your Home Base buildings will now award awesome gadgets when they are built. Your heroes can carry two of these gadgets into the zone with them. Also, Home Base sub buildings will also be enabled. Sub buildings will help boost the effectiveness of their primary building as well as providing bonuses to their corresponding gadgets. Note: We had to reset all Home Base progression for this to work, but we've given everyone resources to rebuild based on account level.

New Privacy Settings - It's something lots of people have been asking about, so we've added new privacy options that give you control over who you play with. Restrict your game to Friends Only, or go Private for a solo adventure.

Player Animation Refactor -

  • Reworked most main player character animations.
  • Adjusted Targeted and Non Targeted cameras to work with new posing and larger player character body types.

Even More Things - Lots of other things have been added to this update, including new hero models for the Constructor and Outlander, new chat features, improved matchmaking, new UI for your vault, a new dynamic difficulty system and a new combined stats system designed to help you understand the boosts you get from your Home Base.

Looking for more details? Read on for the full list!


Primary Missions

  • New: Retrieve the Data
    • Prepare for the touchdown of the weather balloon by using a limited amount of time to build defenses around the landing zone. After the weather balloon arrives, successfully download the payload data while minimizing the number of files corrupted by enemy interference.
  • New: Launch the Rocket
    • Search the landscape and complete secondary missions to find and collect BluGlo. Depositing it at the launch pad will fuel each stage required to launch a rocket into the storms. Be prepared to defend the launchpad during each stage until the rocket achieves liftoff.

Secondary Missions

  • New: Anomaly!
    • Destroy the anomaly and all of its shards to claim a reward.
  • New: Encampments!
    • Kill all of the enemies spawned after engaging the sleeping enemies around the Encampment. Afterwards, the Encampment will disintegrate and leave a reward in it’s place.
  • New: Siphons!
    • Place and defend the Siphon while it fills its canisters with BluGlo. Retrigger the Siphon to risk your earnings up to two additional times in an attempt to siphon additional BluGlo, or claim what you’ve earned after each encounter is complete.

Home Base

  • New Home Base Progression
    • Account Level is now called Commander Level and the progress bar now displays the amount of XP that is required for the next level.
    • Home Base Rating is now called Home Base Power. Added a tooltip on the Power icon in Home Base that shows a breakdown of how much Power each building is generating.
    • Added upgrades to many buildings.
    • Rebalanced resourcing in Home Base to make Commander Level and mission completion more important.
    • Removed the expedition team and farm as command center sub-buildings.
    • Main building construction and upgrades now require construction plans.
      • Construction plans are granted on Commander level ups.
    • The max level of schematics and crew are now limited by Home Base buildings.
      • Command Center: Increases max for schematics and crew.
      • Hospital: Increases max for crew.
      • Combat Academy: Increases max for melee schematics.
      • Firing Range: Increases max for ranged schematics.
      • Trap Workshop: Increases max for traps.
  • Home Base Reset
    • All buildings except the Command Center and class buildings have been reset.
    • Home Base resources have been reset.
    • Based on your Commander Level, we have given you new resources to spend to rebuild your base in the new progression.
    • Partial progress within a Commander Level has been reset to the start of your current level


  • Home Base Gadgets are Now Available!
    • There are eight specialized Gadgets that can be unlocked and upgraded by Home Base buildings.
      • Teleporter - Gym
      • Proximity Mine - Trap Workshop
      • Banner - Engineering School
      • Air Strike - Fire Range
      • Bot Turret - Drone
      • Slow Field - Martial Arts
      • Adrenaline Rush - Hospital
    • Choose up to two Gadgets to help you in your storm chasing!
    • Here’s the Banner in action:

New Missions

Selecting Gadgets

  • Your selected Gadgets will be available in your inventory, and can be slotted on Quickbar in the same way as class Gadgets.


  • Privacy Setting menu
    • Party privacy settings are now enabled. It is possible to mark your party as "friends only" or "private" and get the added benefit of removing your play session from public matchmaking.


  • Dynamic Difficulty System
    • Enemy difficulty is now based on a combination of your Home Base and Hero level, instead of how much you’ve played a specific location.
    • Enemy damage will not immediately begin growing until the player has had time to make his or her first few purchases in Home Base.
    • Reduced the difficulty of the first location by moving several enemy types later in the progression. In the first location you should only see Husks, Pitchers, Husky Husks, Dwarf Husks, Beehive Husks, Bombshell Lobber Husks, and maybe an occasional Smasher.=
  • M Key Map
    • Pressing the M key while in zone will give you an overview of the entire zone.
    • The map shows points of interest as well as areas visited by all players.


  • New F.O.R.T. Stats
    • Fortitude - Increases max health and health regeneration.
    • Offense - Increases weapon damage.
    • Resistance - Increases damage mitigation.
    • Tech - Increases gadget, ability and trap damage.
    • All Heroes now gain stats every time they level up.
    • Stats are also increased by improving the power of some Homebase buildings.


  • Matchmaking now tries to keep players of similar "Commander Level" together for a better play experience.
    • It may still match far from this value if something closer isn't available at the time.
    • New players will only get Low Threat zones when using Quick Play.

Release Notes


  • AI now base some of their aggro on the amount of damage caused by a player.
  • Fixed an issue where sleeping Husks weren’t waking up if their floor was destroyed.
  • All Husk varieties should now use multiple attack animations for their basic melee attacks.
  • Increased the movement rate of the Lobber Husks, Husky Husk, Propane Tank Husk, and Blaster so they now run fast enough to keep up to a player who is running backward at the default movement rate.
  • Slowed melee attack rate of the basic Husk, Pitcher Husk, Bombshell Lobber Husk, Poison Lobber Husk and Beehive Husk so they strike once every 2 seconds (approx). Increased the damage per strike to compensate.
  • Dwarf Husks now spawn in groups of seven during major encounters, instead of groups of three.
  • Sploder now has a unique propane tank throw animation.
  • Sploder tries to destroy buildings around the goal.
  • Increased the radius and environmental damage of the propane tank explosion considerably, but added falloff so objects at the edge of the blast take far less damage than objects in the middle.
  • Pitcher Husk throw is now a straight-line projectile that does not lead the target and deals less damage than before. Pitchers will attack far more rapidly than they did in the past. Pitcher Husk bones now glow purple
  • Pitcher Husks now throw a couple of times from the same position before they move laterally.
  • Lobber Husks will no longer move laterally, unless necessary to attack their target.
  • Reducing duration of the Poison Lobber poison clouds from 30s to 10s.
  • Slowed the tick rate of Husky Husk and Poison Lobber Husk poison clouds and Beehive bee cloud from 3/sec to 2/sec. This makes them considerably less deadly.
  • Bombshell Lobber Husks should focus on destroying buildings around the goal.
  • Slowed the melee attack rate of the Smasher's attacks, but increased the damage per blow to compensate. His floor and ceiling attacks have also been brought up to match the damage rate of his wall attack.
  • Reduced the environmental damage of the Smasher's charge attack so he can now be stopped by level 2 stone walls (if they are near full strength).
  • Slowed the Smasher's movement speed and turning rate, so he now moves slower than players and it will be easier for them to get out of melee range. Increased his health to compensate.
  • Significantly reduced the turning rate of the Smasher while he is using his charge attack, so he will be less able to track players who are attempting to move out of the way.
  • Smasher charge range is slightly greater.
  • Smasher now has an attack up animation.
  • Smashers should try to destroy buildings near the goal.
  • Smasher will now trigger his 360-degree shockwave attack after he has been attempting and failing to turn to face the player for a few seconds.
  • Reduced the damage of the Taker's Soul Suck ability to about half its previous value.


  • Husks have directional runs. More variants will be added in the future.
  • Added a new bolt action reload animation.
  • Added a new Husky Husk ceiling attack.
  • The Pitcher Husk has a new throw animation with faster timing.


  • Added elemental damage numbers to the game. Now you can tell which type of damage has been dealt by their appearance.
  • Increased the size of critical hit damage numbers.
  • The building regen health + signs now match Fortnite's tech color scheme.
  • New hero models for the Constructor and Outlander.



  • Blaster attack sounds done broke, done fixed.
  • Footstep sounds were a little misaligned, causing the player jog to sound like they were limping a bit. Bandage applied, medication taken, limp removed.
  • The menu UI sounds when you clicked on menu tabs was super loud. Now Much More Reasonable (tm).
  • Melee weapons had incorrect impact sounds set for them. Now axes slice and sledgehammers sledge. The world heaves a sigh of relief.
  • Menu screens are so lonely without button click sounds and neat music. Be lonely no more, my menus... lonely no more.
  • New countdown click sounds and events before Launch. So you can get psyched, instead of yawned.
  • New electric sword sounds.
  • New mission dialog support.
  • New Rocket Launch dialog.
  • New Retrieve the Data mission dialog and events. Go get that balloon data folks!
  • When you get any friend activity, your friendly neighborhood announcer lets you know.


  • You can now kick soccer balls and basketballs.
  • A majority of the rocks in the game have had their specular reflections toned down, to be more rock like and less not rock like.
  • Fixed many seams when the world bounces due to being hit.
  • Flower Shops have signs now, so you can see that a store has flowers in it and not pigs or doughnuts or canoes.
  • The Hot Rod car has been updated so that the wheel wells and engine do not get colored the same was as the body of the car.
  • The painter who painted the tall drain pipes random colors has been fired, and a new team has come in to make sure that the vertical drain pipes are one color as they go up the building.
  • Tire piles will no longer mysteriously fling you into the air telepathically when you are near them, but not touching them. The bounciness has been contained to the actual visual area of the tires.


  • Supply Drop is now a Home Base Gadget, and now scales off of the Explorer's Guild.
  • Increased Gadget damage scaling to match weapon damage scaling


  • By default sprint now only activates when held, instead of both a toggle and a hold
    • Added Toggle Sprint option to the gameplay options menu. This changes sprint (bound to shift by default) to a toggle.
  • To leave a note during the gameplay use the "N" key now (was "M" before)
  • Rebalanced monster kill score values so that they have scores relative to their power.
  • XP curve scale reduced. XP numbers should appear smaller to be more in line with what we see with item and worker XP values.
  • XP sources rebalanced to place more importance on the earning of badges and less emphasis on in-zone actions (e.g. strip-mining).
  • Fixed a bug when harvesting that caused a slight delay between consecutive weak spots appearing.
  • Fixed a case where players couldn't repair the ATLAS if they joined a game in progress that had already had the ATLAS destroyed.
  • Increased default FOV to 80 degrees.
  • Quickbar icons for gadgets and abilities will now display as faded out when they cannot be activated.


  • Increased energy regeneration rate by 25%.
  • Fix issue where ability execution would not lockout stamina regeneration as intended.
  • Hero animations and poses were updated for better viewing of your weapon and improved feel.


  • New female Outlander model.
  • Loot Llama can now be damaged during its death animation.


  • Poisoned Blade now respects its intended stack count.
  • Implemented an "enemy's view" version of the Ninja’s shadow stance ability.


  • New male Constructor model.
  • Effects from B.A.S.E are no longer completely removed when moving from the influence of one B.A.S.E to another. The new effects are now properly applied and the old ones are removed.
  • The Constructor's B.A.S.E. now blocks player built structures.
  • Reduced the Constructor’s Home Base building grid's opacity by 50 percent.


  • Allow right-mouse targeting during the reload for certain ranged weapons, such as bolt-action rifles.
  • Made recoil and accuracy spread adjustments to all ranged weapons.
  • Fixed sprint intermittently starting up in between rounds of slow rate-of-fire automatic weapons.
  • Improved melee weapon swinging collision to make it less likely to accidentally hit the ground while walking up slopes.
  • Improved smoothness and responsiveness of all melee attack transitions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused several laser melee weapons to do less damage than their non-laser counterparts.
  • Explosive weapons now damage friendly structures at 50% of the base value.
  • Added many new weapon schematic variants to card packs. These show up as "Premium" or "Prime" versions weapons with a small boost in stats. They have the same crafting cost.
  • Created new uncommon and rare schematics for melee and ranged weapons.
  • Reduced the relative drop weight of blunt weapons by 50%.
  • Fixed an issue where Epic (tier 8) weapons often had less durability than Masterwork (tier 7) weapons.
  • Improved VFX for the Laser Pistol projectile trails.
  • New VFX for the Zap Zapp.


  • New UI design for the Vault. It appears in the top menu and has an improved workflow.
    • Improved tooltips and more information about items.
    • Upgrade gains can now be previewed.
    • The Vault no longer overlooks Homebase, it looks at a simple background instead.
  • Tooltips on buildings in Home Base show the gadget they unlock and upgrade.
  • Fixed chat window in Home Base being hidden if player does not close building panel before proceeding to a new tab.
  • Fixed buildings showing bangs for upgrade when the player can not actually upgrade.
  • Mighty Earth Movers have successfully lowered a Mountain range in the back of Home Base that was mysteriously floating.
  • Mousing over buildings in Home Base won't occasionally make the Command Center appear highlighted any more.
  • The icon you choose to go onto your Home Base Banner during the tutorial will now appear on your flag flying over the Command Center.
  • The Locked state of Home Base buildings will now show the icon of the building in addition to the the lock, giving you more information about what the building may be before clicking.


  • Added ammo carry limits. Once you have enough ammo to fund your own private war, maybe you could consider sharing with the rest of the party!
    • Shells 'n' Slugs: 1,500
    • Heavy Bullets: 1,500
    • Energy Cells: 3,000
    • Medium Bullets: 3,000
    • Light Bullets: 5,000
  • Increased ammo crafting quantities
    • Increased ammo crafting costs proportionately.
  • Crafted item levels now match the schematic level, instead of adding world level and random variance.
  • Crafting Ingredient changes
    • Reduced Nuts 'n' Bolts drop quantities in civilized areas by roughly ~33%.
    • Doubled Nuts 'n' Bolts drop quantities in natural areas, such as tin cans in forests.
    • Pianos now drop mechanical parts or Nuts 'n' Bolts when destroyed.
    • Reduced mechanical parts drops from mechanical destruction loot.
    • Added batteries drops to mechanical destruction loot.
    • Reduced Battery quantity requirements for Laser, Rocket, and Rocketbat melee weapons.
  • Ore and crystal spawns are now based on mission difficulty tier, instead of how much you have played in a location.
    • Once an ore or crystal node is introduced, it gradually becomes more common for the next couple tiers.
    • Made crystals a bit more rare.
  • Durability changes
    • Doubled trap durability.
    • Reduced weapon durability on whites and greens.
    • Increased (on average) ranged weapon durability for blues and above. This is more normalized now, so not all weapons had the same change. Melee weapons generally decreased in durability.
  • Chief and Crew changes
    • Added a new class of Chief - the Inventor, specializes in the Drone Manufactory, along with three unique Chiefs.
    • Added in missing unique Chiefs so each job now has three.
    • Added "dependable" personality for Chiefs and Crew.
    • Updated names for green Crew and Chiefs.
    • Added more detailed descriptions for Chiefs and Crew.
    • Fixed a bug that caused blue Chiefs and Workers to look more purple than blue.
  • Mission Reward changes
    • Increased the scale of building parts and power rewards so that missions are more important.
    • Mission rewards and resourcing have been rescaled to be consistent with new home base costs.
    • Gem rewards on the location map no longer show a tier indicator, as they don't change to the same extent of other rewards.
  • Schematic recycling: XP gained now increases as the item levels up. The amount return is based on the amount invested.
  • Card Pack changes
    • Renamed Bronze Pack to Upgrade Pack.
    • Slightly improved early scale of Upgrade Packs.
    • Slightly reduced schematic drop rate for Upgrade Packs. Increased Crew drop rate proportionately.
    • Reduced the drop rate of Silver Packs. Increased the drop rate of Gold Packs proportionally to reduced silver rate.
    • Improved early scaling of daily rotation Packs.
    • Added Jackpot Packs that contain Jackpot Packs.
    • Removed the quantity limit from standard daily rotation Packs in the store.
    • Only one daily rotation Pack appears per day now, instead of two.
    • Reduced frequency of melee weapon and ranged weapon daily rotation Packs appearing.
    • Improved Legendary Troll stash to prevent some cases where it was possible to have a very unlucky Pack that didn't have any special cards.
  • Mushroom Smoothie should now act as the tooltip describes.
  • Increased bacon healing from 25 to 40.


  • Fixed a bug causing enemies to be automatically killed on sunrise.
  • Fix several cases where players could join friends while still in the tutorial.
  • Fixed run tutorial playing twice instead of a jump tutorial playing.
  • Movement of the camera during the tutorial has been restricted a bit more to prevent you from flying way outside the intended area.
  • Prevent players with no hero or have not completed tutorial from joining party.


  • Fixed a bug that caused load times to be a little longer than they needed to be.
  • Reduced network lag when first entering a zone.
  • Video setting auto detection is now more accurate.
  • Add Show FPS option to the video options menu. If enabled this shows an FPS counter.


  • Disabled built in VOIP support because it currently doesn’t reach our quality bar. We recommend using third party VOIP tools when playing with friends.
  • Enabled chat window on victory screen.
  • Initial release of the new chat experience. The chat window has been replaced with a new version that is a work-in-progress. New features include tabs for selecting which chat channel to view as well as the ability to customize what channels appear in each tab.


  • Directional jump pad now uses the jumper's velocity instead of rotation when determining jump direction. Also, tweaked the jump parameters to put you more in the air.
  • Added higher quality versions of traps.
    • Traps schematics can now be found in card packs.
    • Added a new trap card pack that appears rarely in the daily pack rotation.
    • Fixed a few bugs where trap damage values were not rounding correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could place ceiling traps on the same tile as the ATLAS
  • Fixed issues with spike traps colliding with the player and causing bad camera movement.
  • Players gain less resources when disassembling player jump pads.
  • Fix bug that could prevent sentry guns from firing when they should.


  • Added Rate Experience Screen to collect player feedback.
    • Shown on Quit and after Missions (upon returning to Home Base)
  • Network errors are now shown correctly in the login window.
  • Added bangs for daily login reward, friend and party invites, and unopened card packs.
  • Escape key handling now works properly in Home Base.
  • Priority Mission has been renamed to "Quick Play."
  • Added mission refresh countdown in mission selection screen, countdown will appear on mission panel when a mission is five minutes before expiration.
  • Added toast notification when missions are refreshed in mission selection screen.
  • Added a countdown for "Waiting for players" in UI after matchmaking completed.
  • Mission tooltips now show the rewards, this will allow non leaders to see more information.
  • Team power in the Home Base calculates properly when alone and updates when players leave a team.
  • Home Base power level for team members that aren't in your party will properly update now while in the lobby.
  • Reward screen changes
    • Don't show score when it is 0 for a badge.
    • Failed bonus objective can show up properly on victory screen.
    • The reward screen now shows you what you just got or how long until the next award is available.



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