Fortnite OT 6.6 Release Notes

OT 6.6 is now live! Check out the details below:

Major Features

  • Updated the end of mission experience with a new victory screen and user interface. 

  • Made it easier to recycle multiple schematics and retire multiple survivors at one time in the Vault.
  • A complete visual update to the Siphon Activity, bringing a new 3d model, textures, animations and visual effects! 

  • Added visual effects for Elemental ranged weapon alterations.

Release Notes


  • New portrait artwork for Home Base Survivors.
    • Note: New art only appears for newly acquired Survivors.
  • Adjusted some stairs so they meet a little closer when lined up with other stairs.
  • Polished visual effects of lightning strikes and impacts during enemy spawning.
  • Polished Mission Select Map visuals.


  • Added message callouts for encounters that include Elemental enemy types. This should allow players to plan appropriately.
  • Ice Damage Slow effect will now properly be dispelled by Slow-removing effects.
  • Changed how enemy spawn timers work, so that when the combat encounter attempts to spawn a certain type of enemy it will show up in groups, rather than trickling in individually. This allows the encounter to spend more of its budget on the enemies it wants, so this reduces the variety of enemies active at a given time, and themes the enemies that show up more strongly.
  • Flingers no longer toss Dwarf Husks.
  • Fixed Flinger skull projectile radius being too large.
  • Reduced the chance that artillery enemies (Bombshell Lobbers, Poison Lobbers, Flingers) will show up at the start of an encounter. This was primarily done to give players enough time build a roof on Retrieve the Data missions.
  • Tweaked the population caps on Secondary Activities and Tertiary Encounters (like Patrols) so they don't allow as many "special" types of enemies to show up as the Primary Missions do. This means they will spawn more basic Husks, especially at high difficulty levels.
  • Increased minimum distance enemies can spawn at during primary missions.
  • Make sure enemies cancel their ranged attack repositioning moves when their goal gets too close.


  • Fixed a bug where gadgets with regenerating stacks, such as proximity mines, would not always initialize to the maximum stack count.
  • Fixed Slow Field not causing some types of projectiles to be slowed.


  • Allow player weapon reload and sprint to cancel each other.
  • Changed slowdown effects to no longer increase ability cooldown durations.
  • Fixed a bug where some items would scale too fast when stacking multiple copies of the same item.
  • Fixed a bug where some sword attacks were not causing impact effects.
  • Fixed bug where M80s and bottle rockets were sometimes consuming the incorrect stack of ammo.



  • Fixed a bug where a Soldier could gain bonus ammo from killing certain types of non-enemy units.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue that indicated Soldier would receive 2 ammo per kill instead of 1 ammo.


  • Tooltips for Dragon Slash, Smoke Bomb, and Throwing Stars are being tested with our new Tooltip System, and should now reflect certain changes based on specialization.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ninja's Mantis Leap was not resetting the fall height when activated.



  • Fixed a version of the Backbreaker that did function and showed invalid stats in its tooltip.
  • Fixed a warhammer that was incorrectly using the Deathstalker name.


  • Fixed an issue where the sentry gun placement silhouette could incorrectly stay around, even after placing all available sentry guns.
  • Removed level up button from ward traps. Leveling did not improve the traps.


  • Fixed incorrect building bonus in Misha "Tiger" Yu's description.


  • Fixed a crash that occasionally happens on exit.
  • Fixed crash that can happen when kicking a party member.
  • Fixed several cases where servers would randomly disconnect players.

Primary Missions

  • Added notification reminder to check the map after not locating the Gate within a set period of time.
  • The Close the Gate bonus objective to build under set number of defensive structures now increases the set number based on how many gates there are to close. 100 for 1, and 50 per additional gate.
  • Fixed bug which caused the placing of traps to decrement the count of defensive structures.
  • Reduced the BluGlo requirement to activate Launch the Rocket from 4/8/12 to 3/3/3.
  • Launch the Rocket now requires the player to activate the launchpad after depositing BluGlo. Once BluGlo is deposited storm direction will be displayed and will not start the fight until activated.
  • Retrieve the Data landing location is no longer know from beginning of mission. There is now a locate objective. If the player still hasn't found the landing zone with 8 minutes left RaY will locate for the player.
  • Retrieve the Data now has a Bonus objective with Badge that is awarded if the player locates the landing zone before RaY does.
  • Added a built in floor under portions of the Drop Off and Pickup locations in Deliver the Goods so it is more clear where you can and cannot build floors.
  • Tracks will now wiggle like they mean it when hit.
  • Each individual Outpost wave will now spawn a reduced variety of enemy types, but the types of enemies spawned will change more when going from one wave to the next.
  • Corrected bad storm direction data in 2 waves of combat in Plankerton Outpost which could cause Husks to spawn on amplifiers.

Secondary Missions

  • Adjusted where it is possible to build around the Siphon, the areas in the front and back of the Siphon are no longer eligible for walls.


  • Generic error handling for network errors.
  • New icons for the Outlander's Anti-Material Strike and Gravity Sphere abilities.
  • Previous harvesting tool is displayed to player after Harvesting Optimizer is upgraded.
  • Removed weapons, traps, and ammo tabs from the Fabricator UI.
  • Large rework of how window activation works. This change should give a much better user experience when alt-tabbing in and out of the game or any time when the game is losing or gaining focus in the operating system.
  • Fixed a case where two exclamation points could appear over a building in Home Base.



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