Fortnite Online Test 6.7 Release Notes

OT6.7 is here! Check out the full list of changes below.

Major Features

New Death Gameplay

  • Dying no longer drops a backpack with items, but does cause a durability penalty to slotted weapons.  Dying has never felt so good.
  • Players can now use an extra life to revive on the spot, or be revived by teammates.
    • To revive a teammate, walk over to their body and use “E” to interact.
    • Reviving takes time and is interrupted by damage.
  • Extra lives scale based on region difficulty :
    • Stonewood : 5 Extra Lives
    • Plankerton : 3 Extra Lives
    • Canny Valley : 2 Extra Lives
    • Twine Peaks : 1 Extra Lives
    • All Outpost missions will feature  the same number of extra lives as the theater they are in.
    • These numbers will be changed based on testing, feedback, and difficulty in a future patch.

New Male Outlander Model

New Environment Assets

  • The world of Fortnite now has grass!  Feel those cool, green blades between your toes.

Release Notes


  • Stairs will no longer appear clipped through Level 1 Metal Walls when placed directly next to each other.
  • Polished lightning strikes in the storm.  


  • Enemies now show their level next to their health bar.
  • All enemies are now less likely to take very long routes around destructible walls, and more likely to batter their way through.
  • Added a short respawn delay to the Smasher. This means that, while it is still possible to have multiple Smashers active at once at high difficulty levels, multiple Smashers will no longer appear at exactly the same time.
  • Fixed a missing cooldown on the Smasher's wall attack that was allowing him to break through walls more quickly than intended.
  • Fixed Husks not getting their gravity reset correctly after being thrown by a Flinger.
  • Fixed Husk animations while being thrown.
  • Fixed the Mimic sometimes swinging at and missing the player repeatedly.


  • Fixed Air Strike gadget not working properly on certain building pieces and slopes.
  • Fixed cases where Banner ability could get interrupted and prevent other actions.


  • If a party leader kicks a party member while in a zone, the party member will now leave the zone.
  • Increased the radius of Ward traps, and fixed them to draw their radius correctly.
  • Fix an issue where the sentry gun would not block new buildings from being placed within its area.
  • Fix an issue where sometimes a sentry gun could be placed within another sentry gun.
  • Fixed a bug where charge-up weapons like the Zapotron would fire when unequipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Farmer's Glory weapon's right-click attacks were not working.
  • Fixed a bug where some melee weapons were not consuming durability on right-click attacks.
  • Fixed cases where weapon fire effects could get stuck on after players stopped firing.
  • Fixed issues with weapons sticking around after they should be destroyed due to durability depletion.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented Bull Rush from knocking back enemies.


  • Defensive Purge should now properly remove negative effects.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Anti Material Charge to inflict double damage to buildings.

Primary Missions

  • Deliver the Goods: Bees should no longer damage the Hovertub.
  • Deliver the Goods: When placing tracks on up and down angles, they will properly line up instead of appearing offset.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI to not path properly around Outpost Amplifier platforms
  • Updated storm direction data for Plankerton Outpost which was causing Husks to spawn on top of Outpost core.


  • The mission detail panel now includes the tier of the mission to help indicate that you will find better and more plentiful resources.
  • Quick Match allows you to choose the threat level to match you into.

  • Legal screen added to options menu.
  • Survivors in the Vault now display an icon of the building they're assigned to.
  • Fix possible crash while accessing the in-game map
  • Fixed scrolling issues in Vault while in batch recycling mode.
    • The recycling marker in the grid will properly display when an item is scrolled out of view and back in to view.
    • Newly selected items in the list of items for recycling will be scrolled into view when added.
    • Fixed several performance issues.
  • Items that can't be recycled can no longer be marked for recycling when in the Vault's batch recycling mode.
  • The currently selected item in a Vault tab should remain selected now, rather than resetting to the first unexpectedly due to other changes
  • The Vault buttons for upgrading an item now properly enabled/disabled when the relevant available XP values change.
  • The Vault now properly displays an item's maximum level when it changes while an item is selected.
  • Text from previous confirmation dialogs no longer persists into new confirmation dialogs.




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