Fortnite Online Test 7 Release Notes

Online Test 7 is now live! Check out the full list of changes below.

Major Features

Player Progression Reset

  • OT7 has major changes to progression, content, and core game systems, and as a result it was necessary to reset all player progression.
  • All purchased V-bucks have been refunded and you can spend them on new Loot Llamas.

Persistence and Inventory

  • We have removed the inventory reset for transitioning locations.
  • Whether you’re finishing the tutorial or graduating to Plankerton, you now keep everything you’ve collected!
    • In order to support this change, we’ve made extensive crafting and itemization changes. See the Items and Crafting sections below for details.

New Skill Tree

  • Home Base buildings have been converted to a skill tree.
    • All of the bonuses you previously got from upgrading buildings and sub buildings are now individual skill nodes.
  • Simplified leveling up and purchasing upgrades.
    • Gain experience to earn skill points to spend on the tree.
    • Other level-up rewards, such as items, have been converted to quest rewards.
  • Greatly increased the amount of player choice. There are different paths within the skill tree, and you can specialize in different areas where you want to focus your growth.
  • Increased the total number of upgrades and different ways to grow stronger.
  • Many features and mechanics in the game can now be unlocked by purchasing upgrades in the skill tree. Examples include: various Outpost upgrades, harvesting weak points, item upgrades.
  • Resource production from your base now gives you research points that can be spent on various unlocks in your skill tree.
  • Buy skills and complete Outposts and other quest content to unlock more of the skill tree.

The Female Ninja is Now Available






  • Survivors can now be found throughout the game, some are doing okay and others need help badly. 
  • Rescuing Survivors found in game gives survivor XP and a chance to give new worker Survivors, leads or Heroes.
  • Survivor shelters are currently using some placeholder art assets.
  • Survivors currently have five different appearances.

New Hero Design

  • Your roster of Heroes has moved to the Vault making it your one-stop shop to improve the power of your Heroes, Survivors, and schematics.
  • Earn new Heroes for your collection by completing quests and gaining rewards.
  • Each Hero you collect has a unique set of perks you unlock as you level them up. These Perks greatly improve certain aspects of the Hero, reinforcing a specific playstyle.
  • Heroes now level-up by spending Hero XP gained as mission rewards or by retiring unused heroes. Hero XP can be spent on any hero in your Vault.



  • All Female Outlanders have a unique outfit


Schematic and Hero Upgrades

  • Getting a Hero, Survivor, or weapon schematic to the maximum level opens up the opportunity for an upgrade.
  • Upgrades increase their tier and maximum level, and dramatically change the gameplay.
  • Heroes earn new abilities and Perks when upgraded along with a substantial stat boost.
  • Upgrades to schematics boost their stats and gives the players choices for higher upgrade paths. 



Survivor Squads and Adventure Squads

  • Survivor Squads have replaced building jobs. Survivor Squad slots have the same mechanics as building jobs and can be unlocked in the skill tree.
  • Groups of three Heroes can now be slotted into Adventure Squads!
  • One Hero is the Ground Operative, that you’ll play in the zone.
  • The other two Heroes are the Support Operative and the Tactics Operative, both of whom contribute a percentage of their base stats to the Ground Operative.


  • Trees and shrubs react to the winds generated by nearby storm clouds.
  • Storm Clouds and supporting effects have changed to look more intense.
  • This feature should be considered very early and is WIP. 


  • Updates to in zone onboarding experience and tutorial mission. 
  • Stonewood now features a new progression with new voiceovers and quests. 
  • Updates to Outpost wave defense gameplay and art.
  • More Outpost defenses - now each location has some progression-related mandatory defenses and some optional, hardcore challenge defenses!
  • Outpost defense waves come now in two flavors - the well known “survive x minutes” one and the new “kill x enemies” type.
  • Players now can pick when they place Shield Amplifiers in the Outpost - defend it your way!
  • Quests offer bigger variety of activities. 
  • Achievements unlocked! WIP Achievement quests now available.
  • When progressing to new locations like Plankerton and Canny Valley, the environment lighting and atmospheric effects will look different.

64-bit Support

  • Fortnite is now a native Windows 64-bit application and will only launch on 64-bit versions of the OS.
  • Out of memory crashes are now fixed, although it may cause slower performance on machines with low amounts of physical RAM

Release Notes


  • Hero art has been changed so that level 1 Heroes will appear without hats or backpacks.
  • Polish and updates to Mission Select map lighting, storms, and landscape art.
  • New art for Storm Clouds.
  • New super storm sky art in “Fight the Storm” mission.
  • The ATLAS device has been updated to show BluGlo integration and transformation into powered up Atmospheric Laser.
  • Updated and added art for Ore and many other crafting ingredients.
  • Made all melee weapons fit into Heroes hands better.
  • Decreased the overall scale of grass so it wouldn't shoot over cliff edges any more.
  • Fixed a minor hitch/snag on Reverse Staircases that could be felt while sprinting down stairs. It should be a lot smoother now, and sprinting should no longer be interrupted while going down the Reverse Stair cases.
  • Metal L Balconies will no longer block the player when stairs are built underneath them, no more head bumps.
  • Streams are now capable of growing grass near by.
  • Toned down greens in many trees and changed leaf textures.
  • Fixed shadowing bugs on player built Fort pieces where the shadows would appear before the building pieces animated in.
  • Added materials on melee weapons alterations for Cryo, Electrical, Incendiary.




  • Reduced health and shield strength across the game (both enemies and heroes), and reduced enemy damage output vs. players, to match the reduction in ranged weapon damage caused by the recent reworking of the game economy. Kill times should remain relatively unchanged.
  • Tuned navigation path costs for the Blaster and Flinger so they are far more likely to path around structures instead of breaking through them.
  • Tuned navigation path costs so small enemies are slightly more likely to path around structures instead of battering through them.
  • Fixed Husky Husk death animation sometimes looking like he is getting back up at the end.
  • Made Poison Lobber clouds fade out cleanly.
  • Audio pass on the Blaster.
  • Enemy/Encounter difficulty completely retooled to scale with the new progression model.


  • Allow players to switch to a weapon immediately after triggering an Air Strike.
  • Fixed a bug where gadgets with regenerating ammo stacks were not always starting with their maximum stack count when entering a zone.
  • Fixed a bug where placed Teleporters could appear in the wrong location for players who joined in progress.
  • Prevented Supply Drop and Air Strike from being focusable in the quickbar.


  • Downed players can no longer capture Vantage Points.
  • Dying while editing a building template no longer prevents players from left mouse button respawning.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in building edit mode on death.
  • Fixed a bug where the release timer was not appearing on the death screen if the death was caused by falling off the map.
  • Made player not collide with AI while downed.
  • Made players play a weapon equip animation after being resurrected.
  • Fix issue that could cause traps to incorrectly stay around after the building they're attached to is destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where trap durability was not being initialized to the max, when max durability has been increased due to Home Base buffs.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's extra lives would reset when leaving and re-entering a zone.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon effects were occasionally persisting for remote players.
  • Adjusted gun damage ranges so that long-range guns like sniper rifles have much greater range and damage than guns like pistols.
  • Reduced durability penalty for death.
  • Getting downed but revived no longer triggered a durability penalty.


  • Female Ninjas are now playable!
  • Heroes are now Vault items. They can be earned as rewards and in packs and are levelled up and upgraded using a new currency called Hero XP.
  • Hero max level increased to 30/40/50 (depending on rarity).
  • There are 24 Hero characters, each of which earns a unique sequence of active abilities and passive perks as they level up. High-rarity versions of the hero get a longer list of perks and more tiers (with more levels and stats) than lower-rarity versions.
  • Heroes no longer have skill trees. The skill tree nodes were converted into perks and attached to the new Hero items. Many perks were rebalanced and reworked during this process, and several new perks were added.
  • Implemented dynamic ability tooltips that update as perks improve the base ability. These are still in an alpha state.
  • Balance pass on most Hero abilities. Primarily intended to bring their damage down so it is in line with the new reduced weapon damage and enemy health.
  • Increased the animation speed and projectile speed of the Ninja’s Throwing Stars.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to lose some functionality after dying during a Bull Rush.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Constructor's Bull Rush to be interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where not all types of melee attacks were causing damage reflection properly when hitting structures affected by the Constructor's B.A.S.E.
  • Fixed a bug where the Constructor's Plasma Pulse could be interrupted before activation, and still incur the cooldown and energy cost.
  • Added Polished art for the Constructor’s B.A.S.E. Device.



Home Base (Now called Skill Tree)

  • Skill Points replace old resources used to construct buildings in Home Base. Compared to Commander Levels in OT6:
    • Leveling to acquire skill points is faster.
    • The amount of XP required per level increases much slower.
    • The maximum number of levels has greatly increased.
    • The more times you level, the more skill points you acquire per level (increases slowly).
  • Removed stat upgrades that only apply to one class.

Items - General

  • Added light and heavy variations of many melee weapons. Lighter weapons are faster and do less damage. Heavy weapons are slower and do more damage.
  • Lots of new melee weapons, here’s a picture of some of them.



  • From Left to Right: 
    • Antler Axe (light axe)
    • Mr. Red (light blunt weapon)
    • Trusty Pipe (medium blunt weapon)
    • Paddlesword (heavy sword)
    • Simple Pitcherfork (spear)
    • Whirling Doom (spear)
    • Greataxe (heavy axe)
    • Bootaxe (light axe)
  • Item max level increased from 20 to 50. 
  • Items can now be upgraded to increase their tier.
    • Increasing the tier of a schematic increases its base strength
    • Increasing the tier of a schematic increases its max level by 10.
    • The maximum upgrade of an item depends on its rarity.
  • Rarity is now the most important factor for determining the overall value of a weapon. 
    • The number of perks on a schematic is now directly tied to the rarity of the schematic.
    • Better rarity = greater long term value. 
    • Better rarity = higher base power.
  • There are no longer cases such as a blue that is the best weapon at a certain point in the game.
  • Adjusted item power growth. 
    • Leveling rare survivors now provides better stat growth than leveling common survivors.
    • Increasing the rarity of an item now has a more consistent improvement to base stats.
    • Many weapons have had stat changes, such as clip size, reload time, or rate of fire on weapons.
    • Most weapons have had damage adjustments.
  • Weapons are now named based on their rarity and the main material that is required to craft them.
    • Weapons should be more distinct overall now. There are no duplicate names or overlapping rarity/tier combinations.
    • There are 100s of new items.
    • Many redundant items have been deleted.
  • Item distribution and progression has changed significantly. There are many new items and many removed items. The different tier and rarity combinations of items from OT6 have all changed.
  • Added a new variant of weapons that are crafted with crystals instead of ore. These weapons can only be acquired through choosing a crystal path in the upgrade process for level 30 weapons.
    • Crystal weapons deal more damage, have lower durability and attack slower.
  • Daily Rewards
    • Increased XP rewards.
    • Added hero XP to the list.
    • Added two sets of reward Llamas to the list.
  • Recycling schematics or retiring survivors can now grant various items used to upgrade items, in addition to XP. Items granted are non-random and depend on the rarity of the item recycled.
  • Trap schematics now have perks like weapon schematics.
  • Survivors now have tiers and upgrades similar to schematics.
  • Removed consumable items that have to be used from the inventory.
  • Inventory stacking rules have changed.
    • Most items now take up space in the inventory.
    • Items except for ammo and building materials can now have multiple stacks.
    • This means you can stock up on the crafting ingredients you care about and want to dedicate inventory space to, instead of being artificially limited to a specific quantity.
    • Crafting ingredients now stack to 99.
    • Increased the size of the starting inventory significantly.
    • Added more backpack upgrades to the skill tree.
  • Added new art for Ceiling Trap: Zapper



  • Added new weapon art for Monsoon Pistol.



  • Added new weapon art for Shredder.



Items - Mission & Quest Rewards

  • Each Badge earned by your team helps level up a reward chest you receive at the end of each mission. Higher level chests give better and more of the rewards shown on the location map. The reward chest is opened as soon as you get back to Home Base.
  • Updated all mission rewards.
    • Mission rewards now scale faster with higher difficulty missions.
    • Going to a new location now has a significant boost in mission rewards compared to the previous location.
    • When a mission reward gives ore or similar resources, it now tells you which ore you will receive instead of being randomized.
    • There are now more types of mission rewards overall.
  • Moved V-buck rewards from missions to quests and achievements.
    • We want to encourage consuming various content and higher difficulty instead of grinding easy missions for V-bucks.
    • Increased V-buck rewards from outpost quests.
    • Added various progression quests with V-bucks.
    • Added Heroes, schematics and survivors to various quest rewards.
    • Added skill points to Outpost quest rewards.
  • Repeatable Outpost defenses now give mini reward Llamas to all participants. Help your friends with their outposts!

Items - Crafting & Loot

  • Almost all crafting recipes have been updated.
    • More total recipe variety.
    • Significantly reduced quantities of ingredients required for high level items.
    • Several recipes and items from OT6 no longer exist.
  • Disassembling crafted and looted items now provides a reliable return based on the crafting cost for the item.
    • The amount of resources returned is based on the current durability.
  • Fixed several issues that impacted how chests and ore spawned. Chest and ore spawns should now be more reliable, and it should be possible to find higher-tier chests more frequently.
  • Ore, Mineral Powder, and Mechanical Parts drops are now based on location. Each location has a common ingredient and a rare ingredient. The rare ingredient only appears in high threat and above.
    • As items increase in tier, they require different ingredients instead of more ingredients.
    • Each location has a “common” and a “rare” version of their main ingredients. Example: Copper is common is Stonewood. Silver is rare in Stonewood and common in Plankerton.
    • Rare ores can only appear in high threat and above.
  • Objects in more difficult locations now have more health to go along with their better resource drops.
    • Pickaxe upgrades persist across all locations.
  • The ores and crystals in the game have changed. New things await the deeper you explore the game!
  • Several crafting ingredients have been renamed.
  • Chests now have a very high chance to drop "improvised" ingredients that are used for all tiers of weapons, based on rarity. Includes: Duct Tape, Rotating Gizmo (formerly Rare Mechanism), Active Powercell (formerly Rare Powercell)
  • Removed several crafting ingredients that were not used often.
  • Increased crafted weapon durability.
    • Reduced looted weapon durability % to account for higher max durability

Items - Llama Packs

  • Significantly adjusted all llama pack item distribution to work with all the new weapons, and to manage item distribution by rarity instead of rarity + tier.
  • High-tier schematics no longer drop from llama packs. Instead, schematics rely on the new upgrade mechanics.
  • Added a new Mini Reward Llama. Cannot be directly purchased, and instead is given out for daily login rewards, quest rewards, outpost missions and some other content.
  • Upgrade Llama
    • Increased the chance of getting a blue from an upgrade Llama significantly.
    • Guaranteed at least two greens in an upgrade Llama.
    • Increased average value of XP cards. Increased chance to drop items instead of XP. Reduced card count from 5 to 4. This results in a similar overall value, but with less clutter.
    • Increases the reliability and rarity of items found from silver and gold upgrade Llamas.
  • Increased number of cards in Troll Loot Stash llamas, and they are now more consistent.
  • Increased the average rarity of daily rotation packs.
  • Llama packs now give out higher rarity items overall.
  • Increased the card count in most daily rotation packs by 2. Daily packs should be giving more items for their increased cost.
  • Added a new rare Llama.
  • Made silver and gold Llama upgrades more likely to occur across all pack types.


  • Fix an issue with video not updating for a period of time after rewind.
  • Fixed audio crash.

Primary Missions

  • Close the Gate has changed to Fight The Storm and now has special lighting indicating the extreme storm danger.
  • Added Launch the Balloon Mission. Commanders deploy weather balloons to gather storm data. Mission art & content is placeholder.
  • Primary mission objectives are more likely to be placed in "Simple" locations in Stonewood, and more likely to be in "Complex" locations in Uncanny Valley and Twine Peaks. Simple locations are easy to build around and tend to force enemies to climb up ramps as they approach. Complex locations are difficult to build around (lots of ramps/steps) or tend to have cliffs nearby where enemies can drop into the fort or lob artillery from on high.
  • Pipes on the roof of the Drop Off building in Deliver the Goods now have collision.
  • Mission completion now shows pre-rendered cinematics.


  • Added an extra lives and rescued survivors count to the HUD.
  • Players earn a reward chest after each mission which levels up based on team. performance. The chest opens and rewards are acquired upon return to the front-end.
  • The end of mission rewards screen now shows the player earned Commander XP instead of Hero XP.
  • Updated the layout of the Mission Select and World Map screens.
  • After retiring/recycling a worker/item in the Vault, the next entry in the grid will be selected, rather than the first in the grid.
  • UI elements from confirmation screens no longer persist into other confirmation screens.
  • Fixed an issue where party invitations accepted in the launcher were not putting you into the party after logging into Fortnite.
  • In the Vault, “Upgrade” is now called “Level Up” and is used to increase the level of a hero, survivor, or schematic after paying the required currency. The term “Upgrade” now refers to a new action that increases the maximum level of a hero, survivor, or schematic and increases the tier of the item. 
  • The next step of the primary quest line is always pinned to the top right side of the mission select screen.
  • Once you have unlocked the feature, Research Points will generate over time and can be collected from Skill Tree screen. Unlock the generation of Research Points by buying specific nodes in the Skill Tree.
  • Tabs added to allow players to manage Survivor and Hero Squads.
  • The out of zone onboarding has been updated but remains a work in progress.



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