Fortnite Online Test 8.1 Release Notes

Hey there Fortnite Community!

Online Test 8.1 will be making its arrival very soon. The newest update includes knockback/stability changes, improvements to enemies, more versatility of traps, and more!

In addition to the changes below, the Skill Tree will be reset. All resources spent purchasing Skill Tree nodes will be refunded.


Major Features

Knockback Changes

  • As enemies are attacked with weapons, traps, or abilities they’ll become less stable.
  • When they lose all their stability they will be knocked back or stunned by the attack.
  • An enemy will recover its stability if it is not stuck for several seconds.
  • Larger enemies have more stability than smaller ones, but you can combo hits together to knock them back.
  • Stability scales with difficulty level, so upgrade those traps and weapons!
  • Added new hit reaction and knockback animations for several enemy types.
  • We are probably too generous right now, so expect some significant changes to improve monster stability in forthcoming updates.


Enemy Upgrades

  • Dwarf Husks have been watching the Olympics in their spare time! Dwarves can jump over objects to attack players.
  • Taker gameplay has been reworked.
    • The Taker no longer stuns players. The Taker is focused on direct melee combat.
    • The Taker will swoop to quickly close the distance with players.
    • The Taker will attempt to avoid some player attacks.
    • The Taker will show up in single player games now.
  • Changes to the Bombshell Lobber and Poison Lobber.
    • Increased the physical size of both Lobbers so they stand out on the field a bit more easily.
    • Increased the health of both Lobbers.
    • Improved the accuracy of the Bombshell Lobber.
    • The Bombshell Lobber should be somewhat smarter about choosing which things she wants to destroy.
    • Both Lobber skulls can be shot out of the sky.


Traps Everywhere

  • Thanks to a breakthrough in advanced technology research, heroes can now place traps on both sides of a wall or a floor.


Item Transformation & Survivor Training

  • You can now use unwanted items to create schematics or train survivors!
  • Transformation & Training recipes can be unlocked in the skill tree.
  • See the Transformation section below for more details.


Release Notes


  • Uprezzed the Husk texture and materials.
  • New: New explosion VFX for the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and Airstrike.
  • Updated picket fence door so that it now matches the fence material.
  • Changed Character shader so heros and survivors no longer glow in the dark.
  • Added collision to some floor trap models to prevent characters’ feet from clipping.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Hex Map, including clouds covering unlocked zones and harsh edges around each hex.
  • Increased the feedback FX when the Fight the Storm Atlas takes damage.
  • Reduced the size of flowers to be more manageable by the gardeners.
  • Proximity Mine Gadget now lets you know when it’s armed and ready to deliver a visually improved explosion.



  • New: Added a minimap ping when a player-built building is destroyed.
  • New: Added ability to reset building edit modes to their default states, bound to right-click.
  • New: Allow editing of building pieces that are under construction, damaged, or being repaired.
  • New: When multiple resources are nearby, resources you have space for will be picked up rather than those that you're already full on.
  • New: Added a new HUD element that shows clearer information about harvesting of wood, stone, and metal.
  • Fixed break-action shotgun reloads always reloading two shells, even if one was already loaded.
  • New: You can now receive set bonuses for the same set multiple times in one squad.
  • New: When leveling up items from the Squads tab or Vault tab, the buttons will remain disabled until the operation completes, to avoid errors when rapidly clicking.
  • Jumping around will no longer cause enemies to switch targets.



  • New: Defender Beacon interface now shows the defender item, weapon being used, and ammo information when appropriate.
  • Defenders are much better at switching targets when their current target becomes unattackable.
  • Fixed Defenders not reducing durability on weapons they use.
  • Downed Defenders will now teleport immediately.
  • Fixed Defenders floating to the ground slowly when teleporting from one Defender Beacon to another.
  • Made it easier to revive Defenders who are downed on top of the Defender Beacon, and made it easier to use the Defender Beacon as well.


Item Transformation & Survivor Training

  • Item Transformation is unlocked by purchasing skills in the skill tree.
  • Initial recipes start very broad (make a weapon/train a survivor) and gradually become more specific (make an assault rifle/train a ninja).
  • Initial recipes allow you to make up to rare items and have unlimited uses.
    • More recipes will become available in future updates, and may have limited uses.
    • Harder to acquire recipes will allow more specific item creation and higher rarity results.
  • The rarity of the item you get is based on the items you consume. Every recipe has a point cost and every item has a point value. Better items (heroes) are worth more than weaker items (basic survivors).
  • It doesn’t matter what types of items you use to fill the recipe. If you don’t ever want Shotguns for your Ninja, you can use all of them to make Swords.
  • You get full recycle XP values for using transformation, but you do not get secondary ingredients like Pure Drops of Rain.
  • Recipes have an additional cost, such as research points, that increases as you reach higher rarity thresholds.



  • New: Bonus: Back Against the Wall Constructor Quest is now granted after the Fight the Storm Quest is completed.
  • Collect Quartz, Malachite, and Shadowshard crystal quests now specify that the player needs to harvest these ingredients for quest completion.
  • Collection Quartz, Malachite and Shadowshard Crystal quests now immediately update when they are harvested.
  • Fixed grammatical error in the Quest Details for the Hold the Door Achievements.
  • Upgrade is now called Evolve for all Quests that reference this.
  • Launch the Rocket quests no longer reward Expansion Tokens.
  • Outpost: Stonewood Defense 1 quest no longer rewards the Unlock Research token.
  • Quests with Kill Objectives now require players to damage the enemy for Quest credit
  • Shortened Title Text for the Defender Quests.
    • New Titles:
      • Recruit Defender: Assault Rifle
      • Recruit Defender: Pistol
      • Recruit Defender: Shotgun
      • Recruit Defender: Sniper Rifle
      • Recruit Defender: Melee
  • Updated quest details text for Treacherous Treasure (in Stonewood) and Tricky Treasures (in Plankerton) quests to better clarify that mimics masquerade as treasure chests.
  • Stonewood Medic! Quest should now only progress for only crafting health stations
  • Survivor Quests now live update when a survivor is saved.
  • The Weapon/Trap Achievements now only grant quest credit for Leveling Up / Upgrading Weapons and Traps.
  • Renamed “Launch the Outpost” Quest name to "Launch to Canny Valley".
  • Quests to collect crafting items and rescue survivors now correctly update while in zone, and will no longer progress if given them by other people or outside of the zone.
  • Pinned quest status in zone and on hex map now correctly updates when quests are advanced.
  • Smash Anything Strange will now require completing 2 Medium Threat missions in Stonewood (up from 1).
  • Grab the Goods will now require completing 2 Medium Threat missions in Stonewood (up from 1).
  • Fixed a bug where Gear Up Scene would randomly give non-survivor rewards.


Primary Missions

  • New: Added new save checkpoint between Outpost build tutorial and 1st Defense to keep the player from having to redo the build tutorials if reloading into mission after the build tutorial is completed.
  • New: Deliver the Goods mission will now fail if the Cart is still alive but no goods were delivered to the Drop-Off location.
  • New: Increase speed run time for Launch the Rocket from 2 days to 3 days.
  • New: First Fight the Storm mission has been reduced to a 6 minute encounter.
  • New: Outpost health bars and minimap icons are now only displayed for the structure under attack to make it easier to located the correct target during the defense stage.
  • Fixed issue causing congratulations dialog playing multiple time at mission end.
  • Fight the Storm: Fixed replication issue causing players that joined in progress not to see the BluGlo in the Atlas device.
  • Outpost amplifiers now show up like BluGlo siphons with a slight transparency to block players when not deployed.
  • Updated Power the Reactor core to allow health scaling like all other primaries.
  • Fixed possible exploit where short version of Retrieve the Data could be played in higher threat levels.


Secondary Missions

  • Fixed issue causing Whack-a-Troll to use incorrect spawn location.



  • When using the Outpost storage, both your inventory and the Outpost storage will display items in the properly sorted manner.
  • Feedback is now given to the user when failing to build/edit structures, including when not having Outpost edit permissions.
  • Fixed a bug causing player buildings above the outpost core to be destroyed when exiting the Outpost before completing a defense.
  • To make it work like other building actions, traps now cannot be placed in someone else's Outpost without permission from the owner.
  • The first Outpost mission in Stonewood now also includes the 1st outpost defense, previously this was just a building defenses tutorial.



  • New: Added Skill Points and progress to next Skill Point reward to the top bar.
  • New: The squad slot picker now shows items that are otherwise compatible with the slot but currently have a restriction, with a tooltip describing the reason for the restriction. IE: Ninja's can be slotted until the appropriate node for Ninja leadership is purchased.
  • New: The Vault tab will no longer remain marked as unseen when you've seen everything in the current Vault sub-tab but haven't changed sub-tabs yet.
  • New: When a skill tree node is selected that unlocks a squad slot, the details panel will now display the purpose and effects of populating the squad slot.
  • New: When leveling up an item from the squad slot picker, the UI will now preview the effects of the leveled up item.
  • New: Skill tree nodes now show the quests that must be completed before they can be unlocked.
  • Fixed in zone weapon tooltip DPS calculations not accounting for stats from hero level, skill tree, or slotted workers.
  • Header text in Vault tab recycling mode now uses the appropriate verbs (retire) for heroes and defenders.
  • The "View Evolutions" button will only appear in the squad slot picker when the slotted item is at maximum level. Previously, it would appear any time leveling up was not possible, such as when lacking enough XP.
  • The tooltip for the retire/recycle buttons now properly display all of the resources rewarded.
  • Vault terminology changes:
    • What used to be called Upgrade is now called Evolve.
    • What used to be called Tier is now called Star Level.
  • Moved the end of day recap UI to the top right of the screen.
  • Tier 2 Skill Tree Nodes should now be clear in the tool tip.



  • Updated VO for Male Ninja and Male Outlander.



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