Fortnite Online Test 8.2 Release Notes

We've released OT 8.2! Check out the full details below.

Major Features


Now available in mid-threat Stonewood, we have two new mission types for you to dig into.

Destroy the Encampments is a new combat-focused primary mission. Players must seek out and destroy the encampments in the area before the 20 minute timer runs out. Enjoy the new encampment art that shows if it’s dormant or active, as well as the handy new visual beacon to make finding the encampment easier.


Rescue the Survivors is a new exploration-focused primary mission. Rescue survivors who are stranded - but they might need some help before they are ready to be evacuated!


Launch the Balloon has been replaced with Ride the Lightning. The mission has the same rules but new (proto) art and dialog. Watch out for Lars, the storm chaser, and his questionable life choices!

Item pickups have new, overhauled visuals based on their rarity. Shiny!



Release Notes


  • Some shrubs are not as durable as they used to be. If you hate shrubs, it should now be easier to fight them.
  • Most inorganic props, such as traffic lights and street signs, now react to the storm. 


  • *New* We changed the banner so it now increases the max health of the building pieces instead of upgrading them. We also changed the upgrade progression:
    • Base - Heals building pieces in range and boost health 1.5x
    • Upgrade1 - Adds shockwave that knocks back and damages enemies
    • Upgrade2 - Extends wall buff duration
    • Upgrade3 - Banner becomes a respawn point for the party
    • Upgrade4 - Boost wall health 2x
    • Upgrade5 - Increased radius of the shockwave


  • Added stunned state to Flinger, Smasher, and Taker.
  • Improved animated hit react cringes for all enemies.
  • Tweaked knockback for many enemies and weapon types. Feel should be improved and inexplicably satisfying.
  • Durability of the Defender’s weapons is now shown in the Defender Beacon interface
  • Added Defender speech when arriving or leaving a Defender Beacon, or when overwhelmed by enemies.
  • Husky Husks now have an attack for targets to the side or behind them. Watch out!
  • Weak points will no longer show up on containers that haven’t been searched
  • Enemies will be able to navigate a bit quicker through choke points.
  • You can now have multiple copies of the same set bonus within the same squad.
  • Fixed weapons not being destroyed when a Defender’s weapon runs out of durability.
  • Fixed damage causing Traps, B.A.S.E., T.E.D.D.Y., Bot Turret, & Proximity Mines causing player threat to enemies.
  • Made sure 'Sploder has a direct line to his target when throwing the propane tank.
  • Fixed hit reaction flashes on Bombshell Husks and the Husky Husk.
  • Fixed Husks doing too much suicide damage to some objective types.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up pickups on the Defender Beacon.
  • Fixed enemies forming a clump and getting stuck together.
  • Fixed issue where a very small number of enemies could attack a vehicle.


  • Increased the resource yield from retiring heroes.
  • Outlander
    • “Work Work” damage boost match the value displayed on the tooltip
    • Harvest damage boosts from the Hero should now stack multiplicatively with boosts from the Skill Tree, so they are still relevant at high level.
  • Constructor
    • Exit Plan now properly boosts crit chance by 6%. Run Speed boost reduced from 15% to 12%.


  • *New* Added Epic variants of the Floor Spike Trap, Ceiling Electric Trap, and the Wall Darts Trap.
  • Hammer and Scythe Evolution skill tree nodes now properly match the requirements to evolve Hammers and Scythes.
  • Rare ore for a location, such as Silver in Stonewood, now spawns at high threat (as indicated by the item description) instead of medium threat (as was happening in practice).
  • Training two uncommon survivors will now result in a new uncommon survivor, instead of an ordinary survivor.
  • Tooltips on Crit Chance weapon bonuses changed to match the magnitude of the boost.


  • Added It's a Trap! Quest to Plankerton.
  • Added new Hero Quests for all Heroes. Initial Hero Quests for Constructor, Outlander, and Ninja Quests are now unlocked upon purchasing the appropriate Leadership node in the Skill Tree.
  • Added new quest "The Knack" as a Side Quest in High Threat Stonewood.
  • Added Quests for new Primary Missions: Rescue the Survivors and Destroy the Encampments.
  • Changed Bonus: Final Exam Quest from a save survivor themed quest to Bonus: Troll Thieves which is a Whack a Troll Quest since the Whack a Troll Secondary mission is introduced to players in Low Threat Stonewood.
  • First Constructor Hero is now awarded after completing the Loot Llamas store tutorial. This reward now happens at the same time players are introduced to the Skill Tree and purchase their first node (which is Constructor Leadership).
  • Added 500 Hero XP to Loot Llamas Quest reward since players are now getting the Constructor after this quest is completed.
  • Changed Fight the Storm quest reward to 500 schematic xp and 50 nuts n bolts. Go nuts!
  • Changed all references of "Investigate" for Anomaly Secondary mission quests to "Smash"
  • Increased Stonewood: Outpost Defense 1 MTX quest reward to 200 (was 150) to account for the fact that the first card pack purchase is no longer discounted.
  • Updated Quest text for Launch the Balloon. The mission is now called Ride the Lightning.
  • Updated Quests associated with rare enemies (i.e., Smashers, Flingers, and Takers Quests now appear earlier since these enemies are now introduced earlier.)
  • Re-balanced Survivor related quests to account for new Rescue the Survivors mission.

Skill Tree

  • We've introduced a new type of cap on Research Points that caps your overall long-term Research Point storage capabilities. This long-term cap is raised whenever you purchase one of the previously existing Research Point cap nodes. If you exceed the cap at the time of login - don't worry! You'll still have all of your Research Points, but you won't be able to collect new Research points until you've spent enough of them to drop below the cap.
  • Research Points are under constant scrutiny.
    • For this release, many RP nodes have had their costs revised (in most cases, raised) or rounded to the nearest 100 to help the costs display cleanly in the UI.
    • We've had to take into account the new 'long-term storage cap' when determining the costs of cap-raising nodes. This places the costs of cap-raising nodes near the maximum RP cap available to players at the last skill tree tier.
    • The very first few RP nodes will now take a bit longer to buy. Go play a mission and come back to buy them!
  • "Upgrade" nomenclature used on nodes has been changed to "Evolution" when referring to the Evolution mechanic.
  • Revised distribution of FORT stats within the skill tree and have begun to emphasize party stat nodes. This is especially noticeable in the early game, but expect more emphasis on party stat sharing in the future.


  • Improved performance when slotting workers to reduce hitching.

Primary Missions

  • The Fight the Storm mission has new dialog!
  • A new building tutorial has been added to the first Fight the Storm mission.
  • A grenade tutorial has been added to the first Outpost defense mission. 
  • Missions that include a speed run now displays the speed run remaining time as a mission objective.
  • During defense stages of the Outpost, only the currently targeted outpost structure has its health bar and minimap icon displayed.
  • Outpost health bars in the objective list now inform the player of what target the health bar is associated with "Outpost Core" Or "Amplifier A".
  • Ride the Lightning, Launch the Rocket, and Power the Reactor can now spawn a greater variety of enemy types.
  • Added appropriate XP bonus based on mission threat level.
  • Slowed the rate at which Fight the Storm and Retrieve the Data missions change the types of enemies they are spawning.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to destroy the initial supply drop from RaY in the Outpost leaving them without enough resources to complete tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Bonus objective for Fight the Storm build limit to be exceeded by reaching the numbers instead of exceeding it.
  • Fixed a bug where our newly implemented conversations in the level were set to only be able to play once.

Secondary Missions

  • Added new secondary mission Survivor Lost Item. This Survivor won't leave without their stuff.
  • Increased the responsiveness of Survivor saving action - now players should immediately see they saved another valuable human being!


  • Mission status area UI has been updated. It should be easier now to see what are your bonus objectives and how many survivors were rescued.
  • Tooltips for workers now show exactly what buff you'll get for completing a set bonus using them.
  • Corrected text for nodes referencing Fire Team Alpha in the Skill Tree.
  • Fixed text on the 'VinderTech Boot Sequence: Advanced' skill page to reflect the correct number of required nodes to unlock the next page.
  • Fixed the display of a node that gave +0 energy, to instead display +0.5 energy.
  • Fixed the missing comma in the Research tracker on the Skills tab.
  • Updated Skill Tree tooltips to mention 'Evolution' for Hero node pages.
  • Clarity pass on all attribute names and descriptions in the Squad Stat Panel.




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