Fortnite OT 9 Release Notes

Hey Fortnite friends!

Our next update is coming this week (Wednesday, October 19) and we’ve got some awesomeness headed your way. Online Test 9 will include various bug fixes, XP balance changes, and only the spookiest and scariest of… Halloween items! That’s right, this month we’re celebrating our very first holiday in-game event. We’re running this event to test the functionality for future events, so be sure to give us any feedback you have regarding the special items, missions, and more! The XP refinements and adjustments being implemented mean we’re working towards a more balanced experience with XP gain. Check out additional information regarding the Halloween event, XP changes, and more below.

EDIT: We will be releasing a small update on Friday, October 21 to address some of the XP gain issues and other small bugs. Thanks to your reports and feedback, we've investigated this system and functionality further and made some changes that we hope will improve your gameplay experience.


Major Features


Halloween is nearly here! Come celebrate our Night of the Jack-O-Launcher event from now until November 8, 2016:

  • Four heroes have dressed up for Halloween! These super-rare heroes can be acquired from Spooky Scary Sad Llama Packs.
  • A few survivors are also in on the Halloween action! Find them in the Spooky Scary Sad Llama Packs.
  • Be on the lookout for Pumpkin Head Husks!
  • Daily Quests and most normal card packs will give bonus candy in addition to their normal rewards.
  • New Jack-O-Launcher and Grave Digger weapons.



Release Notes


  • New VFX and material work for the Banner Gadget.
  • All new Halloween event art!


  • Gadget Upgrade icons in the skill tree have been increased in size.
  • Lack of edit permissions no longer prevent a player from using airstrike or supply drop in an allies outpost.


  • Gave the Blaster a radial melee attack and increased his turn rate while doing the blast attack.
  • Increased Taker's resistance to being controlled by weapons. Also increased the Taker's knockback threshold.
  • Dwarf Husks will no longer attempt to leap into the ATLAS.
  • Fix bug where players could incorrectly be credited for trap activation score for traps that did not belong to them (traps in the Outpost now only credit the person who placed them when initially placed and then default to being owned by the outpost owner in subsequent sessions).
  • Fixed Beehive Husk hoodie poking through the beehive after some hit reaction animations.
  • Improved attack locations actually being reachable for enemies with ranged attacks.
  • Added full body hit reacts and knockback for the Mimic.
  • Propane Husky will now play a stun animation while still holding the tank.
  • Taker will play a stun when hit with a light trap, or after so many hits with different weapons.


  • Four of our heroes have donned costumes for the Halloween festivities! These super-rare heroes can be acquired from Spooky Scary Sad Llama packs.


  • Updated tooltips for Frag Grenade, Shockwave, and Going Commando.
  • Fixed "Make It Rain" so it is triggered by head-shots on Smashers.
  • Updated the tooltip of the "Quick Clip" perk to match the magnitude of the effect.


  • "Make It Count" Outlander Perk is now correctly applying its critical damage modifier. Also updated tooltip to properly reflect the magnitude of the modifier.


  • Updated tooltips of Throwing Stars, Dragon Slash, and Smoke Bomb.


  • Adjusted duration of the "Nice and Slow" perk's slow effect to match the value stated in the tooltip.
  • Updated tooltips of Plasma Pulse, Bullrush, and BASE.

Skill Tree

  • Added brief descriptions of the Constructor, Ninja, and Outlander classes to the "Leadership" Skill Tree nodes that allow them to be used in Hero Squads.
  • Changed the "Building Skill" nodes in the Skill Tree into "Building Health" nodes.
    • Building skill now accurately works on the overall health of the structures only.
    • Building Repair and Build Speed now are properly their own skill. 
    • Moved and rebalanced the Build Rate and Repair Rate nodes to match the building health progression.
    • Because this change has added nodes to the skill tree, skill points and research points have been refunded.
  • Made a consistency and formatting pass on stat names in the "All Stats" panel and the various Vault tooltips.
  • Made a pass through all stat names and descriptions on the "All Stats" panel, to fix several values that were not being displayed properly, and improve the consistency of the names across the game.
  • Color-coded skill tree nodes to indicate whether you need skill points or research points to buy them.


  • Tweaked values on Transform for Trap Schematics to make them more closely follow standard upgrade behavior.
  • Crafting times now vary based on the rarity and complexity of the item. Recipes like ammo craft faster than before, while rare weapons are longer.
  • Updating crafting score to work with the current game itemization. Now score is more appropriately based on rarity, item type and ingredients.


  • Added a special variant of the Striker named "The Grave Digger." Only obtainable in Spooky Scary Sad Llama packs.
  • Added the Jack-O-Launcher as an obtainable item.
  • The damage done by all "Affliction" weapon alterations will now scale up with Tech and Ability Damage modifiers.


  • Fixed a bug where trap critical alterations were not applying their bonuses properly.
  • Super Rare Traps are now available in card packs. These include a set of Wall Dart Traps, Ceiling Electric Traps, and Floor Spike Traps.


  • Fixed an issue where a specific manager was not providing a bonus when slotted to the right team.
  • Fixed Managers training value to be equal or greater than their standard worker counterparts.
  • Update recycle rewards, training value, and upgrade/evolution cost of Manager Survivors to better reflect their value.


  • Fix bug wherein a player could be incorrectly placed into a game they had previously cancelled out of during matchmaking


  • Adjusted navigation of enemies, so that most enemy types are more willing to go around obstacles rather than breaking through them. Enemies that specialize in destroying walls (the Husky Husk, Sploder, and Smasher) will still take more direct routes to their goal.
  • Fixed the Power Rating value showing a different number on the Defender Beacon than on Defender health bar


  • "Rest XP" can now be gained over time. The UI for this isn't in yet, but enjoy additional XP when you are rested.
  • Many mission badges have had their scores adjusted slightly from where they were in OT8.2.
  • Player parties will no longer have their scores summed across the board. Instead, players now receive a share of the total score pool. In most cases having more players yields better score.
  • XP acquisition has been tuned to be more generous. (We're working to address this!)
  • Weapon Skill clamps were lower than intended. All clamps have been raised from Stonewood on.


  • The render resolution slider in the video options screen was replaced with four buttons for target render resolutions.
  • Several minor client performance improvements.
  • Fix a crash that happens more frequently when the game has been running for a very long time.


  • Fixed an issue where windowed fullscreen mode would be forced to primary monitor and incorrectly positioned on desktops where a taskbar was on the left. 
  • Fix a crash loading into a zone on Mac caused by a missing shader resource.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause attached controllers to rumble when they should not.

Quests and Missions

  • Add support for triggering audio cues on mission and objective completion.
  • Added the ability to play quest intro/outro VO.
  • Fixed bug where players in OT 8.2 may get stuck after completing the "Medic!" quest, and never receive the "Outpost: Stonewood Defense 5" quest.
  • Fixed issue where some players couldn't claim the Quest reward for Only the Strange Survive.
  • Outpost: Stonewood Defense 1 Quest should no longer be visible in the Quest log during the Tutorial.
  • All Launch the Rocket dialog has been updated.
  • All Retrieve the Data dialog has been updated.
  • Deposit objectives now show an image of the item to deposit in place of the objective bullet.
  • Outpost building tutorial has been replaced with a compulsory Build by Numbers system that requires the player to build to a specific pattern.
  • "Fight the Storm" missions in Stonewood now have a chance for enemies to come from multiple directions.
  • All missions that had a deposit BluGlo as an objective could potentially spam "Not Enough BluGlo" Dialog. We now limit how often the message can play.
  • Fixed a bug in Deliver the Goods that caused the cart to sometimes hover away from the track.
  • Fixed collision settings on Lars' van causing husks not to path through camp.
  • In Fight the Storm multiple target missions the place the Atlas prompt was not turning off after placing until all were placed, they now turn off as expected.
  • Increased encounter length of Stonewood Outpost Defense 1 and Defense 2 by one minute.
  • Outposts past Stonewood were not using all available cardinal storm directions, they now all use North, East, South, West as possible options for attack.
  • Replaced objective text after returning to a completed Outpost leg 10 to reflect the player has no more quests for this theaters outpost.


  • Fix party becoming unjoinable if a player attempts to join the party while the party is leaving a server.


  • Current hero squad stats should now update immediately when party members join or leave, properly reflecting the new stats.
  • Replaced option to send a friend request to a blocked player with a message indicating said player is blocked.
  • Updated Terminology on some nodes to read 'Party' instead of 'Team' for clarity. 
  • Added Ammo cost per shot to the tooltips for Ranged Weapon Schematics.
  • Corrected icons for some upgrade materials.
  • Fixed anomalies with how Lead Survivors are displayed to the player compared to standard survivors in several screens such as Transform.


  • The 'Edit' option is now correctly visible while a building piece is damaged or being modified.



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