Fortnite Stormchasers Event at PAX East

The Fortnite crew was in Boston this past weekend for a very special event on Friday night. You may have heard whispers of the Stormchasers on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram prior to the event. "Stormchasers" are what we’re calling the lucky gamers chosen to play Fortnite at these unique community events, like the one held on Friday night during PAX East.

Folks in attendance played an early build of the game, sampled delicious Durrrburgers, and were able to speak one-on-one with our developers about Fortnite. We had a blast getting to know some of our first community members and seeing reactions to the game! Check out our photos from the party below.

We’re planning to have many more community events like this one throughout the year to let you get an early look at the game and a chance to get to know our development team. Our goal is to give you a chance to be a voice in the creation of Fortnite from the very beginning via these Stormchaser Events as well as our Alpha.

To determine the location for our next event we took a look at all of the beautiful people that signed up for our Alpha and chose a city that had the most sign-ups so far. That glorious location happens to be Portland, Oregon and we plan to bring some Fortnite action there on May 24th. So exciting! Where would you like to see us bring Fortnite next? Leave a comment here and let us know!

Durrrburgers!The Durrrburger servers bringing out delicious burgers and root beer floats to party attendees.
Stormchasers OnlyFortnite fans were given special access to an early build of the game during PAX East
Trolls be TrollinAs the room transitioned to night and a storm rolled in secret messages appeared around our guests.
Bacon is LifeA wise man once said…
Game On!Our lucky Stormchasers getting their Fortnite on
Stormchasing!Gotta love the speaker tags on these headsets.
Fortnite DevsThe Fortnite developers were on hand to answer questions, give tips and crack a few bad jokes as players experienced the game.
Coach DarrenNothing like getting Fortnite tips from our Lead Designer Darren Sugg.
Dale the ConstructorEpic fan Dale Harvey is in the zone.
Durrr CrewOur lovely Durrrburger crew!
Which way?More messages from the storm.



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