OT1 Recap

Hey everyone!

Now that our first phase of the Fortnite Alpha (OT1) is wrapped up we’d like to share some of the results as well as what’s to come. In OT1 we were looking to make sure that all of our basic online systems and game systems were working and get some early feedback from players on where we are headed. We learned so much from our Alpha players and their enthusiasm for the game was extremely encouraging and exciting.  

During the OT1 test we held a contest inviting players to make the most crazy extravagant forts they could, competing for an NVIDIA graphics card.  We were blown away by the results. Here are the top three creations from that contest. Keep an eye out for the Fortnite Show Episode 3 with even more images from these forts.


BookerCatch's Fort Kick-Ass has multiple roofs to prepare for heavy bombardment.


UnusualBob's fort was so large he couldn't even fit it in his view for a screenshot. So impressive!


FlippinPony’s Awesome Fort ultimately won our contest for a balance of creativity, efficiency, uniqueness and complexity

In addition, we got some cool information on how people in the Alpha played the game.

We learned that some players were confused about how to join games with friends and we were able to make a few improvements to these and other UI features in a patch during the test. We also tweaked the availability of traps, identified some connectivity issues, and fixed audio volume issues our players reported.

The biggest change we made was to the hours that the game was available. We heard many requests from fans in different timezones to allow more flexibility in Alpha hours, so we updated the game shortly after the Alpha began to expand those hours.

One of the greatest parts of jumping into the Alpha was seeing how active and fun our global chat conversations were. Everyone was teaming up and making friends with each other and Epic developers.

We can’t wait to jump into the next phase of the Fortnite Alpha, OT2 in the coming months and continue to meet new players and improve the game. We’re currently in the process of updating our game systems to better allow us to expand and add additional features, enemies, weapons and more in the future. It’s a lot of work but we think it will be worth it in the long run. Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to join us in OT2!




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