OT3 Incoming!

It’s that time again! The next phase of the Fortnite Alpha is right around the corner. We’ve been working hard to update and improve the game for Online Test No. 3 and we really think you’ll be excited to see all of the changes we’ve made. Some of the things you can look forward to include:

  •  A new party system lets you invite and play with friends across multiple missions.
  • An overall world map has been added to the game showing multiple Theaters where players can push back the storm!
  • New daily rewards system.
  • New weapons including the Assault Ray Gun, Space Pistol, and Firecracker Gun
  • The build is now available on Mac! It's early, so if you have a Macbook Pro (with discrete GPU) or higher we need your help testing out the build as we work on improving crash issues and performance.

We even have a new video showing off the game running on a Mac! Check it out:



For this phase we’ll be welcoming even more new players to the game in addition to those who played in previous phases. If you’ve registered for the Alpha, check your inbox to see if you’ve been selected. If not, don’t worry! There will be more opportunities to snag a code this week on our social channels so make sure to follow, like, subscribe, etc.

The Alpha begins on June 30 and ends July 21. We can’t wait to play with you and hear what you think of all the updates. 



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