Online Test 4 is Coming!

It's time for the next phase of the Fortnite Alpha, Online Test 4. From here forward, Fortnite will be up and running 24/7 for Alpha players. We will also keep servers up the entire time in between tests. No more waiting! 

OT4 begins at 12:00 p.m. EST on August 25. Returning Alpha players will receive two new invites to share with friends.

In addition to changing hours, we've got some fun new features for OT4:

New Primary Missions - We've added a couple new primary missions to help in your battle against the Storm. Jump in now to play Launch the Rocket and Retrieve the Data.

Secondary Activities - We've also added more things for you to do when you're out in the world of Fortnite. We call them Encampments, Anomaly and Siphon. You'll get things like BluGlo (a new resource) and crafting materials for completing these secondary activities.

Home Base Updates - Your Home Base buildings will now award awesome gadgets when they are built. Your heroes can carry two of these gadgets into the zone with them. Also, Home Base sub buildings will also be enabled. Sub buildings will help boost the effectiveness of their primary building as well as providing bonuses to their corresponding gadgets. Note: We had to reset all Home Base progression for this to work, but we've given everyone resources to rebuild based on account level.

New Privacy Settings - It's something lots of people have been asking about, so we've added new privacy options that give you control over who you play with. Restrict your game to Friends Only, or go Private for a solo adventure.

Even More Things - Lots of other things have been added to this update, including new hero models for the Constructor and Outlander, new chat features, improved matchmaking, new UI for your vault, a new dynamic difficulty system and a new combined stats system designed to help you understand the boosts you get from your Home Base.

You can read our full list of release notes here. Don't forget that Fortnite is currently under NDA, so no streaming and video uploads yet.

See you online!



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