Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

In Fortnite there are plenty of Husks that players will have an opportunity to battle as they make their way through the game.  So here's a bit of information about some of our Husks that will cross your path.


Chunk Husk

Chunk Husks are pretty easy to spot on the battlefield as they are a good deal more rotund than their regular Husk brethren. Along with that extra girth comes a hearty nature and nasty case of acid reflux they have managed to weaponize in the form of a burp attack. This attack creates a noxious cloud that singes nose hairs and damages any players unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

Their high-carb, low-cardio lifestyle isn't all fun times however as it has the downside of making them less agile than the other monsters you will encounter. They move and swing slower than the more fit "regular flavor" Husks.


Pitcher Husk

Pitcher Husks once had ambitions of playing for the Stormtown Stormchasers' AAA team, but without a nasty knuckleball their farm league daydreams did not come to fruition. Now they spend their ample free time tossing bones at any players they encounter.

It should also be noted that even though they are completely out of their prime, the Pitcher Husks haven't completely given up their fantasies, still rocking their uniforms in a manner that would make Babe Ruth proud.


Bombshell Husk

Bombshell Husks are artillery in the flesh. These ladies would rather drop burning skull mortar fire on your base from afar than come in for a close encounter.

And, if lobbing cranial-shaped bombs on you from a distance wasn't enough of a pain, they also come in a poison variety whose mortar attacks leave behind toxic clouds that can persist long after destroyed ceilings (and broken dreams) have been repaired. These gals can really add some spice to rooftop defense.



'Sploder Husk

'Sploder Husks are less carbonated than their Husky brothers, but they replace gastrointestinal power with Hank Hill's gas of choice, clean burning sweet lady propane. These bombastic fellows will do their best to BBQ your walls if they can reach them with their tank in tow, but given the opportunity, they will settle for BBQ'ing you.

In phrasing that sounds way deeper than it has any business trying to be, "even if you are able to take out the man, the propane lives on." Watch your shots around the tanks (both held and dropped ones) as wackiness can ensue. 



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