UNCW Studio Visit

Recently a group of game design students from UNC Wilmington and their instructor Eric Patterson visited Epic Games. Their tour of the studio included a motion capture demo, a few trips down the Epic slide and of course an awesome Fortnite playtest!

Unreal Engine Technical Lead Mike Fricker and Engine QA tester Nick Bullard-Bradley helped our community team lead the tour and Production Assistant Jerry Gilland explained the mocap process for capturing animation in our games.

We all had a great time getting to know some of our local gamers and aspiring developers and getting their feedback on Fortnite.

New Recruits

Now THIS is a group that looks like they could survive the storm.


Troy Maynard taking on the Epic slide.

Mocap 101

The UNCW team getting their first motion capture lesson.

Training Mode

After a little mocap session, everyone was fully prepared to defend their fort.

Smoke and Mirrors

Jerry Gilland explains how weight can be simulated in mocap with various tricks.

Best Office Award

By request we visited Fortnite animator Jeremy Ernst’s office of wonder.

Guarding our Fort

Malcom from Unreal Tournament stands watch over Epic.

Lunch Break

Engine developer Mike Fricker chats with UNCW students over lunch.

Fortnite in Action

Time to smash some husks!

Survive the Night

Hands-on time with Fortnite.

Achievement Unlocked

Completed tour of Epic Games.



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