What Is Home Base?

Home Base is a persistent "character sheet" that the player can upgrade over time to help all of their heroes be more effective on the ground. In the Home Base, players can unlock and upgrade new Hero classes, or earn and select upgrades that affect all of their heroes equally. To begin unlocking the power of Home Base, look for the bang (!) symbols that indicate the locations in which you can currently build.

You can also click on the empty land plots around the Home Base to preview the prerequisites for buildings later on down the chain. If you find yourself short on Home Base Resources you can obtain more by completing missions with your friends on the Town Map, or you can collect resources from your Command Center building.


Here are a few useful tips you can utilize to help build up your Home Base:

  • Assign a Hero or Worker to the "Job" tab of each individual building in order to earn bonuses that help make your missions easier!
  • Assign a Worker or Hero to the "Manager" slot for additional bonuses to your Home Base and Heroes.
  • Leveling up a Hero in missions will help them contribute more when adding them to Job slots.
  • Be sure to upgrade each building to increase the effectiveness of the building and to unlock cool abilities.
  • Completing each Mission within the set "Goal" will unlock additional resources.


Hopefully you will find these tips useful as you fight back the storm! We are looking forward to seeing how you all utilize your Home Base throughout OT1!



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