What's In a Name?

Sometimes there just isn't a word for the incredible thing that we just did or saw during a gaming session. At times like these, new terms must be created to express the sheer awesome-sauce we just witnessed.

I remember first learning about "door jumping" in the original Metroid to access secret areas. "Rocket Jumping" is another good example to allow you to use the concussive blast of an explosive to propel you to higher heights. You ever grind on your favorite game to get some sweet piece of epic loot only to find it was nerfed and does way less DPS than you first expected?

Throughout the develpment of Fortnite, we've been discovering new phrases that are gaining traction with the development team. One such example happened over a several month period, so the true origins are now clouded in mystery. Since everything in the world of Fortnite is searchable and destroyable, and what you find is dictated by a designer controlled loot table, many odd combinations have come up:

  • "I know when I'm looking for a place to store my Reaper Scythe, I always put it in the toy box in the nursery. Heh."
  • "Of course there is machine gun ammunition in the haystack...where do you keep your ammo?"

But my favorite loot related term has come about during a routine seach of a bathroom.  Someone, found bacon in the toilet. It passed around the development team quickly and soon the designers had made bacon the only thing you could get from toilets. Thus, "toilet bacon" was born. Bacon, with its vast array of medicinal properties, can also be found in crops on the various farms in Fortnite, but we all know that the best bacon brews in the can.

There are several other new game terms that have come up that we'll cover in future articles. So stay tuned for more Fortnite Jargon.



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