What's in a Name Part Two

Sometimes there just isn't a word for the incredible thing that we just did or saw during a gaming session.  At times like these, new terms must be created to express the sheer awesome-sauce we just witnessed.

In the first PVP prototype our team put together, each team started with a small prebuilt base that defended a flag.  The goal, of course, was to capture the enemies flag and cary it back to your base.  Classic.

The mechanics of Fortnite, however, lend themselves to some really new kinds of tactics.  You can knock down a wall to make a way into their base.  If you play as a ninja you can double jump over their walls to infiltrate.  You can build your own set of stairs over the wall and drop onto their flag from above.

On one particular play session, our team had split up to scavenge for resources and build up our defenses.  In the distance, we saw something coming towards us.  It was pretty far away, but it was coming towards us and getting larger.  And...it was in the sky.

The other team had used our simple building system to build a ramp from their base into the sky and then laid floor pieces all the way from their base to ours.  Thus, sky-bridging was born.  The only thing our building system requires is some form of structural integrity - something that connects a building piece to the ground.  In this case, it was the stairs all the way back across the map.

At this point in development, we didn't have any "heavy weapons" implemented that can knock out a piece of construction from range.  There were really only two valid things to do: attack their base and knock out the stair case causing the entire bridge to collapse OR build your own damn ramp and take their sky bridge for yourself.

Since then, the building system has been further abused to build out of the environment, under the map, you name it.  I can't wait for people to get their hands on it and teach us new ways to "break" Fortnite.



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