Season of trios

Champion-ranked players can compete in the qualifiers in Chapter 2 - Season 4.

Every game counts

Top teams at the end of each Qualifier will advance to the Season Finals. Consistency across the 3 different Qualifiers also matters. Top performing teams on the overall Series Leaderboard will also be invited to the Season Finals.

Champions around the world

The Grand Finals on October 31 - November 1 will determine the Chapter 2 - Season 4 Champions in each region and platform grouping.

Interested in competing? Download and read through the full rules here.

You and your teammates reach Champion League in Arena mode to unlock this event.

The FNCS is split into two separate tracks. All PC teams will compete against one another in one track, while all other teams on different platforms will compete within the other track.

Each open Qualifier occurs across three rounds, with the third split into two distinct sessions. The top players from the final round in each region will advance to the Season Finals on October 29 - 30.

Players will also accumulate Series Points based on each Qualifier’s final placements tracked on the Series Leaderboard. Every game counts, as top performers on the Series Leaderboard will also qualify into the Season Finals.

The Finals occur across four days - two days of heats and two days of Grand Finals. For teams that don’t make it out of heats, this season’s Grand Finals will open with the all-new Wildcard Match! A single match in which one winning team earns redemption, and their spot in the Grand Finals.


Current Standings



Scoring - Finals
  • Victory Royale+25
  • 2nd+20
  • 3rd+16
  • 4th+14
  • 5th+13
  • 6th+12
  • 7th+11
  • 8th+10
  • 9th+9
  • 10th+8
  • 11th+7
  • 12th+6
  • 13th+5
  • 14th+4
  • 15th+3
  • 16th+2
  • 17th+1
Each Elimination+1



The Chapter 2 - Season 4 Fortnite Champion Series has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who played, and all the fans who watched.