Bragging Rights, LTMs and Cash Prizes in Fortnite Competitive Chapter 2 Season 5

By The Fortnite Team

Hey competitors,

This season we’re working on more opportunities to compete in Fortnite on the regular. We’re adding competitive events to (most) Mondays and Friday, and sprinkling in additional competitions in between. Check our Fortnite Competitive schedule for all the latest.

Friday Nite Bragging Rights 

In the new year, we’ll be hosting regional Friday Nite Bragging Rights tournaments. Split by platform (mobile, PC, console), and starting January 8, we plan to run these most Fridays throughout the season. Winners will get special shouts from @FNCompetitive each week. Form your Trio and get ready!

Mondays are Money: Battle Royale Cash Cups

Using a similar model as the Contender Cash Cups from previous seasons, Battle Royale Cash Cups will be cross-platform with cash prizes up for grabs for those ranked in Champion League in Arena. Also focusing on Trios, these Monday tournaments are scheduled to start on January 11 and run every other week throughout the season.

LTM Tournaments

LTM tournaments will work like Wild Wednesday’s from last season. We plan to have a mixture of modes and formats throughout the season, and these, too, will normally land on alternating Mondays. We will share the format and mode of each LTM Tournament ahead of time on @FNCompetitive, so be sure to follow us. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers in each region.

FNCS and More!

As a reminder, FNCS will start on February 4. We’ll have another communication in a couple weeks with more details for this season’s FNCS.

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly tournaments, we plan to have individual competitions throughout the season to support core modes beyond Trios. These tournaments will be announced ahead of time as details are finalized. 

See you on the Battle Bus!