Event License Agreement Update

By The Fortnite Team
Hey Fortnite event organizers,

Earlier this year, we released our Support-A-Creator Event License Agreement with guidelines to enable third-parties to host online events without needing any additional clearance from Epic. Outside of our main constraints around prize money and sponsorships, our goal is to allow a wide group of event organizers to host their own Fortnite tournaments.

Today we’ve updated the Event License Agreement to apply to the greater Fortnite community, not just Support-A-Creator members, along with a few important additions. The new Event License Agreement permits anyone in the community to host online and/or limited physical Fortnite tournaments so long as they meet the terms of the agreement . This means you can host your own local tournament at a physical location, again noting there are some restrictions in place around prize pools, sponsorships, and branding guidelines.

To help out, we’ve put together branding guidelines that outline how to create marketing or promotional materials for your events, whether online or at a physical location.

As this is our first pass at a community-wide Event Licensing Agreement, there will be tweaks we need to make to the agreement as we start to better understand all of the various use-cases for tournaments folks are hoping to organize. We’ll update everyone as any changes are made, and you’ll always find the most recent documentation on our events page.

Thanks for being such an important part of the Fortnite community!