Competitive Payments Update - New Payment System

By The Fortnite Competitive Team

Heya folks,

Previously we updated you on how we’re handling competitive payments and informed you about a new payment system we were putting in place. 

We've since launched the new system at and invited the first three weeks of Fortnite World Cup Online Open winners (14,550 payments) to begin the eligibility and tax verification/payment process. Today, three more weeks of players are being contacted (Weeks 4 - 6). As we continue to improve the efficiency of the process, we will accelerate rolling it out to additional players.

This new system makes it easier to update your personal information than our previous payment portal. You can see which events you participated in and earned prizes (pending verification of eligibility), as well as any tax withholding.

PLEASE NOTE: Verification of player information takes time. If a player is a minor (under 18 years of age or the age of majority as defined in your country of residence), that player’s parent or legal guardian must also provide their contact information to proceed and complete the verification process. Some countries may have additional verification requirements.

Once a player has been successfully verified, our payment partner, Hyperwallet, will send an Account Activation email to that player, or if a minor, to that player’s parent or legal guardian whose information was provided in the tax verification step. Hyperwallet allows us to scale the number of payments that can be processed. Once you have successfully set up your Hyperwallet account, you will be able to see the status of any payments that have been released and the available options for transferring funds.

What holds up the verification process?

The most common issue players encounter with the new system is providing the incorrect parent or legal guardian information for a minor. This causes a tax verification delay or rejection by Hyperwallet’s payment verification process. Please be sure to double-check any parent or legal guardian information entered before submitting.

New Payment Portal Status
LAST UPDATED 08/01/2019


*In-Payment Queue - Tournament results have been verified.  Waiting for the next wave of payments to be released to start the payment process.

**Validating Results - Tournament results are being reviewed by Epic Games. Placement accuracy and player integrity checks are conducted and take time to review the large number of matches associated with each event.


What about the original payment system?

The original system is still up and running at All events that took place before the Fortnite World Cup Week 1 Online Open (April 14, 2019) are still being processed in the original system. If you are awaiting payment from the original system, the three most common causes for delays are listed below. Please review if you have encountered any delays in payment:

  1. Incorrect or outdated banking information.     

  2. Incomplete or incorrect tax information.

  3. Incomplete Prize Acceptance and Release Form (and included tax forms) for the relevant event. Both of these documents are located in a single Docusign form in the link above the “SUBMIT” button.

If any of these apply to you, you just need to go online and update these fields. Our team reviews completed profiles daily to move as many as possible through to payment. Please check your email associated with your Epic ID account as we are proactively reaching out to those players stalled in the payment process with next steps.

Below is the current status of our competitive payments using the original payment system. We will continue to use this blog to update progress until our next major update.

Original Payment Portal Status
LAST UPDATED 08/01/2019


If you have any payment questions, for the new or original system, please review our Competitive Payments FAQ for info here. If you still have questions, contact  

We’ll help track down any issues. We ask that you provide as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing (including screenshots if needed) to help us fix the issue as fast as possible.

The Fortnite Team


Note: Please visit our latest payment blog for the most up to date information!