FNCS Broadcast Plan & Server Replays

By The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Champion Series Broadcast Plan

The Fortnite Champion Series starts all across the globe from this Friday, August 16 until Saturday, August 17. Find the exact times for your region within the Compete tab in-game. With its debut, we want to outline our coverage plan for these events. For the qualifiers, players will be able to tune in to their favorite streamers during the competition, and we’ll be highlighting some of the best content on official Fortnite streaming and social channels. We’ll also be moving away from official weekend broadcasts in favor of content recaps dropping throughout the following week. 

Our recaps will use server replay functionality to highlight key moments during the competition including commentary from some familiar faces. Sund0wn, Zeke, Ballatw, and Shyowager will be following the stories of top performers and key players in the community. Keep an eye out on the FNCompetitive Twitter for more news!

Rules and Prizing
For all information on rules, prizes, and other information visit the (Fortnite Champion Series - Season X Official Rules).

Where to Tune In?
We’ll be hosting different competitors throughout the tournament that you can tune into at Twitch.tv/Fortnite. Be sure to also stay tuned on our FNCompetitive Twitter for updates during the competition.


What are Server Replays?

Server replay functionality is what was used to broadcast the Fortnite World Cup Online Open Qualifiers, and now it’s in your hands! The difference between server replays and local replays is that server replays contain information on the entire island and all players for a given match. Gone are the days where you can only see the immediate area around you. Now you can view the action happening anywhere in the match.

Find your favorite player, get unique angles and wide shots, or put on a full-scale broadcast of your own! To access server replays, go to the compete tab in the Lobby and select the event you wish to view. From here, every player on the leaderboard can be selected in order to gather footage. 

Here are some helpful tips when using replays:
  • You have to act fast, Replays will become unusable when new patches are pushed.
    • This does not include Content Updates.
  • When a match is live, you’ll see a red bubble next to the player’s name.
  • You can view other region’s gameplay by going into the settings menu and changing your region.
  • Setting your Depth of field low will help you find your current focus point when setting your focus manually in the lens setting.
  • If you find your camera in the storm, you can remove the purple filter with the "Storm Effects" Option in the camera settings.
  • Establishing a wide shot first before moving right into the action helps gives the viewer more information to aid in following the action.
Share your content using the #FNCS hashtag for a chance to be featured on the FNCompetitive Twitter.


Middle East Servers

We’re excited to announce that Arena Mode is now available on our new Middle East (ME) servers that launched this past week! Find out more information on the Middle East server launch here. Many players in the southern Middle East will see significantly better ping, with more improvements to come as we expand our coverage to more internet service providers (ISPs) in more countries. 

We recommend using the Auto setting when selecting your region since even though you may be geographically closest to the Middle East, some players will still have a better experience playing in Europe depending on your location and ISP. Drop-in now and get your practice in before the Fortnite Champion Series starts on Friday, August 16. 

The top four teams will also qualify for the Season Finals to be held from September 20 - September 22.

For more details on the Fortnite Champion Series, you can read last week’s competitive blog here.