Fortnite Competitive Integrity Update

By The Competitive Fortnite Team

Fortnite Competitive Integrity Update

Hey all,

Recently there’s been an uptick in community conversations around cheating and bad actors within the Fortnite Competitive ecosystem. We wanted to address some of these concerns by restating our goals, providing some insight into recent events, sharing some of our future plans, and asking for your help.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of competitive integrity possible, while operating at a massive scale. Hosting fair and open tournaments in a free-to-play game is a huge undertaking, and we’re always working to improve. Ensuring a positive experience for players means catching bad actors and taking action swiftly! 

FNCS Delays in Action

Recently we discovered an error in our internal systems that resulted in our automatic detections and actioning being delayed. Regardless of the error, the cheaters were eventually caught by our AntiCheat and banned automatically. This error has been corrected and all automatic actionings are functioning  in near-real time again. Additionally, all of the accounts detected cheating during FNCS this season were disqualified and actioned appropriately. 

A New Way to Report Suspicious Player Activity

We’ve also created a new form located here where players can report suspicious activity, and provide the necessary evidence for us to investigate. Any reports received in this manner will be reviewed in line with our process for all incoming reports. While we won’t respond directly to these submissions, you can be assured that we take every valid report seriously. Any perceived lack of action towards reported players generally means one of two things: either we’re still actively investigating and want to make sure we take the time to make the correct decision based on the facts, or we’ve determined the player in question did not violate the rules. 

With Chapter 2 - Season 4 on the horizon, we are also reviewing our official rules for next season’s offerings and internal policies. We want to be more transparent about specific rules, so competing players never wonder if something is crossing a line or not. We’re planning to release  an update about those changes before the next FNCS season begins.

How You Can Help

Your actions matter. We need your help to create a better competitive ecosystem. 

Some things to remember:
  • Player’s accomplishments should be celebrated. Bullying is never acceptable and a violation of our Community Rules. Use the in-game reporting tools - in live games or in replays - or the new submission form here to report issues. These are the best ways to get eyes on potential bad actors quickly.
  • Celebrating cheaters is damaging to the entire ecosystem. If you are a member of Support-a-Creator and create content that encourages cheating, you will be removed from the program.

Thanks for helping us support fair play in Fortnite!
-The Fortnite Team