Fortnite Competitive - Payments

Heya folks,

We’re talking about payments in this competitive update - giving you a rundown on the status of in-progress payments, what information we still need from winners, as well as providing some tips on common issues you might run into. We realize that the payment process has been confusing and lacking transparency for many. We’re working to address these issues for past, present and future tournaments.

To start, we are going to be more proactive in tracking down any remaining winners via email and in-game messaging. Still haven’t received payment? Below is a step-by-step guide on the payment process.

If the steps below don’t address your questions, you can always hit us up at and we’ll help track down any issues. Please provide as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing (including screenshots if needed) to help us fix the issue as fast as possible.

If you’ve reached out previously to the provided email and haven’t received a response, we apologize. We encountered a gap in the monitoring of this account beginning in early February - that has been resolved. Our support team is now processing the archived emails and are working quickly to address delayed responses.

How Do I Get Paid?

To ensure the quickest turnaround for payment to verified winners, please follow the below instructions:
  1. Go to
    • Log-in to the Epic Games account that you used for the applicable competition.
      • Access to this link is only granted to verified winners.
    • Please note: logging into the incorrect account may result in a delay in processing or your disqualification as a potential winning player, in which case you will not be entitled to win any prizes in connection with the applicable event.
  2. Select your preferred method to receive your prize and fill out the additional required information.
    • Important: PayPal auto-declines transactions over $20,000 USD for non-business accounts. If your prize estimate is above $20,000, it is recommended that you use the bank account option.
    • Any incorrect or incomplete information may result in a delay in processing or your disqualification as a potential winning player, in which case you will not be entitled to win any prizes in connection with the applicable event.
  3. Select your Tax Region and provide the requested information.
    • Inside the US
      • Name on Tax ID
      • Social Security Number (SSN)
      • Address
        • City
        • State
        • Zip
    • Outside of the US
      • Name on Tax ID
      • Address
        • City
        • Postal Code
        • Region (if applicable)
        • Country
      • Please note: If you are below the age of 16 and currently reside in France, we will need to follow up with you separately in order to distribute your winnings based on local laws.
  4. BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, please click on the Release Form/W9/W8BEN Docusign link at the bottom of the page and follow the new window to the Docusign website.
    • Fill out all of the requested information in the Docusign form.
      • For the W8-BEN, please note:
        • Number 5: If you are unsure, make sure to contact a personal tax adviser.
        • Number 6: This is your country’s individual tax identifier (similar to SSN/TIN).
    • Confirm the information provided in the Docusign form is correct and click “FINISH”.
  5. Go back to the Epic Games page after finishing the Docusign and click “SUBMIT” to complete the process.
For additional assistance, we are regularly updating the Competitive Payment FAQ HERE.

Tournament Payment Status

Below you’ll find the status of payouts for all tournaments since late 2018 that resulted in prizing for players:
Tournament Name Tournament Date Winners Completed Payments Waiting for Player Information
Summer Skirmish 7.15.2018 1044 1023 21
Fall Skirmish 10.10.2018 905 889 16
Winter Royale 12.12.2018 283 281 2
GG Circuit 1.13.2019 60 56 4
Australian Open 1.27.2019 100 91 9
Secret Skirmish 2.15.2019 94 94 0
Cizzors Deathrun 2.17.2019 8 6 2
Katowice 2.23.2019 200 200 0
Scallywag Cup 3.17.2019 300 213 87
Blackheart Cup 3.24.2019 301 202 99
Luxe Cup 3.31.2019 190 129 61
Fortnite World Cup Warmup 4.07.2019 2600 1214 1386
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 1 (Solo)** 4.14.2019 5250 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 2 (Duos)** 4.21.2019 4050 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 3 (Solo)** 4.28.2019 5250 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 4 (Duos)** 5.05.2019 4050 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 5 (Solo)** 5.12.2019 5250 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 6 (Duos)** 5.19.2019 4050 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 7 (Solo)** 5.26.2019 5250 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 8 (Duos)** 6.02.2019 4050 - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 9 (Solo)** 6.09.2019 - - -
Fortnite WC Online Open Wk 10 (Duos)** 6.21.2019 - - -

Information as of June 6, 2019

*Preparing for Payment - We are working on a new automated payment process for large scale payments due to the Fortnite World Cup. As soon as payments are ready for final processing, we will send an email to all winners with instructions on how to fill out their bank and tax information.

**Validating Results - Tournament results are being reviewed by Epic Games. Placement accuracy and player integrity checks are conducted and take time to review the large number of matches associated with each event.

What does “Waiting for Player Information” mean?

This includes players who have either not started entering in their information, have only completed part of the required information, or the information provided is not accurate. If you have yet to receive a payment, you may need to reconfirm your information in the portal at as outlined in the steps above. If you have specific tax related questions, it is advised that you consult with a tax professional.

Check back weekly for updates on tournament payment status, and congratulations on winning!