Fortnite’s First Official Box Fight Tournament

By The Fortnite Team

Two enter, one leaves.

This is your invitation to Fortnite’s first official Box Fight Tournament this Wednesday, October 28, as part of our Wild Wednesday Tournament format. Compete 1-on-1 against the top Fortnite Creative players in your region to be crowned a champion of the Box Fight arena.

Box Fight Tournament participants must prove their Fortnite skills on “Island of Dreams” (9005-6737-3429). Shoutout to HassanFTN and Shride for this custom-made Creative Island designed as part of our Princess Castle Creative contest announced last month.
Island Of Dreams
Eligible players must meet all requirements outlined in the Official Rules, including age and country restrictions, and have reached the Open League (Division II) in Arena before the tournament begins. 

Which of you will come out on top?