By The Fortnite Competitive Team

Fortnite World Cup Online Open Week 2 Recap



CoverH and MF Twizz were able to overtake the Duo of JAM_zoreh and JAM Gheez to be the first Duos team to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Final in NYC. Despite playing from behind after the first 6 matches, CoverH and Twizz were able to roll off huge games at the end, earning them the top spot.



CR.bell and Scarlet No.1 from Japan were able to secure the only qualifying spot out of this region. Their balanced approach of high eliminations,combined with chasing high placements concluded with them edging out the competition. Their final match earned them 14 points, putting them in first place with a three point lead.



Europe proved to be a battleground for its four qualifying spots. Requiring 58 points in the semi-final to even compete on Sunday, those top four places would be difficult to obtain. In the end, NRG benjyfishy and NRG MrSavageM took the top spot, with familiar names like Secret_Mongraal, Atlantis Mitr0, E11 Stompy and E11 Tschiiiinken just behind them in second and third place. Lootboy Skram and Lootboy Mexe took the final spot, pushing out Solary Airwaks and Solary Nikof in their very last match with a 20 point performance. Stompy and benjyfishy also became the first two players in Fortnite history to qualify for both the solo and the Duos competition at the Fortnite World Cup Final.



In Brazil Code W7M-Nicks continued to prove he is one of the players to watch coming out of South America. After a second place finish last week, he and his Duo W7M pfzin were able to secure the only Duo qualification spot. Their 36 combined points in their 5th and 6th game gave them an insurmountable lead and let them ride out the rest of the finals in first place.



Familiar names were seen up at the top for a long stretch, but in the end, the three spots were earned by some relatively new faces at the top of the leaderboard. OT Spadess and Woofgang crimz were able to take the number one spot with 90 points, ending with an impressive 14 point final match. The Duo of MSF Clix and MSF Sceptic were also able to put up a couple of huge matches at the end, securing them the second spot at 87 points. Envy LeNain (who just missed qualifying for solos last week) and LG Tyler15 were also able earn 87 points, putting them one point ahead of 4th place and booking their trip to the final.


The last region of the day had 6 different teams vying for the single qualifying spot. Ultimately, Arkhram1x and Bloom Falconer were able to hold off a couple of last minute surging teams. The Duo had only played together for three days before the event, but were able to use their consistent performance to earn 99 points and be the 11th Duo to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Final.


Congratulations to those who have qualified, but don’t forget there is still more Fortnite competition on the horizon.