Season X FNCS Finals Summary

By The Fortnite Team
The Highlights

This season we brought you the first ever Fortnite Champion Series, and with it we now have our first ever Season Champions! 
  • Europe: E11 Tschiiinken, E11 Stompy, COOLER aqua
  • NA East: TSM_Zexrow, yung calculator, MackWood1x
  • NA West: jayrosez, GTEdog, buubee
  • Brazil: FURIA leleo, kurтz, wisheydp
  • ASIA: CR Ruri, CR RizArt ., Riddle Maufin.
  • OCE: ᵐⁱⁿᵏⁱⁿ, hillo the piggy, ꞡancho

Click here to see the rest of the leaderboards. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated around the globe!

The first FNCS Finals had some big moments from the best Trios in the world! From epic end-game shootouts to jaw-dropping leaderboard upsets, these players left it all on the Island.

To see our official recap of the weekend, check out our breakdown of the FNCS Finals here.

You can see our personal top plays across this entire season of the FNCS here.

What We Will Improve

Shortly after publishing our September 16th blog previewing the initial list of qualified teams and heats for the FNCS Finals, we discovered several scenarios which resulted in teams not being correctly awarded points on our web leaderboards. Upon discovering this, we rebuilt and corrected the leaderboards. We are working on updating our automated systems to fix these issues, and will keep a close eye on this for subsequent competitions. 

On Friday of the FNCS Finals, we experienced technical issues with our new scheduled matchmaking system - designed to automatically drop trios into their matches every 30 minutes. We were able to resolve them late Friday night. While these issues did not impact the competition itself, we appreciate players’ patience as we worked through them. 

Despite these issues, we believe the new matchmaking is a great improvement over the previous system. Compared with past online events, our matchmaking is now much more efficient, allowing us to run 29 total rounds of competition in a single weekend, featuring over 2,000 players across seven global server regions! We’re excited about the potential of this feature for future events.

With the inaugural season of the FNCS now over, we want to thank all of you who played, watched, and cheered along with us. Thank you all for helping to make this series great, we’ll see you on the Battle Bus!