Trios Cash Cup and Prizing Updates

By The Fortnite Team


This upcoming weekend we will be having our first Trios Cash Tournament kicking off in-game Saturday, July 13. The top 1000 teams in each region will qualify for finals on Sunday, July 14 to continue competing for prizing. 

Note: Storm Flip will be disabled in the Tournament playlist for this weekend’s Trios Cash Cup. 

For the first time ever, Xbox One and Playstation 4 players will be able to watch live matches that are currently in play directly from the leaderboard. As with all server replays, these matches will be on a 5 minute delay.

We’ve also worked to implement a temporary Arena Trios playlist so you can squad up and practice before the event this weekend. Scoring and bus fare is as follows:
  Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7
Bus Fare -0 Hype -3 Hype -4 Hype -4 Hype -5 Hype -5 Hype -6 Hype
Victory Royale +15 Hype
Top 2 +12 Hype
Top 4 +9 Hype
Top 8 +6 Hype
Eliminations +1 Hype

Prize Distribution Adjustments

When we built our prizing distribution calculations for previous online tournaments, we allocated prize pool numbers based on the total player participation in our tournaments for each region.

Over the course of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens, we saw a large participation boost in both Brazilian and European server regions. As a result, we’ve added more prize pool allocation to these regions moving forward in future tournaments to be more in line with the most active competitive populations in each region!

Payments Update

Over the past several weeks we’ve activated our new payment system for some of our Online Open players. The new system is a two step process. The first step begins with an email directly from Epic Games to verify player information. The second step beings with an email from our payment partner Hyperwallet. We have seen a lot of players asking about the legitimacy of the Hyperwallet email. These emails are legitimate but if you are uncomfortable clicking the link in the email, you can visit to activate your account with your Epic Account ID or the email address associated with your Epic Games Account. After we work through issues found with this initial batch of winners, we’ll begin opening up the system to all winners.