Winter Royale 2019 - Leaderboards and Payments Update

By The Fortnite Competitive Team

Winter Royale 2019

Thanks to everyone who played in Winter Royale 2019. Millions of you hopped on the Battle Bus to play in the three day competition, with over 45,000 players walking away with cash rewards.

The Winter Royale 2019 Leaderboards are now final as we have addressed all remaining Leaderboard issues, including:

Leaderboard Issues

1) ISSUE - Players encountered instances where one player had a disconnect before getting into a match and those points did not count for the sole remaining player. Per the Official Rules, a match still counts even if the full team is not able to load in together.

SOLUTION - To solve this issue, we ran a Leaderboard repair after the conclusion of the series, so any points that may have originally appeared lost due to playing as a Solo player now are applied to your Duo on the Leaderboard. We’re currently working on a fix for the incomplete team issue, and are aiming to have it corrected before the next major tournament series kicks off. 

2) ISSUE - As an additional side effect of the disconnected player repair, some teams were able to play more than the 15-match maximum for each individual series. 

SOLUTION - When this was discovered, we had to wipe the Leaderboards completely and proceed with an additional full repair which resulted in any matches played over the 15 matches limit in a single series being invalid.

Due to the holidays and the time required to process the issues detailed above, we apologize that our communication and prize processing have been slower than we would like. We have now successfully uploaded prizes to the payment portal, and potential Winter Royale 2019 winners have been contacted via the email associated with their Epic Games account. Check this email for next steps on how to start the prize verification process. 

Thanks again for a great Winter Royale and Winterfest, and we’ll see you on the Battle Bus!

- The Fortnite Competitive Team