Now - Sept 12th

Season 7 - Invasion


Fly Saucers. Snag Hi-Tech Alien Weapons. Gear Up for Battle.

Fortnite - BattlePass-Chapter-2-Season-7

1500 V-Bucks Back

Get the Battle Pass for only 950 V-Bucks and earn up to 1500 V-bucks by playing. Use them to buy the next Battle Pass or Items from the Item Shop.

Also Available with the Fortnite Crew

The Fortnite Crew is the ultimate subscription offer that includes the Battle Pass, 1,000 monthly V-Bucks, and an exclusive monthly Fortnite Crew Pack.

Choose Your Next Battle Pass Reward

There's not only a new Battle Pass but also a new way to unlock rewards! Collect Battle Stars as you level up, then use those Stars to claim rewards like Sunny and Guggimon in the order you want them. As you progress, you'll unlock additional pages to claim the final reward — Rick Sanchez.

Fortnite - Chapter 2 Season 7 Invasion

Season 7

The Island is at the brink of war. Alien forces have begun to infiltrate while Slone leads the IO against them. Battle amidst the conflict with future tech from both sides: abduct foes with the flying Saucer, survey surroundings with the Recon Scanner, blast enemies with the Kymera Ray Gun, and more. The battle for the Island begins now.

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