Building Your First Island

This page describes how to build your first island in Fortnite's Creative Mode.

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For a beginner builder, the initial workflow involves editing your rift and creating a new island.

Editing Your Rift

To edit your rift, follow these steps.

  1. Approach the console next to your rift.

  2. Depending on your game settings and the device you're playing on, you'll need to press a key or button to select the USE CONSOLE option. By default, if you are using a keyboard, press the E key.

  3. From the GAME CREATION dialog, select your destination island and click SET PORTAL.

    Editing Your Rift

Now, when you enter your rift you will go to your destination island, where you can start building.

To perform actions on your islands in the GAME CREATION dialog, first select the island before clicking REMOVE, DUPLICATE, or RENAME. Keep in mind that if you remove an island, you cannot undo the action.

Creating New Islands

From the GAME CREATION dialog, you can create new islands by following these steps.

  1. Approach the console next to your rift.

  2. Follow the prompt to USE CONSOLE.

  3. From the GAME CREATION dialog, click +CREATE NEW.

  4. From the SELECT TYPE dialog, select an island from the STARTER ISLANDS or TEMPLATE ISLANDS tabs.

    Select Island Type

  5. Click CONFIRM. The NAME YOUR ISLAND dialog displays.

  6. Type a name for your island, making sure the name you select isn't longer than the limit of 40 characters.

    Name Your New Island

  7. Click CONFIRM.

  8. After the GAME CREATION dialog closes, your portal will automatically be set to the new island.

There is a limit to the number of islands that can be saved to your account. The total number of created islands and the total number of available islands is displayed above +CREATE NEW in the GAME CREATION dialog.

Entering Your Rift

The rift is now set to your recent island addition. At this point, you can walk into your rift to teleport to your island.

When you first enter your island, you will fall from the sky. You can do one of the following.

  • Do nothing and wait until you reach the ground (your glider will deploy automatically when you get low enough).

  • Press the move forward control to dive faster (your glider will deploy automatically when you get low enough).

  • Double-tap the jump control to toggle Fly mode.

After landing on your Creative island, you can start to build.

Building On Your Island

Props are the basic building blocks for filling an island with interesting visual elements. Props are different from devices in that you can't change the way they behave (the way you can with devices). You can find a wide range of props in your Creative inventory.

When you first spawn onto your island, you are in Build mode. This is the mode you need to be in to add props to your island. You also need to switch to your phone tool, by pressing P. You need to use the phone to place, move, manipulate or delete props and devices.

Press Tab to open the Creative inventory. You can find pre-constructed buildings in the Prefabs tab. You can find individual building parts and props in the Galleries tab.

There are a large number of galleries to choose from. You can select categories in the Categories panel on the left side of the inventory screen to narrow down your choices. You can also type a keyword into the Search bar to choose only galleries with that word in the name.

You can select a Prefab or Gallery and then press a number from 1-8 to add that prop or gallery to your Quick Bar. When you exit the inventory screen, press the number for a Quick Bar slot to place that prop or gallery.

When you have the phone tool active, you'll see a list of actions you can take and the hotkeys or mouse buttons you use to perform that action. Here are some examples:

  • Left-click with your mouse to place a prop attached to your phone.

  • In a prop gallery, point at a prop with your phone. Left-click to Copy the prop, and right-click to Cut it. Then move it where you want, and left-click to place it.

  • When you have a prop or device attached to your phone, you can press R and E to rotate the prop before you place it.

  • To delete a prop or device, point at it with your phone and press X.

    To delete multiple props, building parts or devices, press and hold X while moving your phone. Be careful though! It's easy to accidentally delete trees or other terrain elements that are behind the props, buildings or devices you want to delete.

  • If you want to make a wall or floor, you don't have to individually place each wall or floor piece. Position two or three pieces, then point at each one with your phone and press R to select them. With all the pieces selected, you can perform Copy, Cut, Paste, or any other actions on the whole selected group.

Once you have an environment constructed, you can start adding devices to your island. A device, like a prop, is something you can place on your island. But you use devices to create interactions with players. Devices are what you use to create gameplay. Most devices can be customized to do things the way you want them to, and this is one way you can control how your game is played.

To select devices, press Tab to open the Creative inventory, and click the Devices tab. As with galleries, there are a lot of devices available. Use the Categories panel and Search bar to help you find the devices you want.

Once you have found a device you want to use, press a number from 1-8 to place it in your Quick Bar. You can place, move and manipulate devices the same way you can with props. Once your device is placed, point at it with your phone and approach the device until the Customize prompt appears. Press the button or key to open the Customize panel.

The Customize panel is where you will customize the options for the device. You can experiment with different choices, until you discover something you like. Many devices can communicate with other devices when certain conditions are met. These connections between devices give you the ability to create many complex actions and reactions to the players in your game.

Playing Your Game

When you want to explore your island to experience all of your buildings and devices as a player, press Tab to open the Creative Inventory screen. In the top navigation bar, click MY ISLAND. On the left, click the yellow START GAME button. When playing on an island, you are playing on a copy of the island. Any objects added or destroyed in Play mode will not be saved. In this mode, your customizable devices function based on the settings you configured and you cannot change/customize the settings until you are back in Create mode. To exit Play mode and return to Create mode, press Esc to open the Game menu, and click the red END GAME\button. A Victory animation plays, after which you can click the RETURN TO ISLAND button.

Publishing Your Islands


It is a requirement for users to get permission from Epic Games to publish islands. To apply for permission from Epic Games, go to the SUPPORT-A-CREATOR program page.

Epic Games may contact you about joining the SUPPORT-A-CREATOR program if you are sharing outstanding Fortnite Creative builds, and if your islands are getting positive attention on social media feeds or places like Reddit.


When you're ready to publish your island, follow these steps.

  1. Press Esc to open the Game Menu.

    Open Menu and Click Start Game

  2. On the right panel, click MY ISLAND.

    Click My Island

  3. Select the DESCRIPTION tab.

    Select Description Tab

  4. Fill out these fields.

    • Game Name

    • Description parts one to three.

    Enter Island Description

    We recommend adding a short description to get players interested in your island.

  5. Click EDIT TAGS.

    Edit Tags Button

  6. Select one of the available tags before clicking OK.

    Select Tags For Island

    To improve your island's discoverability with players, select at least one tag.

  7. Set a photo for your project. The photo should give players a nice preview of what the island offers.

    Set Photo For Island

    This experimental feature is only available for users who are part of the SUPPORT-A-CREATOR program.

  8. After editing the island's description, click APPLY.

    Click Apply Button

    To revise all of the island's description elements, select CLEAR ALL.

  9. After verifying the island's description elements, select the TOOLS tab, and click PUBLISH.

    Click Publish Button

  10. Verify the island's title and description, and when ready, click PUBLISH.

    Verify Island Title and Description

Epic Game will review your island before enabling the playable copy of the island for other players to visit with the provided code.

On Your Own

Now that you've gotten started, you can create, play, and share in Creative mode. To keep learning more, read these guides to learn more.

  • Devices: Learn about the devices you can use to create gameplay on your island.

  • Gameplay Examples: See some examples of how you can use different devices together to create specific effects in your game.

  • Full Island Tutorials: Learn how to create an entire game from start to finish.

Additional Resources