Exploring the Discover Screen

Learn how to use the DISCOVER screen in Fortnite Creative.

When you launch Fortnite, the DISCOVER screen gives you lots of ways to interact with the game:

  • DISCOVER: Discover new experiences made in Creative, as well as Battle Royale modes and Save the World.

  • BROWSE: Use categories to search for games; see a list of popular games sorted by experiences.

  • MY LIBRARY: Visit the games and hubs you have been to before on the Recently Played tab; see a list of your favorite games and hubs on the My Favorites tab.

  • CREATE: Build your world, create games and other experiences either alone or with your friends.

  • ISLAND CODE: Enter the code for a specific experience you want to explore.

Keep reading to find out more about each of these options.

Starting in the Fortnite Lobby

When you first log in to Fortnite, you will go directly to the Fortnite Lobby screen.

On the right side of the screen, there is a box that looks like the image below. Click CHANGE to display the DISCOVER screen. Keep reading to find out more about what you can find there.

Change and Play Buttons

Discover Screen

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The Discover screen opens on the DISCOVER tab. This screen has several categories in a rotating list at the bottom of the screen. Each category has tiles showing different experiences built in Creative, as well as Fortnite game modes such as Creative, Battle Royale, and Save the World. For Battle Royale, you can find tiles for Solo, Duos, and other variations based on team size.

The two categories that are usually close to the top are Most Popular and Featured. After that, categories include popular game types, such as Tycoon, Boxfight, and Deathrun. There are also categories named after themes, such as Spooky or Fashion, as well as categories that specify team sizes in competitive games, such as 2v2, 4v4 or 8v8.

Click the tile for the game or experience you want to play. This will take you back to the Fortnite Lobby, with the box above the PLAY button showing your selection. Click PLAY! to start playing.

Before the game starts you may wait in a pre-game lobby. This area is usually where creators add game instructions and rules for you to read, so you'll understand how to play the creator's game. Once you've read all the information and are ready to start the game, you can either wait for the lobby timer to finish counting down, or manually start the game. To start the game manually, you can press Esc to open the Sidebar, click the Menu (gear) icon, then click the yellow Start Game button to begin playing.

Start Game button

My Library

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You can click the MY LIBRARY tab at the top of the Discover screen to see your Favorites list and a list of games you have recently played. The My Library screen opens on MY FAVORITES.

My Favorites

The MY FAVORITES list displays tiles for the games you have marked as favorites. If you mouse over one of the tiles, you can see the Favorite (heart) icon and the More (ellipsis) icon. If you want to remove a game from your Favorites list, click the Favorite (heart) icon to clear it. If you want more information about a game in your Favorites list, click the More (ellipsis) icon. This displays a screen with more information about that game.

Favorite and More Icons

To play something in your Favorites list, click the game's tile and you are returned to the Fortnite Lobby. However, the box above the PLAY button now displays the name of the game you clicked in your Favorites list.

Selected Game Displayed In Lobby

It's easy to put a game into your Favorites list! Just mouse over the top left corner of the tile in the Discover screen, and click the Favorite (heart) icon.

Recently Played

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In the RECENTLY PLAYED list, you can see the islands and hubs you have visited. Like the My Favorites list, you can click an island or hub from the list to go back to the Fortnite Lobby and launch the game. You can click the Favorite (heart) icon on a game's tile to add any of these islands and hubs to your Favorites list.

Browse Tab

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You can click the BROWSE tab at the top of the Discover screen to see a list of popular categories. Once you click on a category, you will be taken to a screen that shows the category's most popular games.

There are two sections in the BROWSE tab, Featured and Categories.

  • FEATURED: Browse a list of highlighted categories for you to explore.

  • ALL CATEGORIES: Browse through a complete selection of categories to find popular games.

Create Tab

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There are two ways you can get to Creative from the Discover screen.

  • Click the CREATE tab at the top of the Discover screen, then click the CREATE button.

  • In the MOST POPULAR category, find the tile for CREATIVE and click it. When you return to the Fortnite Lobby, you will see Creative in the box above the PLAY button.

If you press Esc it will return you to the Fortnite Lobby, and the last game or experience you selected will be your destination when you click PLAY.

Island Code Tab

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If you click ISLAND CODE at the top of the DISCOVER screen, the Island Code screen displays a box where you can enter a specific island code. When you have typed in the code, press Enter. The screen displays information about the island. Click the PLAY button to start playing.

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