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ad hoc

Created or done for a specific purpose, or only as needed, and without forethought or planning.

Advanced Storm Controller

When placed on your island, the Advanced Storm Beacon device provides a way to configure individual storm phases when used in conjunction with the Advanced Storm Controller device.

For details on how to set up this device, see Using Advanced Storm Beacon Devices .

Advanced Storm Controller

When the Advanced Storm Controller device is placed in the world, it will generate a storm at Game Start . You can also use this device to create configurable multi-phase storms, then customize each phase with an Advanced Storm Beacon .

For details on how to set up this device, see Using Advanced Storm Controller Devices .


Short for artificial intelligence, and AI is a programmed opponent, ally or other type of non-player character.

aiming arc

A blue image that shows trajectory and landing position when you throw an object in Creative.

air vent

A placeable device that launches a player or other object, such as a vehicle or a ball, up with a gust of air. For more on this device, see Using Advanced Storm Controller Devices .

Air Vent Gallery

A collection of air vent devices available on the DEVICES tab in Creative inventory . For more on these devices, see Using Air Vent Devices .


Short for ammunition — a supply of bullets, shells, or other things used in projectile weapons. Because ammo gets used up, it is a consumable, and can be found on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory .

ammo types

Different weapons need different types of ammo. Ammo types include arrows heavy bullets , medium bullets , light bullets , shells , and rockets . Each ammo type has a specific icon that represents the type of ammo, and that displays in the Details panel for each weapon on the WEAPONS tab . When equipping ammo to your island, it's important to match the ammo type to the weapons available.


Augmented reality, or AR, is an interactive experience where the real world is enhanced by computer-generated information that most commonly includes visual, audio, and haptic (vibrations or other motion).


Some devices influence an area instead of requiring immediate contact to produce an effect on a player.


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory , arrows work with any weapon that can use them — typically, bows. You can equip arrows in quantities of 4. For weapons that use arrows, such as the MECHANICAL BOW, a single arrow icon displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

mechanical bow details panel


A rifle that uses magazines to hold multiple rounds . The number of rounds an assault rifle can hold varies from type to type. Multiple assault rifles are available on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory , and most are available in a range of rarities . All assault rifles use either medium bullets or light bullets .


Any of a number of rifles that use magazines to hold multiple rounds . The number of rounds an assault rifle can hold varies from type to type. These are available on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory , and most are available with varied rarities . All assault rifles use either medium bullets or light bullets .

Assault weapons

A category of weapons in CREATIVE inventory , an assault weapon is any weapon you can use to inflict damage on an opponent.


Something that defines what a player can have or do.

Attribute Trigger

This device works exclusively with signals received from other devices. It checks for specific player attributes (conditions) when it receives a signal on a specific channel , such as the player's team, or how many times the player has respawned. If all conditions are met, a signal is transmitted on a success channel. If the conditions are not met, a signal is transmitted on a failure channel.


The character in Creative that represents you.


Fortnite Creative takes place in three dimensions, so to locate something in the Creative space, you need three points of reference. These points are called the X-axis, the Y-axis, and the Z-axis. Imagine you are looking over a flat plane. Place a dot in the center of the plane. This is your 0 point for all dimensions. Draw a line from north to south (toward you and away from you) and make sure it goes through the 0 point. This is X. Now draw a line that crosses at the 0 point, but goes east to west, (left to right). This is Y. Draw a third line that also goes through the 0 point, crossing where the other two lines cross, but going straight up and down. This is Z. Using those three lines, you can position any object in a three-dimensional space.


back bling

Back bling is a cosmetic item players can equip and wear. Back bling can be switched up independently of an outfit even if it was purchased with an outfit .

backpack icon

An icon that appears when you drag an equipped item off the CREATIVE inventory screen on the WEAPONS or CONSUMABLES tabs, or from the Equipment bar on either the CREATIVE inventory screen or the PLAY inventory screen. The icon indicates that the selected item is being dropped onto the island, next to wherever your character is standing. This action also removes the item from the Equipment bar. A quantity is indicated under the backpack icon. If the quantity is one or more, it will drop onto the island. If it is 0 or less, it won't.

the backpack icon shows when you drag a weapon or consumable off.


A customizable icon that can be used in the HUD.

Ball Spawner

This device spawns a ball at the start of the game that can be knocked around by players.


A device that creates a zone that can block players, vehicles, and weapon fire.

Basic Storm Controller

A device that creates a simple, single-phase storm .

For details on how to set up this device, see Basic Storm Controller Devices .

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a game mode that combines survival, exploration, and scavenging elements into a last-person-standing game.


A beacon puts out an effect that helps players locate something.

beartrap icon

A white icon in CREATIVE inventory that indicates a trap.

beartrap icon


Displays short messages to players in Creative.

Billboard device

The Billboard device is used in Creative to customize the messages that display on billboards.

For details on how to set up this device, see Billboard Devices .


A boost causes a change in velocity for a player or an object in the direction the player (or object) is moving.

Bouncer Trap

A device that launches a player into the air when they land on it.

For details on how to set up this device, see Bouncer Trap Devices .

bounding sphere

This term is used in relation to storm movement as controlled by the bounds radius. The storm is restricted to movement within this sphere. You can customize this radius in the options for the Advanced Storm Controller .


Short for Battle Royale .

branching logic

With branching logic, a computer program sends new instructions based on specific conditions being met by the player. Also see logic .


A permanent improvement to an item or feature that can be applied using game settings, or a positive status effect applied to a player during gameplay. Debuff is the opposite in that it would apply a negative effect.

Build menu

In the bottom-right corner of the Creative screen, you'll find three rows of items. The top row is the Resources bar . The second row is the Build menu . It shows components available for building in-game for games where a player is allowed to build. The bottom row is the Equipment bar .

The Build menu bar shows components you have available for building in a game.

Build mode

Creative has different modes, or ways of doing things. Two primary modes within Creative are Build mode and Play mode. You can only add things to your island from the CREATIVE inventory when you're in Build mode. When you first enter your island, you will be in Build mode. In this mode, you can access inventory items and island settings, you can place props and devices on the island, and you can customize devices. Modifications you make are saved when you exit your island. In some cases, a device that you place on your island in Build mode will only function when you are in Play mode .


The Bush is a concealment device that camouflages a player as an inconspicuous bush. If the player wearing it takes any damage, the Bush is destroyed, and will not automatically regenerate. The good news is that if a Bush takes fire, while the bush is being destroyed, it also protects the player. It will not, however, protect players against explosions. Its rarity is Legendary.


A button is a device that can be configured (set up) to trigger other devices when a player pushes it.



In a computer program, when an instruction is requested by the program, it is called. The call invokes (activates) a specific function. Calls can happen because of player interactions with objects, or because of time parameters. This is part of a program's logic .

Cannon Spawner

A device that spawns cannons on an island. A cannon can be moved, aimed and shot against structures, buiildings, NPCs , or other players, or can be used by players to launch themselves.

Capture Area

A device you can use to place a zone (area) for a game objective. This could be for item drop-off, where players deliver items to the area, or for capturing the area itself. It is useful for games like King of the Hill or Capture the Flag.

Capture Item Spawner

A device that spawns capturable items as game objectives. In addition to being a pickup spot, it can also be set up as a drop-off spot. For example, in Capture the Flag, this device can be set up to spawn the team flag and to listen for when the enemy flag is delivered to the spawner. Place the device, then drop items onto the device to register them.

Cell Memory Used bar

On an XL island , when you place a prop, the Cell Memory Used bar shows memory usage for the cell with the highest memory use near the prop. If you do not have a prop in hand, the Cell Memory Used Bar will show values for the cell with the highest memory cost on your island.


When you approach your golden rift in the Creative Hub , a console will appear that you can use to change your destination island, or create a new island.

change destination console

Changing Booth

The Changing Booth device lets a player access their locker while playing a game. Unlike most devices, the Changing Booth cannot be customized. Players will not be able to see the Island or other players while accessing the Changing Booth.


A channel is the way that a signal travels within a game. Signals are sent from a transmitter on a preselected channel and received by a receiver that is listening on the same channel. Channels are identified by number.


In Creative, a character is a fictional character or avatar that represents the player.


A device that sends a signal to another device when a player or vehicle passes.

cheese strategy

A type of game strategy that requires minimal skill. The word cheese can refer to anything that's cheap, or unfair. Standing next to a player spawn device and waiting for players to respawn so you can pick them off would be a very cheese move.


In Creative, you can use a chest to store items, such as traps, weapons, or consumables, from inventory. By adding one or more inventory items to a chest, you can then place the chest and the items it contains on your island, and access the contents later.

Chest and Ammo Gallery

This device provides items to aid players in combat gameplay. You can duplicate the chests , but the contents change for each chest even when duplicated.


In Build mode, pressing the Tab key will open the CREATIVE inventory screen. You can select items from the WEAPONS and CONSUMABLES tabs, then add those items to the CHEST tab. When you go to the CHEST tab, you have the option of adding the selected items to either a Chest or a Llama. When you add a Chest or Llama to your island, you can access those items during play.

Chiller Trap

A trap device that freezes a player's feet in a block of ice and causes them to slide, making it difficult to control direction and stopping.


Class refers to any set of attributes or inventories (weapons, consumables , and so on) that can be assigned to a player or group of players by a game's creator. Examples of attributes include a limit on how many respawns a player has, or which items a player is granted on respawn. Classes can be defined in the Class Designer Device, and applied to various scenarios in the Class Selector Device.

Class Designer

A device you can use to define a custom class with unique attributes and inventory loadouts . Each device is used for a single custom class, but you can place multiple Class Designer Devices if you need to design more than one custom class. You can assign attributes in the Customize Class Designer interface, and add inventory to the class by dropping items on the device to register them to the class. Class Designer is used with Class Selector .

Class Identifier

An option on the Class Designer Device setup, this is a number that identifies which class the player will switch to when a Class Selector trigger is activated.

Class Selector

This device creates a zone that, when triggered, will switch a player to a different class. Used with the Class Designer, the Class Selector is used for a single class. You can add multiple devices if you want to make zones for different classes. This device is activated when a player passes through the zone.

class-based gameplay

This refers to any game designed around a typical example, or paradigm, of class — fighter, healer, assassin, and so on.

clean collision

Some walls and other props have irregular shapes. A player walking past one of these can snag on the shape if they touch it. One way to compensate for this is to put an invisible barrier along such a shape that will help the player slide smoothly along the barrier surface, which gives the illusion they are sliding smoothly along the irregular surface. This is called a clean collision.


A client program, or client, is a software program on a desktop or other device that can access programs and information on a central server. When you download Fortnite, the software running on your computer or device is a client. The multiplayer game software runs on a central server, to which your computer or device is connected. Compare to server .

Code of Conduct menu option

An option on the Game menu that takes you to the page that explains the Epic Games Community rules. It is accessed from the Game menu in Creative.

Collectible Object

An object from the Collectibles Gallery that a player can grab. Grabbing one of these objects usually results in scoring points. Each object in this gallery is a device that can be customized for options like how much score is awarded, and who can see the object during gameplay.

Collectibles Gallery

A variety of objects that can be used for players to collect during the game. This gallery is available on the DEVICES tab rather than the GALLERIES tab because each item is a configurable device, not a prop .


If an object has collision enabled, this means it is solid to the player's character and the character cannot pass through it. For example, if you place a Barrier around the edge of an island, players are blocked and can't fall off the edge. You can also use collision settings for things you want a player or character to interact with. You can't attack something that doesn't have collision enabled, for example. You can't pick up something that doesn't have collision either — a character's hand just passes through it.

Color Changing Tile

A device you can use to place a tile that changes color when triggered. To trigger it, a player can step or drive on the tile, and it will change to the team color for that player.

Common weapon

Weapons are ranked by rarity . The more rare a weapon is, the more Damage it can cause. Common is the lowest rarity in a weapon. It is represented by one star . You can view weapons by rarity by checking the category you want to see on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory .


Creative islands are community-made, meaning that they are created by players like you.

Conditional Button

A button device that can only be activated when a player is carrying specific items, or when some other creator-defined condition is met.


To change settings on something so it works the way you want it to. For example, many devices in Creative can be configured to do different things in different situations.


1. A console sits next to every portal . If you're using a keyboard, pressing the E key when you're close to a console opens a screen where you can change the destination for that portal. If you're at your personal portal, you can select from any island you've created, or create a new island. If you're at another portal, you can select from recently visited islands or a list of your favorites, or you can enter an island code provided by a creator. 2. A console is a type of device you can play games on. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo are consoles. Also see platform .

consumable trap

A consumable trap is a trap that a player can interact with and use within a game. Consumable traps can be added directly to an island, or to a chest for access during gameplay. These are found under the CONSUMABLES tab in Creative inventory .


Consumables are items that are either used or consumed by the player, other devices, or weapons. There are several ways consumables are used, and in some cases, the consumable functions differently based on its use. Some consumables can be equipped directly or added to a Chest , while other consumables can be added to the Equipment bar and placed from there.

Consumables categories

In CREATIVE inventory, consumables can be viewed by all categories, or by one or more categories at a time. Many consumables will cross into more than one category.


In Build mode , pressing the i key or Tab key will open the CREATIVE inventory screen. Consumable items can then be viewed and selected from this tab.


Controls vary based on the device you're using, but the controls can all be customized in-game . See mapping controls .


How long a player has to wait after using a boost or temporary ability before they can use it again.

Cost of Item

Several devices in Creative can have a cost associated with an item a player removes from the device. Examples include the Item Spawner or the Vending Machine . You can establish the cost — usually in wood, stone, metal, or gold — when configuring the device.

Cosy Campfire

A healing device that heals nearby players when active.


In FN Creative, crafting is the action of exchanging a crafting consumable for another consumable or weapon you can directly use.

crafting consumable

A consumable that the player cannot use directly but can exchange for a different item that they can use.

Crash Pad

1. A device that can bounce players and save them from fall damage. This device can be customized. 2. A consumable item that you can deploy during a game to save you from fall damage. This consumable item cannot be customized.


See Fortnite Creative .

Creative Hub

See HUB .

CREATIVE inventory

This is the screen in Creative where you can find and place inventory items. These items are grouped under tabs: Prefabs , Galleries , Devices , Weapons, Consumables , and Chests .

Click image to expand.

CREATIVE inventory is only available where you can build .

Creative Lobby

See lobby .

Creative weapons

Weapons that are available only in Fortnite Creative.


Someone who uses Fortnite Creative to create customized content. When you start to create your own islands, you have earned the title of creator. A creator is someone who combines a passion for games with a powerful collection of tools to build exciting new game experiences that they can share with friends and followers. As a creator, your only limits are how well you know your tools — and your imagination!


A creature is a non-player character (NPC) that is usually, but not always, an antagonist.

Creature Manager

A device you can use to customize one creature type at a time. You can use this device to set values like the damage a creature can do, and the score awarded when a creature is eliminated.

Creature Placer

A device that you can use to specify where, when, and what kind of creature will spawn , and control its individual activation range. You would use this when you want consistent creature spawning and behavior.

Creature Spawner

In Creative, this device spawns configurable enemies that can attack players.

Credits menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this shows the many people who contributed to creating Fortnite. If you have 15 or 20 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire list, alphabetically by first name. There are a lot of names. This option only shows when you first enter Creative.

Creepin' Cardboard

Creepin' Cardboard is a concealment device, a box a player can hide under. The player can move around, and aim and shoot, all without leaving the box. It is useful for sneaking past an enemy without engaging. The rarity for this item is Uncommon. Compare to Sneaky Snowman .


Short for Capture the Flag. A game type where two or more individuals or teams compete to capture a flag or other objective.


Cupid's Crossbow can hold up to five arrows at a time.


Currency is anything you can use as a medium of exchange . Typical currencies used in Creative are resources such as wood, stone and metal, and gold coins.

customize options

When you're in Build mode , you can add props and devices to your island. Props cannot be customized, but most devices can. Once you place a device on your island, if it can be customized, press E to open the Customize panel and view the options that can be changed.

Customize panel

For any device that can be customized, pressing E after you place a device will open up a Customization panel where you can see the options that can be customized.


A cutscene, also called a cinematic, is a sequence in a video game that plays without your interaction. Cutscenes usually move a storyline forward. For example, at the beginning of every season in Battle Royale, a cutscene plays that will update you on the background of what the season is about.



While DPS shows how much damage a weapon can make per second, the Damage description in Weapon details shows how much overall damage a weapon can cause. The potential damage for any weapon is based in part on its rarity .

Damage Amplifier Powerup

A device that gives a damage increase to the player who picks it up or triggers it.

Damage devices

These are devices that inflict damage. Examples include a Damage Rail that inflicts damage when touched, and an Explosive Device that can be detonated by players or triggers.

Damage Rail

A Damage Rail will cause a player to lose health if touched. There are two Damage Rails: a Half Damage Rail and a Full Damage Rail. The only difference between the two is that the Full Damage Rail takes up two grid spaces, while the Half Damage Rail only takes up one. Damage Rails cannot be customized.

Damage Trap

When activated by a player, this device will lower the player's health.

Damage Volume

A device that creates a customizable volume (area) that deals damage to players who enter the volume .

Dance Mannequin

The Dance Mannequin is a device that projects a hologram image of a character performing various dance emotes . You can make unique mannequins by combining different character skins, emotes, and device colors.


See Down But Not Out .

deal damage

When you deal damage, you initiate an attack and cause damage to what you're attacking.


Also called a Skillrun, this is a type of game in Creative designed to eliminate players as they run through the game. The map (island) is set up with hazards and traps, and the first player to make it to the end of the route without being eliminated is the winner.


The starting value of any setting in a game.

Default Class Identifier

This is defined by the Class Designer , but other settings can override this.


To make more available to everyone. Gaming is becoming more and more democratized, and Fortnite Creative is a way of democratizing game customization. You don't have to be a game designer or programmer to create your own personal game experience for yourself and others.

Description tab

On the MY ISLAND menu , the Description tab is where you set your island name and provide a description that could also include short instructions on how to play the game you create.


The opposite of spawning , when something is despawned, it is destroyed or removed from the game.


A game developer is someone who makes games. In Creative, the developer is called a creator.


A device, like a prop, is something you can place on your island. But devices are different from props in that you use them to create player interactions. Different devices do different things, but they all do something. Most devices can be customized to do things the way you want them to, and this is one way you can control how your game is played.

Device Trap

This is a trap that is placed by the creator when developing an island's gameplay. These are found under the DEVICES tab in Creative inventory .

Devices categories

In CREATIVE inventory, when you're on the DEVICES tab, devices can be viewed by all categories, or by one or more selected categories. Lots of devices will be included in more than one category.


In Build mode , pressing the i key or Tab key will open the Creative inventory screen. Inventory options display across the top of the screen. From the DEVICES tab, you can select devices to add to your island.

Click image to expand.


An enabled device is activated or powered up. A disabled device is deactivated, or powered down. You can also enable specific features by clicking to check a box for that feature, or disable by clicking again to remove the check.


A way to find islands from other creators. You can explore featured islands, explore by categories, save your favorites, or enter island codes directly.


An option in Creative that gives you a way to find islands from other creators. You can search using different categories, including featured games, and different game types .


A shotgun that holds two shells.

Down But Not Out

A player who is down but not out has been brought to their knees, but has not yet been fully eliminated or despawned . The Down But Not Out (DNBO) device gives you the ability to customize the DBNO state in your games. With this device, you can change the way DBNO works in your game.

downed player

When a player has been knocked down, but not eliminated, they are a downed player. Compare to eliminated player .


Damage Per Second, or DPS, is a common and simple way to assess the effectiveness of a weapon or other device that inflicts damage. DPS is calculated by multiplying the Damage it causes times its Fire Rate . For example, a Makeshift Submachine Gun has Damage of 19.0 and a Fire Rate of 10.0. 19 x 10 = 190, so this weapon has a DPS of 190.0.

calculating a weapon's DPS


A shotgun that holds four shells.

Driftboard Spawner

A device that spawns a hoverboard that a player can use to ride in the air.

dynamic content

Content on a web page or other platform that is not static (unchanging). An example of dynamic content can be seen on the Fortnite news page .


Easter egg

An Easter egg can be a message, object, image, or other surprise that players can find as they play.


Economy is a careful management of whatever resources you have available. If you produce more than you use, you have a healthy economy — whether you're talking about a country, a family, or a player in a game. The original meaning referred to the management of a household.

economy driver

A medium of exchange that drives economic activities in a game. Also see economy game .

economy game

A game that forces a player to engage in some kind of production and exchange activity, and that uses some version of currency. This could be wood, stone, and metal, or gold and silver, or some other medium of exchange .

edit status

You can edit a built structure in Build mode or in-game by activating the Pickaxe, pointing at the structure, then pressing the G key. When a structure is in edit status, it will be highlighted in blue.

eliminated player

When a player is taken out of the game completely, they are eliminated. Compare to downed player .

Elimination Manager

The Elimination Manager gives you a way to track eliminations based on player or team. Use this device to set up elimination prerequisites, such as granting a different weapon after a specified number of eliminations. You can also set up item drops and triggers related to eliminations, and filters for how eliminated players are treated.

Elimination Score

This is the score awarded to players for eliminating another player.


A way of expressing yourself in-game, often as a victory dance.


An enabled device is activated or powered up. A disabled device is deactivated, or powered down. You can also enable specific features by clicking to check a box for that feature, or disable by clicking again to remove the check mark.

Enemy device

These devices range from a Creature Manager that lets you customize a single creature type to a Sentry that can be customized to attack players.

Environment device

Devices that can be placed in the environment for specific uses.

Epic ecosystem

An ecosystem is a complex system of interconnected parts. The Epic ecosystem is made up of game developers, game publishers, hardware developers, streaming services, creators, and players.

Epic Games

Epic Games, Inc. is an American video game and software development company based in Cary, North Carolina. Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment, 3D engine technology, and digital ecosystem company. One of its most well-known products is Fortnite, an online game released in 2017 and played around the world by people of all ages.

Epic Games account

Use your Epic account to verify your identity and connect with your friends through gaming-related third-party products or services, including websites, games, and apps. Go here to get an Epic account.

Epic Games Launcher

A downloadable app that supports purchasing, downloading and playing games developed with Unreal Engine, and is available across a wide range of platforms. In addition to Fortnite, the launcher also gives you access to free training videos and courses, and many other resources.

Epic weapon

Weapons are ranked by rarity . The more rare a weapon is, the more Damage it can cause. Epic is above average in rarity and has four stars . You can view weapons by rarity by checking the category you want to see on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory .


To provide items or objects needed for a specific use. You can equip your island with structures and devices, and you can equip players with weapons and consumables that they can use in the game.

Equipment bar

In the bottom-right corner of the Creative screen, you'll find three rows of items. The top row is the Resources bar . The second row is the Build menu . The bottom row is the Equipment bar. This is where a player can equip from weapons and consumables placed on the island.

The Equipment bar shows the equipment you have — weapons and consumables — on the island.


1. (n) A design or programming flaw in a game. It is considered poor sportsmanship to take advantage of an exploit to win a game. 2. (v) To take advantage of a design or programming flaw and use it to unfairly win.


Any of several configurable explosive devices that can be detonated manually or by triggers.

Explosive Barrel

A placeable barrel device that can be detonated by triggers, or through dealing damage. You can customize an Explosive Barrel so it damages a player or the environment, and control the size and amount of damage from the explosion.

explosive weapon

Any weapon that shoots exploding projectiles.

eye of the storm

Eye of the storm, or storm eye, is another name for storm circle .



Within the Fortnite Creative community, Epic Games routinely features Creative islands and makes them available to community members by sharing them on portals around the hub.

Fire Rate

How many rounds per second a weapon will fire.

Fishing Zone

A device that you can use to add various fishing elements to your games. You can drop items onto the device, similar to an Item Spawner or Item Granter , so players can catch things besides fish.


Although it inflicts no damage, the Flashlight is considered a ranged weapon.

float (n)

A number that contains a decimal point. For example, 0.5, or 1.0.

Fly mode

In Fly mode, you can move quickly through your island while in Build mode , with a view of the island below. You can also place props on the island while in Fly mode. Double-tap your jump key to start flying, and double-tap again to stop Fly mode. On a keyboard, your default jump key is the Space Bar. Also see Phase setting .


An acronym for Fortnite.


An online game played around the world by people of all ages. It is currently available in three game modes: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game where you can create and save a private island. On your island, you can add or make buildings, and use devices to communicate with other players and control or influence the player experience. As a creator, you can also invite other players to play on your island.

Fortnite Creator

Someone who modifies an environment and game experience in Fortnite Creative. This is done by building personal islands in Creative.

Full Damage Rail

See Damage Rail .


Galleries categories

In CREATIVE inventory , galleries can be viewed by categories. Many galleries will cross into more than one category.


In Build mode , pressing the i key or Tab key will open the Creative inventory screen. Inventory options are across the top of the screen. From the Galleries tab, you can view and select items to add to your island. There are hundreds of galleries available on the Galleries tab, and each contains one or more props that can be added to your island. You can search for a gallery by name, or sort by one or more categories listed in the panel on the left.

Click image to expand.


In Creative, a gallery is a collection of items. Each gallery has a theme, and each can contain one or dozens of items. Depending on the type of gallery, the items can be used to build other things: landscapes, structures, and so on. Other galleries contain furniture, or items that are similar to each other in some way. To see the contents of a gallery, highlight, then click OPEN.


1. Play that lasts until the win condition is met by a player or team for that game. A game can consist of one round or multiple rounds. 2. In the broadest sense, a game is a form of play with rules, interaction, and goals or objectives. A good game invites participation and provides challenge for the player.

Game Countdown

When a game starts, the players spawn and are locked in place for a countdown — usually three seconds. This is the Game Countdown phase.

Game End

After the last round has completed (or a game end has been triggered by other means) the Game End state begins. An overall winner is declared and players are shown the end screen.

game mechanics

What the player can do in a game (running, jumping, and flying, for instance), what a player needs to do to win (collect objects, solve a puzzle, or stay alive longest as examples), and any other basic rules that should be followed.

Game menu

The main menu in Creative. The menu is on the right side of the screen. Depending on where you are when you access the Game menu, the menu options will change. Menu options include Settings, Reporting/Feedback, Code of Conduct , Support, Legal, Respawn, Team Select, MY ISLAND, Back to Hub, Leave Creative, and Start Game. If you are on the hub, fewer options will be available.

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game mode

In Fortnite, a game mode is a specific type of game experience. For example, Creative mode is a way that you can customize your game environment and experience, then share those changes with friends online.

Game Mode screen

When you launch Fortnite, the first screen to open is the Game Mode screen. To access Creative, hover over the Creative tile, then click Play.

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game phase

A phase is a separate part of something. There are three distinct game phases: pre-game (players are loaded in but the match hasn't started), warm-up (the three-second countdown at the beginning of the match), and gameplay (when the game is running). Game phases are a subset of game states .

game states

A game state is the stage, or state, a game is in at any point. This would include Build mode , Play mode , Lobby (pre-game), Warm-Up, Game Start, In Progress, Round End, and Game End.

game theme

Each starter island in Creative has a visual theme. For example, Arctic Island is a snowy area with some mountains, while Wasteland Island is a flat, sandy desert. Props are designed to work with different game themes. When you start adding objects to your island, they should stay within a similar theme. For example, it would not feel right to put palm trees on an arctic island, or an arctic test lab on a desert island. Themes extend throughout all of the objects and items that you can place on the island.

game type

Game types (also called categories or genres) refers to specific kinds of games. Some examples would include combat games, where individuals or teams fight other individuals, teams, or NPC s; racing games, where players race to a finish line on foot or in vehicles; and puzzle games, where a player has to solve a series of puzzles to unlock a win. There are many other game types.


The way a game is played — the rules, objectives, and (where there is one) the storyline. Gameplay can also include strategies for winning. Game mechanics is a part of gameplay.

gameplay phase

The phase when a game is running. See game phase .


A consumable that can be used in-game as a currency or to fill other register requirements.

For more details, see Gold Consumables .

Golden Rift

The rift in the Fortnite Creative Hub that takes you to your own islands. Only one rift is a golden rift. This is the only rift that you can customize to create and access your personal islands. Most rifts have a white glow, but your personal rift has a golden glow. Also see personal rift .


To grant means to give or allow something. You can grant items into player inventories automatically during a game. You can also grant power-ups or boosts for increased attributes or increased damage.


A type of rifle that shoots grenades.

Grind Powerup

A device that makes the player who picks it up slip and slide as they run.


When a player focuses on [looting] only [item drops](#itemdrop], this is called grinding.


Half Damage Rail

See Damage Rail .


A handgun that holds 7 bullets.


Any device that can damage a player. This would include things like storms, enemy NPCs , and traps .

Healing device

A device that heals players. In Creative, Cosy Campfire is an example of a healing device.


A player's health is a measurable quantity. This quantity can be lowered by taking damage during a game. If the player's health drops low enough, the player will despawn or be eliminated. Health can be increased by interacting with some devices and consumables .

health bar

A bar in the HUD that shows a player's health.

health points

See HP .

Health Powerup

A device that regenerates a player's health, their shields, or both. Also see Powerup .

Heat Map

On XL islands , the Heat Map shows a color-coded representation of the cells on your island that indicates the memory used in each cell.


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory for weapons that use high-caliber bullets, these are typically used in sniper rifles. You can equip in quantities of 100. For weapons that use heavy bullets, such as the HUNTING RIFLE, an icon that looks like a single bullet displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

hunting rifle details panel

hit points

See HP .


An informational device that creates a holographic screen that can display text and images.

hot key

A key that you custom map to a specific function. See mapping controls .

Hover Platform

A device that you can use as a foundation for building something in the air.


Accessible from the Driftboard Spawner device, this is a device that a player can ride in air.


Short for Hit Points, this is how much attack a player or object can take before it is eliminated or destroyed. It is sometimes called Health Points.


When you first enter Creative, you're in a hub, which, like the name suggests, provides a central point for jumping off in different directions. The hub is a gateway to Fortnite Creative experiences — both the ones you create and those from other creators. The Creative Hub provides access to your own island, the islands of other friends who have joined on the server, or featured islands selected from the community.


The heads-up display, or HUD, is a status bar that shows the player information during a game, such as the character's health and possessions, ammunition indicator, and the score or game progression.

HUD Controller

A device that you can use to show or hide parts of a player's [HUD])(#hud), or to turn off the HUD completely.

HUD marker

A marker that appears above some devices, such as Objective devices. Information displayed in a marker is usually customizable.


HUD Message

A customized message that displays on the HUD at a specific point in the game.

HUD Message device

The device used to create and place a HUD message. The device uses timers and triggers to control when players see messages.



Refers to anything that happens while a game is in progress, or when the player is in Play mode.


A rifle that holds up to 10 bullets.


A melee weapon , the Infinity Blade has Mythic rarity (the most rare).

Informational Devices

Informational devices include a timer, a scoreboard, a customizable billboard, and several other devices that can be used to provide information to players.


An instigator is a signal on a channel that causes (instigates) some action to occur. An instigator can pass across more than one device if a chain of transmitters and receivers have been set up across multiple devices. An instigator is often triggered by a player's actions.

Intellectual Property

An idea, invention, or process that comes from the mind or intellect, and that can be protected through copyright. This could include characters, music, stories, and so on.

Invasion weapon

Any of several weapons with mysterious alien origins. These include the Kymera Ray Gun, the Pulse Rifle, the Rail Gun, and the Recon Scanner.


CREATIVE inventory is where you find structures, props, devices, weapons, and other things that you can place on your island to make it look great or to set up how your game will be played. Inventory is any object or item that you can add to your island. You can only get to inventory, though, when you're in in Build mode . To access CREATIVE inventory, press the i key or the Tab key. Inventory items are grouped under tabs that include prefabs, galleries, devices, weapons, and consumables.


To turn something upside down or in the opposite direction.


See Intellectual Property .


In Creative, a map is called an island. When you make an island in Creative, that island is your map, your gameplay area. You can add things to your island that make for interesting, fun, or even educational gameplay, but it all starts with an island. The term island is synonymous with map . Also see MY ISLAND .

island code

A code provided in Creative that you can share with other players who can, in turn, use this code to access your island. Codes are only provided for published islands. Also see CONSOLE .


An item is anything a player can collect and use to do things in the game. Devices, weapons, consumables are all items. Compare to object.

item drop

When a player is eliminated, any items the player is carrying — weapons or consumables — are dropped. In some cases, these items can be picked up by other players

Item Granter

A device that automatically places items into player inventories during a game.

Item Spawner

A device in Creative that, when placed, lets you register items on it by dropping them on the spawner, and assign a cost to each item. Also see Cost of Item .


To repeat a process over and over until you're satisfied with how something works. Iteration is a vital part of game development.



Just kidding. Not really. Kidding. Seriously, the J was feeling lonely and wanted a glossary entry.


Keep Player Built Structures Between Rounds

This setting gives the option of saving structures built by players across rounds (On), or destroys them at the end of each round (Off).

knock down

To inflict enough damage to an enemy player that the player is on their knees, but not yet dead. At this point, you can shake the player down for info on their squad-mate locations.


When a player is attacked or hit, knockback is the force the player is hit with, or how far backward the player is thrown.


Available in a range of rarities , this is an Invasion weapon with infinite ammo. Different rarities offer different DPS , but they all have a fire rate of 15.0 and a reload time of 2.5 seconds.


Last Standing Ends Game

This setting determines whether the game ends when only one player or team is left in the match. You can override this for certain rounds in Round Settings .

Launch Pad

A placeable device that launches a player into the air and deploys a glider to help the player stay in the air.


Where a player's game statistics are listed. Also see MATCH TYPE .

Leave Creative menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this option will take you out of Creative.

Legal menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, the Fortnite Legal Information page shows the End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Policy, Fan Content Policy, and Terms of Service (TOS).

Legendary weapon

Weapons are ranked by rarity . The more rare a weapon is, the more Damage it can cause. Legendary is at the top of the star rating in rarity and gets five stars. The only rating higher than Legendary is Mythic. You can view weapons by rarity by checking the category you want to see on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory .

level geometry

A reference to level geometry is a way of referring to terrain — land and water, plus grass, sky, and so on.

level up

To move to a higher level in a game by accumulating points.


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory for weapons that use low-caliber bullets, these are typically used in handguns or submachine guns. You can equip in quantities of 100. For weapons that use light bullets, such as the SUBMACHINE GUN, an icon that looks like a curved row of 5 bullets displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

submachine gun details

living room-safe

Content that contains no swearing, obscenity or heavy violence.


Also called a Supply Llama or Loot Llama, a Llama is similar to a Chest in that you can add objects to it for use in-game.


Any equipment carried by a player in-game.


On featured islands and LTMs , the lobby is where players wait for more players to join. This is also where you can group up and form a party with friends.

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A device that can be used to lock doors. When you attach a lock device to a wall section with a door, the door can be opened, closed, locked, or unlocked using receivers . Each action — unlocking, locking, opening and closing — uses a separate channel .


The Locker is the inventory space that stores player appearance and gameplay customizations such as pickaxe styles, outfits or skins , and weapon wraps.You can only access the Locker from the top menu bar of the Matchmaking Lobby screen, or in-game through a Changing Booth .


Logic is a set of principles that form a foundation for how things work in a software program. Every programming language has a logic, and understanding the underlying logic increases the programmer's ability to write good program code.


When a player collects items with the intent to sell, use, or craft .


Short for Limited Time Mode, meaning there is a time limit to how long the game lasts.


A ranged weapon, a lump of coal can be thrown at your opponents. It has a Damage of 20, and no DPS because it doesn't have a Fire Rate. It's rarity is common. It is also considered a consumable because once you throw it, it's gone.



In Creative, the magazine refers to the part of a weapon that holds ammunition, or rounds.

Magazine Size

How many rounds a magazine can hold. For example, an assault rifle has a magazine size of 30 rounds, while revolver magazine only holds 6 shots, or rounds.


In Creative, the map is your island. Also see minimap .

Map Indicator

A device you can use to place an icon on both your island (visible in overview) and the island minimap . The indicator is used to mark a specific location, such as an objective, or a rallying point.

mapping controls

Mapping is a way of assigning functions to different keys or buttons. Mapping will vary based on whether you're using a keyboard, mouse or controller. Some players like to customize their controls for navigation that suits their style of playing.


A match is a competition between two or more players or teams. A match is the entire game, and can contain multiple rounds. A round is usually a timed event.

match type

This option displays your game statistics on the Leaderboard for the type selected: Solo, Duo, Squad, or LTM .


In multiplayer video games, a way to connect players in an online play session.

Matchmaking Portal

A device that can warp a player from one island to another.

Matchmaking Region

On the Creative Game menu, go to the Settings tab, then select Matchmaking Region. This lets you select the region where you connect. The closer you are to your selected region, the better your response time will be. Selecting Auto lets Creative do the thinking for you.

material property

Material refers to the appearance of an object in Creative. When you change an object's material property, you change its color or texture, or some other aspect of the way it looks.


Certain basic materials are found throughout the world. There are three basic materials, each with different values. Wood is the least valuable, stone is more valuable than wood, and metal is more valuable than stone. These materials have many uses, one of which is to pay for items in a vending machine , and another of which is to build things in-game.


A bow that shoots explosive arrows.


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory for weapons that use mid-range-caliber bullets, these are typically used in assault rifles.You can equip in quantities of 100. For weapons that use medium bullets, such as the ASSAULT RIFLE, an icon that looks like a row of three bullets displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

assault rifle details panel

medium of exchange

Anything that is used to make it easier to sell, purchase, or trade items between two or more people. This is usually some form of money or other standard of value that people agree to use.


A fight in confused or tight quarters is a melee. It comes from a French word mesler, meaning to mix or mingle, and came into use in English in the mid-1600s.

Melee weapon

A melee weapon is a weapon that can be used in close combat, such as a knife or sword. Your pickaxe is also a melee weapon.

Memory Used bar

At the top of the screen is the MEMORY USED bar. It displays the amount of memory used compared to memory available. As you add objects to your island, you'll see the amount of memory used increase, and the amount of available memory go down. This becomes important if you start running low on memory, and can happen if you add too many objects to your island. Also see Cell Memory Used bar.


A minigame is a short game within a larger game. A minigame might show up in a lobby where players are waiting to get into the main game and can play the minigame while waiting, or it might be a puzzle the player must solve to accomplish some other goal or complete a task.


A small map in the corner of the screen that shows where you are in relation to the overall map. The pointer position changes on the minimap as you move through the island. To enable the minimap, press Esc, select MY ISLAND, then SETTINGS, then click the HUD OPTIONS tab. Set MINIMAP to ON, then click APPLY.


Short for modification, this is an alteration of a game's environment or behavior.


Someone who makes modifications (changes or tweaks) to a video game. If these modifications are in Creative, the person making the mods is called a creator .


The way in which something is seen or experienced. The word mode can refer to different things in Fortnite. You have different game modes , of which Creative is one. Within Creative, you also have a Build mode and a Play mode . Fly mode is also a way of moving around the island when you're in Build mode.


A creature that attacks players.

Movement Modulator

A trap -like device that can be placed will create a pad that increases or decreases the speed of players who run over the device. Speedup is indicated through a green forward arrow, while slowdown is indicated through an orange backward-facing arrow.

mutator device

Any device that can change normal game rules or player abilities.

Mutator Zone

This is a device you can use to create a zone that triggers when players enter or leave the area, and affects all players and creatures who enter the zone.The Mutator Zone can be set to prevent weapon fire from entering the zone. By default, the zone is the size of a single grid cell, but the size can be customized.


In Fortnite Creative, this is where creators can develop their own custom game experiences. The island is a creator's level, or map, where they can set up games that follow their own design and rules, then share with other players.


To access the MY ISLAND menu while in Build mode on your island, press the Tab key then select MY ISLAND at the top of the screen. You can also access these settings from the Creative Game menu . Use the MY ISLAND menu to customize your island. See MY ISLAND menu options for more info.

MY ISLAND menu options

Accessed from the Game menu , this option takes you to a series of tabs you can use to customize your island experience. Tabs include Game, Settings, UI, Tools, Description and Permissions. These settings can only be accessed when you're on your island.

Mythic weapon

A Mythic weapon is the most rare and damaging weapon. Mythic weapons have six stars .


non-player character

See NPC .


Short for non-player character, this is any character in a game that is not controlled by the player.

Number of Lives

The number of times a player can respawn into a game. This number also includes the initial player spawn at game start.



In Creative, an object is anything that you can place , move, or delete. Trees, rocks, buildings, explosive devices — these are all objects. Props and devices are types of objects. Compare to item .


What the player has to accomplish to meet the win condition . Depending on the game type, the objective could be anything from accumulating a specific item or the most items, to finishing a task in the least time.

Objective Device Gallery

A selection of destructible items that you can use as game objectives. This gallery is found under the DEVICES tab in CREATIVE inventory.

Objectives to End

A device setting that you can use to end a round when a certain number of objectives have been completed by a player or team.


To onboard a new player means to make them familiar with how the game works, and the basic rules of the game.


1. In Creative, most devices have options that can be customized to set rules for your island game. When you have placed a device on your island during Build mode , you can change these options by opening the Customize panel. 2. Option can also refer to something you select from a menu.


Imagine a plane moving through the sky. Now imagine the plane is turning right, then left. That motion of turning left or right is called yaw. Next, imagine the nose of the plane pointing up toward the sky or down toward the ground. This is called pitch. Finally, have you ever seen a stunt plane that looks like it's flying sideways, with one wing pointing up and the other down? Or even flying completely upside down? This is called roll. These three values control three-dimensional orientation. Compare to axis , which controls location in three dimensions.


A character's skin , or overall appearance is called an outfit in Creative. You can change outfits by accessing your Locker while in the lobby , or in-game if you have access to a Changing Booth .


Parental Controls menu option

Accessed from the main menu in Creative, this option provides access for setting up parental controls. This option is only available when you first enter Creative.

particle effect

A visual effect that can look like things like smoke, fire, glowing lights.

Perception Trigger

A trigger device that watches for players. If a player enters a zone watched by a Perception Trigger, it will send a signal on a selected channel to another device. The intruder can then receive an effect such as some sort of character attribute manipulation, or being teleported away.


See Memory Used bar .


You can set permission levels that determine whether visitors to your island can edit or build on the island while visiting.

Permissions tab

On the MY ISLAND menu , the Permissions tab is where you set whether or not other players can edit and copy items on your island.

persistence device

Any device that can save player data and restore it in a subsequent session.

Personal Identifiable Information

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is information that can be used to identify an individual direct or indirect means.

personal rift

The rift in the Fortnite Creative Hub that takes you to your own islands. This is the only rift that you can customize for accessing your personal islands. While most rifts have a white glow, your personal rift will have a golden glow. Also see Golden Rift .

Phase setting

A Creative setting found in the Options menu that allows you to fly through solid objects. This is useful when you're building maps that have both interior and exterior elements.


In Creative, a phone is a unique tool that your character can use in Build mode to select an object, then move, copy or delete, or manipulate in other ways, such as rotating and resizing the object. The phone is only available in Build mode. It can be used to interact with Prefabs Gallery items , Weapons , Chests , and Llamas . It cannot be used to move consumables .

pick up

To pick something up.


The most common tool in Fortnite. It can be used in melees , or to break up materials and gather resources.


A pickup is the result of picking something up, or you could have a pickup location.


See Personal Identifiable Information .

Pinball Bumper

A device you can use to place a pinball bumper that quickly launches objects and players in the opposite direction when they collide with the bumper. Depending on how it's set up, it can also damage and give points to a player.

Pinball Flipper

A device you can use to place a pinball flipper. This device will launch players and objects that collide with it in a direction relative to the rotation and placement of the flipper.


Pistols are a category of weapon under the WEAPONS tab on the CREATIVE inventory that includes revolvers, hand cannons, and other pistols.

Pistol weapons

A pistol is a handheld gun, smaller than a rifle or shotgun.


See orientation .


In Creative, when you put a device or object in your island, you are placing it.


A platform is a computer operating system. Fortnite Creative can be used on different platforms. These platforms fall into one of three categories: desktop (Microsoft Windows or macOS), mobile (such as a phone or tablet), or console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo).

PLAY inventory

This screen shows inventory available to a player. Inventory items are laid out in rows.

The CURRENCIES bar is not currently in use in Creative, but since we're adding new stuff all the time, this could change!

The RESOURCES bars display equipped items in three rows:

  • Ingredient bar holds items like animal bones and mechanical parts that can be used to craft upgraded weapons.

  • Resource bar holds items that can be used to build — wood, stone, or other world resources .

  • Ammo bar shows any ammo that has been equipped.

The LOADOUT bar shows weapons and consumables.

Play mode

In Creative, Play mode is the mode when the game is in play. Play mode includes the lobby, game countdown, the game itself, and post-game. You could also say that Play mode is anything that is not Build mode . One difference between Build mode and Play mode is that in Play mode, you are only accessing a temporary copy of the island, and any objects that you add or destroy will not be saved when you exit the game.

player main rift

See personal rift .

Player Reference

The Player Reference device can relay player statistics to other devices and other players. Statistics such as eliminations, deaths, or scores can be transmitted by the device when certain conditions are met. The Player Reference can also project a hologram of the player and display text.

Player Spawn device

Any device in Creative that will spawn a player into the game.

Player Spawn Pad

A pad that you can place anywhere on your island that will determine where a player spawns when first entering the island. Select the location by placing the spawn pad where you want to spawn. It is a much faster entry than falling from the sky.

Player Spawn Plate

When enabled, this plate is where you will start when you first enter, or spawn, into the island. It is a much faster entry than falling from the sky. A spawn plate must be placed on a floor or on the ground.


Anything that's built while in Play mode is player-built, and will go away when a game is finished.


Focused on the player's experience.


To test how the island you've built plays before inviting others to join you there.


From the hub, you enter an island through a portal. The portal to your own island will have a different appearance from other portals. At your personal portal, you can also add or delete islands from the console to the right of your portal. Portals are also called rifts .

Post-Game Spawn Location

Where players will respawn to when the game ends. Options are Island Start and Pre-Game Location.


1. (adj) This describes something that can be affected by a Powerup Device. For example: The power-up effect will be applied to the selected player. 2. (n) Something that provides temporary increased abilities. For example: Set the amount of time after pickup for the power-up to respawn. Compare to Powerup .


A Creative device that gives players temporary special abilities. There are multiple Powerup devices.

pre-game phase

Players have joined the game, but the match has not yet started. Also see game phase .


A prefab is a prefabricated structure that can be placed on your island. Compare to gallery .

Prefabs categories

In CREATIVE inventory, prefabs are grouped and can be viewed by category. Many prefabs will cross into more than one category.


When you're in Build mode, pressing the i key or the Tab key will open the CREATIVE inventory screen. Under PREFABS, there are hundreds of prefabricated structures that can be added to your island. You can search for a prefab by name, or sort by one or more categories.


A prop is something that you can place on your island and that players can interact with. Where it differs from a device is that you cannot change its behavior. Props make your island more interesting visually. A prop can be furniture, walls for constructing buildings, plants, vehicles, or any of hundreds of other things. You can also use props in treasure hunts, or harvest some props as resources. You can use your phone tool to position and copy props. Props cannot be attached to prefab buildings. You will find available props in Creative inventory under the Prefabs tab and Galleries tab .


A Rare weapon that can only be obtained from the Creative inventory. When you shoot something with the Prop-O-Matic, the weapon transforms you into the thing you shot. You can use this to hide from pursuers. Strictly for defense, it has a DPS of 0.0.

Prop-O-Matic Manager

A device that you can use to customize Prop-O-Matic game rules and HUD elements.


Publishing your Creative Island makes it possible for you to share your island with other players. To publish, you first have to get permission from Epic Games.


A weapon that shoots exploding pumpkins. It holds 1 rocket, and and takes 2.5 seconds to reload. It comes in a range of rarieties .


Player vs. Environment, or PvE, is any game where players compete against AI -controlled opponents. Compare to PvP .


Player vs. Player, or PvP, describes any gaming scenario where players compete against each other. It differs from games where players compete against computer-controlled opponents. Compare to PvE .


Quick Bar

When you're in Build mode , you'll see a series of numbered slots on the bottom left of the screen. This is called the Quick Bar, because you can place objects into the slots, then quickly add them to your island. The Quick Bar appears in both the CREATIVE inventory screen and on your island when you're in Build mode. You can use the Quick Bar to collect objects from Prefabs , Galleries and Devices .


Race Checkpoint

Use this device to place a series of checkpoints on a map for ground, air, and even foot-race games.

Race Manager

When used with the Race Checkpoint device, Race Manager provides a way to track and display the number of completed laps for each player, the race time, and other race-related information.


A device you can use to play your favorite Fortnite music. Compare to Speaker .


A type of sniper rifle, the Rail Gun comes in different rarieties and uses heavy bullets.

Random Number Generator

A device that generates a configurable random number that can be sent through trigger channels or used to activate devices in a volume.

ranged weapon

Any weapon that is useful over long distances. This would include weapons like sniper rifles, bows, and ray guns. Compare to Melee Weapon .

Rare weapon

Weapons are ranked by rarity. The more rare a weapon is, the more Damage it can cause. Rare is in the middle in rarity, and represented by three stars. You can view weapons by rarity by checking the category you want to see on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory.


Rarity qualifies the strength or power of an item. Rarities run on a relative scale, from Common (the most basic and weakest, but easy to get), through Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic (the most powerful but hardest to obtain). There are other rarities that are tied in to specific games or circumstances, but that don't apply to Fortnite Creative. Also see star rating .

real-time technology

Technology that permits a player to move smoothly through a virtual environment (2D or 3D) in any direction.


Receivers receive inputs into a device. When a signal is transmitted (sent), any receivers listening on the channel that it was sent on will activate, performing an action specific to that receiver. Channels are how a receiver recognizes that a signal has been transmitted.


Reddit is a social platform that networks people with common interests. Users submit posts that other users can upvote or downvote. If a post gets lots of upvotes, it will move up the Reddit rankings, and more people can see it. There are lots of Fortnite Creative subreddits on Reddit.


When you register an item, you associate it with the device you're registering it to. This is usually done by dropping the item on the device.

Reload Time

How long it takes for a weapon 's ammo to replenish. This usually refers to the time needed to replace the magazine. For instance, a Six Shooter has a magazine size of 6 bullets, with a reload time of 2.2 seconds. This means that when all six bullets are spent, if you have a fresh magazine, there will still be a 2.2-second delay before it loads.

six shooter details panel


1. (replay) In Creative, rendering is the process of creating a recording of a game. Also see replay . 2. (video graphics) Rendering is the process of using a computer program to make a 2D or 3D image. The result of rendering is called a render. A rendered image contains a number of different elements, including texture, lighting, shading, and one or more points from which it can be viewed. The complexity of the render determines how much of your computer's resources will be used.


A replay is a recording of a game that you can play back to study the game or a player's technique. It is more than just a video recording of the game, because you can move through the replay in three dimensions. RECORD REPLAYS is set to OFF by default. To enable this feature, go to the Creative MENU, click SETTINGS, then click the Settings tab and scroll down to REPLAYS. When enabled, this feature can record an entire four-hour play session, but the recordings are saved in individual 30-minute files.


Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this option is a way to report things you run into that you think Epic should know about (such as software bugs), or that violate Epic's Code of Conduct.


In Creative, a resource is something you can use to build or barter. For instance, items available in the Vending Machine device are paid for with wood, stone, or metal. These are the most common resources. They are consumables , which means they can be used up and replaced. Also see World Resources .

Resources bar

In the bottom-right corner of the Creative screen, you'll find three rows of items. The top row is the Resources bar. Resources include wood, stone and metal. It shows what resources you have available. These are added from the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory, or during in-game play. The second row is the Build menu and the bottom row is the Equipment bar .

The Resources bar shows the resources—wood, stone, metal—you have available.


To spawn again after elimination.

RESPAWN menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this option provides a way to respawn at any point during a game if your game is set up to allow this and you haven't used up all your lives.


A type of pistol that shoots one round at a time. A revolver magazine holds six shots. Revolvers are a type of pistol. There are several six-shooters for each rarity, and Damage and Fire Rate vary. They all use medium bullets.


In Creative, a rift is a portal that teleports a player to a specific destination on an island. The Hub contains rifts, which are portals you can use to teleport to different islands. Only one rift, though, is a golden rift. The golden rift is your own personal portal to your own personal islands. When you get close to a rift, it displays a description of where it can take you. Also see personal rift .


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory for weapons that use explosives, these are typically used in rocket launchers. You can equip rockets one at a time. For weapons that use rockets, such as the GRENADE LAUNCHER, an icon that looks like a rocket displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

grenade launcher details panel


See orientation .


To turn an object on any axis .

round (game)

1. (game) A single play of a game to a specific end result. A round can be based on a time limit, an accumulation of points, or the accomplishment of some other goal. 2. (weapon) A single bullet, shell, or missle.

Round Settings

A device you can use to set up rules for round -based game play, including options like number of rounds, whether a team automatically wins after winning the majority of rounds, and round length.



See Support-a-Creator .

sandbox game

A sandbox game is one that is isolated from a larger game to let users modify or experiment with aspects of the game. Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game, which is why you can make changes, save them, and share with other players. These sandbox areas are called islands.


A military engineer who builds, digs and fortifies things.

Save Point

A device that can save data for players and load for other sessions so the data persists across multiple sessions.

Save the World

A PvE game mode in Fortnite where you and your friends work in a cooperative campaign to defend against monster hordes and save the world. It includes features like building in-game , crafting weapons, finding loot and leveling up.


The size of something compared to something else. For example, if you have a box that is one foot in every direction, if you scale it up to twice the size, it will be two feet in every direction.

Score Manager

When activated, this device keeps track of individual player or team scores for things like win conditions or gameplay prerequisites.

scripted tutorial

A tutorial that is planned out in a way that will guide a new player through how a game is played is called a scripted tutorial. The tutorial steps are usually placed in the game with a combination of informational devices and triggers that will open information when a player reaches a specific step or location.

Search and Destroy Game Type

Search and Destroy is a round -based game type in which a team of attackers pairs off against a team of defenders, swapping sides at the halfway point.


A device that places a spawn pad that spawns an AI-driven NPC that shoots at enemies. This NPC can be outfitted with various weapon loadouts.


A device that creates a physical representation of what is essentially a metronome. Based on the beats per minute (BPM) you set, the Sequencer travels down a physical line, and triggers devices within its path.


A central computer and its associated programs where game and player information is stored is called a server. The first time you log into Creative, you will be prompted to select a server. This is where your island will be saved. This server is what makes it possible for you to share your island with other players, and there is no charge for this. In Creative, you can keep your server active for up to 4 hours at a time. Lots of servers are used for Fortnite and its different game modes . Compare to client .

Settings menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this option provides access to a number of tabs that control different aspects of the game. The selections made from the available tabs will influence all of your actions in Creative. Tabs are Video, Game, Game UI, Mouse and Keyboard, Controller Options, Audio, Keyboard Controls, Wireless Controller, and Account and Privacy.

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Settings tab

On the MY ISLAND screen, the Settings tab is where you can set values that range from time of day to maximum health to how to display resources.

shake down

When you knock down another player in-game, you can find out where the player's squad mates are by walking up to them and pressing E. After you do this, the enemy team's position will be pinged on your map.


An ammo type available on the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory for weapons that use shells, these are typically used in shotguns.You can equip in quantities of 20. For weapons that use shells, such as the PUMP SHOTGUN, an icon that looks like a row of 2 shells displays in the Details panel for that weapon.

pump shotgun details panel

Shooting Range Gallery

A collection of configurable shooting range targets, these devices interact when shot successfully by falling down, then popping back up after a specified time. A collection of configurable shooting range targets, these devices interact when shot successfully by falling down, then popping back up after a specified time. Because they are interactive, this gallery will be found on the DEVICES tab in CREATIVE inventory instead of the Galleries tab.


A type of rifle that uses shells . A number of different shotguns are available in CREATIVE inventory on the WEAPONS tab . Each is available in a range of rarieties .

Shotgun weapons

A shotgun is any weapon that shoots shells that scatter over an area. Shotguns require less accuracy to do damage, particularly in closer range.

Shotgun weapons

A shotgun is any weapon that shoots shells that scatter over an area. Shotguns require less accuracy to do damage, particularly in closer range.


A signal is sent on a channel from a transmitter and received by a receiver . These signals let devices know they need to do something.

single phase storm

Each time a storm changes size, this a phase for that storm. A single-phase storm does not change size. Also see [storm phase]#stormphase).


A type of revolver that holds six bullets.


A type of game in Creative designed to eliminate players as they run through the game. The map (island) is set up with hazards and traps, and the first player to make it to the end of the route without being eliminated is the winner.


A character's overall appearance. You can change skins by accessing your Locker while in the lobby , or in-game if you have access to a Changing Booth . You can also apply different skins to a mannequin using the Dance Mannequin device. Skins are sometimes called outfits .


The Skydome device controls how the sky looks with options for changing the sun, clouds, stars or other objects in the sky above your island. You can also change the color of your lightsource, and blend different colors for your island's sky to create the perfect atmosphere for your game.


Short for submachine gun.

SMG Weapons

Submachine gun weapons. SMGs fire more rapidly than rifles, and have larger magazines, meaning they hold more rounds (bullets).

Sneaky Snowman

You can use this concealment device to hide yourself as a snowman. Sneaky Snowman is considered Rare . It automatically recharges 5 times.

Sniper weapons

All sniper weapons are rifles. They are ranged weapons, meaning useful for shooting over long distances. There are various types of sniper rifles, and most of them come in more than one rarity . You will find sniper rifles under the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory .

spawn camping

The action of camping or guarding a point where the enemy players will respawn and eliminating them as soon as they spawn. It's considered bad sportsmanship. Also see cheese strategy .

Spawn Limit

A setting that controls the number of times a play can respawn after being killed, or number of lives a player has. Set a number value from 1 to 10. Note that this number includes the initial spawn, so if you set it to 1, the player won't respawn after first death.

spawn pad

A device that places an item, object, or player at a specific location on the island.


Spawning is the instant creation or addition of a character, item, or NPC (entity) to your island. When you first start Creative, you will spawn into the Creative Hub. You can also spawn objects. Any time you cause something to appear on the island, you're spawning that object or character. Respawning is the recreation of a character after its death or destruction, or after losing one of its lives. Despawning is the deletion of an entity from the game world.


A device that you can use to add both music and sound effects to your game. Compare to Radio .

squad member

A player on a specific squad or team. A squad is usually four or more players on the same team.

star rating

In CREATIVE inventory, the rarity of a weapon or a consumable is indicated by the number of stars in the description. One star indicates that it is Common, two stars is Uncommon, three stars is Rare, four stars is Epic, five stars is Legendary, and six stars is Mythic.

stars indicate a weapon's rarity

START GAME menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this option will take you into your current game. If you are already in-game, this option will display as END GAME.


When creating a new island in Creative, you have two possible starting points: starter islands and template islands. A starter island has a predefined landscape and a theme . While some elements — trees, structures, boulders — can be removed, the overall terrain cannot be modified. Also see TEMPLATE ISLANDS .

Starting Devices

A category of basic devices that are useful when you're first getting started creating your own islands. Starting devices include things like spawn pads , triggers , and the HUD Message device.

status effect

An effect on a player, usually but not always negative, that wears off quickly. In some cases, it also leaves lingering damage.

storm circle

The area that a storm can influence is the area outside of the storm circle, and players outside of the circle can be affected by the storm. Inside of the circle, players are safe from the storm (but not from other things!). The size of the storm circle can be changed by adjusting the radius for a storm device. In-game , this circle is indicated by a purple border.

Storm device

Any of several devices that you can use to create a storm or control the way it behaves.

storm phase

In Creative, a storm is created by a storm device to do damage. A storm starts at a certain size, and changes size based on the options you set, either decreasing or increasing the area of play. Each time the storm changes size, this is a storm phase. For example, if you set the storm controller to change size five times, you will have a five-phase storm.


Any of a number of rapid-fire guns with large magazines.


A group for a specific topic on Reddit.

supply drop

A loot crate that's randomly dropped during a game. It usually contains an assortment of weapons. You'll find supply drops in Battle Royale.

SUPPORT menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this takes you to the Fortnite help page.


Support-a-Creator (SAC) is a program that gives players a way to contribute to creators whose islands they like.


Someone who contributes to or supports a UGCC .


TEAM SELECT menu option

Accessed from the Game menu in Creative, this setting lets you set the maximum number of teams you allow for your game. This option can only be accessed when you're on your island, and is not available from the hub.

Team Settings & Inventory

An important device for most team-based games, this gives you additional team- and inventory-related configurations beyond what the MY ISLAND settings can provide. You can also use this to customize individual devices to create variations in team setup.

team size

Team size can be set in several ways. A dynamic split spreads players evenly between teams, or you can set a specific number from 1 to 4 for each team.


You can control how many teams can play in your game, and how they interact. Creative supports up to 16 teams. If you want to use team-related features for devices, you must have at least 2 teams enabled.


A placeable rift that teleports (instantly moves) a player from one location to another. You can customize this device to set where a player is teleported from (origin point) and to (destination point).


When creating a new island in Creative, you have two starting points: Starter islands and Template islands. A Template island is a tutorial, a showcase, or a test environment. Template islands are useful for seeing how different features on an island can be constructed. Also see STARTER ISLANDS .


The limit when a player is in Down But Not Out (DBNO) state that the player can be revived. Tenacity is a resource possessed by a downed player, and it decreases over time. The default loss of Tenacity is 2 per second in the DBNO device, but this can be customized.


See game theme .

thermal vision effect

Thermal vision is an effect that makes it easier to see things by applying a contrasting highlight to the player or object so they stand out against the background.


1. A section of a grid on a surface such as a floor or wall. 2. A way of organizing menu options visually. The image below shows three tiles.

Tiles are visual menu options.

Time Limit

For a timed game, this setting determines how long a game will play. None indicates no time limit. Otherwise set between 5 and 120 minutes.

Timed Objective

A timed objective that can be started and stopped by opposing teams. Use this device to create a buffer using time. The timed device can be activated through interaction or through a trigger , and once the defined time is up, it will transmit on the user-selected channel to indicate that the set time is up. This device also contains logic for audio cues, allowing creators to create a sense of urgency through more hectic ticking at player-selected intervals.


A device in Creative that provides a way for players to keep track of elapsed time, either for scoring purposes or for triggering actions. A timer can be used to count down to a triggered event, or as a stopwatch.


To turn something on or off. A toggle has only two possible settings: ON and OFF.


On the MY ISLAND menu , the Tools tab provides a way to reset your island back to its original state. It also lets you back up your island and restore the backup.

top navigation bar

In Fortnite Creative, when you press the Tab key while on an island you own, it opens the CREATIVE inventory screen. On this screen, you can also access two other tabs from the top navigation bar: MY ISLAND Settings , and Play inventory . top navigation bar

Total Rounds

An option for setting the number of rounds before the game is over.


A device that you can use to create and track custom objectives for your players.


A transmitter outputs (transmits) a signal from a device. When a device finishes a specific action, it can trigger (activate) an attached transmitter to send a signal on a predefined channel . The signal is transmitted on a specific channel that is, by default, labeled numerically. A receiver must also be set to listen for the signal on the same channel. Compare to receive .


A trap is a tile device that, when placed on a surface, can have an unexpected (often negative) effect on a player's attributes, movements, or health. There are different kinds of traps. For example, a Damage trap will cause some kind of damage when a player or NPC steps on or drives over it, while a Chiller trap will slow the player's movement. A trap usually has to be placed on a surface (such as a floor or wall) before it can be customized. There are two basic types of traps: Device Traps , and Consumable Traps .

trap icon

See beartrap icon .

Trick Tile

A Trick Tile is a device that can be attached to a floor, wall, or other surface, such as stairs. When activated (by stepping on it or through a triggered channel), it destroys or removes the surface that it's attached to.


1. (n) A Trigger device is a specific, highly configurable device that can be used to relay signals to other devices. 2. (v) To trigger a device is to activate it either through direct interaction, or by use of channels . Any device that has channel support can trigger another device. Also see transmit and receive .


A short course or brief instruction designed to teach you how to do something specific.



User-generated content in Fortnite Creative. This would include any environments or game play created on an island.


A user-generated-content creator — someone who creates content in Fortnite Creative.


User interface — the way in which a player (user) interacts with the game.

Uncommon weapon

Weapons are ranked by rarity . The more rare a weapon is, the more Damage it can cause. Uncommon is the just above Common in rarity. It is represented by two stars . You can view weapons by rarity by checking the category you want to see on the WEAPONS tab in CREATIVE inventory .


Someone who uses Fortnite Creative. This can be a creator or a player.



When weapons and other items were released then later made unavailable, they have been vaulted. This can happen with items that are overpowered, underused, a limited-time item, or have lots of glitches.

Vehicle Spawner

A device that you can use to spawn vehicles into your island. Each vehicle type has its own specific spawner device.

Vehicle Trick Score Multiplier

If you have a game where there are vehicles, this option indicates whether certain tricks add a multiplier to a player's score.

Vending Machine

You can use the Vending Machine device to make items available during a game, either for free or for a cost based on wood, stone or metal. Once you've placed the device, drop items in front of it to register them. You can customize the type of payment and cost for each item. Also see Cost of Item .


Short for visual effects, VFX is digital art that is used for things like, explosions, dust, and water.

Visual Effect Powerup

A device that places a visual effect on the player that picks it up.


An option when customizing a Radio Device that determines whether the audio coming from the radio will sync with a Visualizer .


A device that syncs a panel of colored lights with audio.

Voice Chat

A feature that lets players talk to each other during a game. It can be toggled ON and OFF in the island settings.

  1. In gameplay, a three-dimensional area is called a volume. It can be used to affect the behavior of players that enter the area, or to trigger an effect. A volume can also block entry, or open a door, affect visibility, and more. 2. For audio, this refers to the sound level for music, sound effects, voice chat, and so on.


Short for virtual reality, an interactive experience where the player's real-world environment is replaced by a virtual environment through a wearable device.


warm-up phase

When a game starts, the players spawn, then are locked in place for a three-second countdown. This is the warm-up phase. Also see game phase .


A player instantly warps through a portal — also known as a teleporter or rift — from one location to another.

WASD keys

When playing a game with a QWERTY keyboard and mouse, you can use these keys for navigating the game. Typically, you would have your left hand on the keys — middle finger on the W key, ring finger on the A key, and index finger on the D key, with your right hand on the mouse.


A setting that makes all eliminated players within a specified time respawn together.


A weapon is anything that can be used to inflict damage on another player or an object. CREATIVE inventory makes a number of weapons available for your island — these weapons can be viewed in inventory under the WEAPONS tab .

weapon damage

In CREATIVE inventory, most weapons show details that include the DPS (damage per second) rating, how much damage it can cause, and the weapon's fire rate, magazine size and reload time. The weapon's rarity is shown, and also represented by a number of stars. When a weapon is available with more than one rarity, the rarity has an effect on a weapon's potency.

Weapons categories

In CREATIVE inventory, weapons can be viewed by the categories on the left panel. Many weapons will show up under more than one category.


In Build mode , pressing the i key or Tab key will open the CREATIVE inventory screen. Under the WEAPONS tab, you can find everything from crossbows to rocket launchers. You can search for a weapon by name, or sort by one or more categories listed to the left.

Wildlife Spawner

A device that spawns animals onto an island. The animals are either prey or predators. With bait, you can tame some animals, and you collect bait by hunting and eliminating animals.

win condition

The condition a player or team has to reach to win a game or round. Typical conditions include eliminating another player or object, or accomplishing a specific objective such as finishing a maze or finding a hidden object.

World Resources

World Resources are resources that can be used for various purposes in Creative, such as a medium of exchange, or for building. World resources are consumables , and can be found under the CONSUMABLES tab in CREATIVE inventory .


While a skin or outfit is what you use to change a character's appearance, a wrap is what you use to change the appearance of a gun or vehicle.



See axis .

XL island

An extra-large or XL island uses memory in a different way from other islands. Smaller islands work by loading everything into memory and keeping it there all the time. The memory bar at the top of the screen reports the amount of memory used and available. For larger islands, unused and unseen props and landscape features are not kept in memory. The memory bar is still in view, but you can also use a heat map to see a color-coded overlay that shows which parts of the island are more loaded.


XR refers to a continuum of real-and-virtual combined environments generated by computers through human-machine interaction and is inclusive of the technologies associated with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Rumor has it that when this term was being coined, the X was chosen because the top half represented the V in Virtual Reality, and the bottom half represented the A in Augmented Reality.



See axis .


See orientation .



See axis .