Explore TIME Studios' March Through Time in Fortnite

TIME Studios brings March Through Time to Fortnite, an interactive journey exploring Dr. King's historic impact.

The following content is intended for educational purposes. These materials have been vetted for accuracy and inclusivity.

Step into a fully immersive world where you can see and hear the civil rights teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. like you never have before. March Through Time is presented in Fortnite by TIME Studios, and was created using tools available in Fortnite Creative. It celebrates the anniversary of the March on Washington as you walk with others in the footsteps of those who first made the march, and get a firsthand, interactive experience while the original footage of Dr. King's powerful "I Have A Dream" speech is presented.

March Through Time transports players to D.C. 63, a reimagined Washington, D.C. Built by ChaseJackman, GQuanoe, XWDFr, and YU7A, you will travel to the Lincoln Memorial and United States National Mall, where Dr. King gave his iconic speech for civil rights. The journey continues with museum-inspired points of interest, and quests where you work with others to complete several collaborative mini-games. These activities draw players together as they bring to life an important theme of Dr. King's speech: we move forward when we work together.

We hope March Through Time inspires our community to promote the core values of mutual respect and empathy toward all people. We also hope it helps equip students to have meaningful discussions in the classroom and in their personal lives.

Click the link below to learn more about March Through Time lesson plans that educators can share with their students. For further in-depth reading for yourself, family, or friends about the historic struggle for civil rights, visit TIME's The March website.