Publishing Your Island

Ready to share your island with friends and followers? Get it published!

At this point on your path as an Island Creator, you should have built at least one island experience and joined the Support-A-Creator program. The next step in giving your island visibility is to submit the island to Epic Games for publishing.

Keep in mind that your island must comply with Epic's Content Guidelines before it can be considered for publishing.

How Good Is Good Enough?

Part of game design is iteration. You design an experience, test it with players, correct any issues, then test again.

When you publish your island for the first time, you can expect it to be a work in progress. Getting it published makes it possible to invite friends to play, and you can get feedback from them on how it can be improved.

It is likely that you'll constantly be tweaking the mechanics of your game as you learn more about harnessing the tools available in Creative, and as new props and devices are released that you want to incorporate into your gameplay. It's not unusual for a seasoned Creator to put out a new version as often as once a week.

Making changes to your game experience also gives you a reason to promote on social media. Followers and supporters will want to see your improvements over time. And if you start with perfection, you'll have no room for improvement!

So how good does your island have to be before you publish? Good enough to give players a little fun, good enough to catch their attention. And good enough to make them interested in coming back for more as you refine the experience.

Publishing Your Island

When you're ready to publish your island, you'll need to set up some information before you click that Publish button.

Set the Island Description

  1. From your island, press the Tab key, then select MY ISLAND from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click the DESCRIPTION tab.

    Click image to expand.

    This is where you can change the name of your island, enter a description, assign tags, and set a photo of your island.

  3. The name can be up to 40 characters, including spaces. Any changes you make here will also be reflected in the console at your personal rift on the hub.

    You can change your island name at any time, but that isn't recommended if you're trying to build recognition and a following for your island.

  4. You have three lines for the description, of 150 characters each. This description should make player curious, and make them want to explore your game.

  5. Tags are used to help players find specific types of games, so choose the tags that best describe what your game is. You can use up to four tags, but you must pick at least one.

  6. Click Set Photo then use your control keys to position the camera until you find a shot of your island that represents some aspect of your game a player might find interesting.

  7. Click APPLY to save your info. Saved changes will show in the panel on the left.

  8. Click BACK or press the Tab key to exit.

    Remember to apply your changes!

You can reset the info on this screen by clicking the CLEAR ALL button. The only field that will not be cleared is the island name.

Submit for Publish

Now you're ready to submit your island for publishing!

  1. From MY ISLAND, click the TOOLS tab.

    Click image to expand.

    From this screen, you can make a backup of your island and restore from that backup.

    This is also your last chance to wipe everything on your island and start over. Once you've published, the RESET option goes away.

  2. To publish your island, click the PUBLISH button.

    Click the Publish Button

  3. Your island name appears, but you will need to add a description. This description will show up in other places, so it's a good idea to come up with something that expresses why players will want to visit your island.

  4. When you're happy with your description, click PUBLISH.

Once the island is published, you will get a unique island code that you can share with friends and followers when you invite them to play.

Each island code is unique.

You will also get a custom link for sharing. This link opens a page that explains how people can access your island in Fortnite Creative.

Your island code will stay the same when you republish, but will get a version number. This version number displays at the top of the screen, after the island code, when your game is loading.

As you work to improve your island experience, remember to republish routinely!

Your next step is to explore all the ways you can promote your island.