Character Devices

Display characters and perform emotes with the help of this device.

A Character is a mannequin you can use to display characters and back bling, or to perform emotes. You can use it as an interactable dummy in your game, tying its appearance or behavior to actions by the player or events caused by other devices.

Some devices have a limit on how many of that device can be placed on an island. This is independent of how much memory the device uses. You can only place 20 Character Devices on an island.

Finding and Placing the Device

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  1. From Create mode, press the Tab key to open the CREATIVE inventory screen.

  2. Click the DEVICES tab. You can scroll to select the device, use the Search box to look up the device by name, or check the Categories in the panel on the left.

  3. Click PLACE NOW to place immediately, or put the device in the QUICK BAR to place later.

  4. Press Esc to return to your island in Create mode. Use your phone to position the device, then click to place it. Press Esc to detach the device from your phone tool.

  5. Point at the device with your phone. If the CUSTOMIZE popup doesn't open immediately, move closer until it does, then press E to open the Customize panel.

If you're using multiple copies of a device on an island, it can be helpful to rename them. You can choose names that relate to each device's purpose, so it's easier to remember what each one does.

Device Options

This device has some basic functionality, like selecting a character and pose. Additionally, there are some advanced options, like determining the interaction type.

You can configure this device with the following options.

Default values are bold.

Basic Options





Creative Mannequin, Pick a character

Determines which character is displayed.


Stand Tall, Pick a pose

Determines the pose the Character uses.

Interact Type

Do Not Interact, Transmit

Determines whether players can interact with the device. If you choose Do Not Interact, the player can't interact with the Character. If you choose Transmit, the Character transmits a signal when the player interacts with it.

Interaction Text

Interact, Enter text in field

Type the text that the player sees into the text field. The default text is "Interact", but you can type something else. The field is limited to 64 characters.

Interact Time

Instant, Pick a time in seconds

Determines how long the player must interact to activate the Character.

Visible During Game

On, Off

Determines whether the Character can be seen during the game. If you want the Character to appear only if certain things happen, choose Off here and set Turn On Visibility When Receiving From to a channel.


Beckon, Pick an emote

Determines what emote the Character performs.

Emotes available are:

  • Beckon: Character beckons the player toward it.

  • Air Horn: Character uses an air horn.

  • Cheer: Character cheers the player.

  • Clap: Character applauds the player.

  • Nod Head: Character nods its head to agree with the player.

  • Phone Wave: Character waves its phone at the player.

  • Point: Character points to something.

  • Shake Head: Character shakes its head to disagree with the player.

  • Wave: Character waves its hand at the player.

  • Sit in Chair: Character sits down.

  • Acrobatic Superhero: Character leaps up and then does a superhero landing.

  • Air Guitar: Character plays a pretend guitar.

  • Quantity: Character does the Quantity dance.

  • Autumn Tea: Character does the Autumn Tea dance.

Animated Idle

Cheer, Clap, Cry, Hailing, Waiting

When Use Animated Idle is set to Yes, this determines the animation the device performs when it is idle.

All Options (Additional)




Character Slot

0, Pick a slot

Assign this device to a Character Slot. If you use this device with a Character Device Controller, it can manage all Character Devices that have the same assigned Character Slot.

Use Animated Idle

Yes, No

Determines whether the Character has an idle animation, instead of a static pose.


When one device needs to "talk" to another device, it does so by transmitting a signal on a specific channel. The receiving device needs to be set up to receive the signal on the same channel.

A channel is identified by a number, and channel numbers are customized for a device under the option that uses the channel. Most devices will also pass the identity of the player who triggered the device with the signal.

This device has receivers that perform a variety of functions when receiving a signal over a channel. Also, this device can transmit signals when certain conditions are met.


Receivers listen for a channel and perform an action when they hear any device (including themselves) send a signal on that channel.




Enable When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Enables the device when it receives a signal on the selected channel.

Disable When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

Disables the device when it receives a signal on the selected channel.

Turn On Visibility When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

The Character becomes visible when the device receives a signal on the selected channel.

Turn Off Visibility When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

The Character becomes invisible when the device receives a signal on the selected channel.

Play Emote When Receiving From

No Channel, Pick a channel

When the device receives a signal on the selected channel, the Character performs the emote selected in the Emote option.


Transmitters send a signal on the selected channel when triggered.




When Interacted With Transmit On

No Channel, Pick a channel

When a player interacts with the Character, the device transmits a signal on the selected channel.