V.1.10 Patch Notes

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Battle Royale - State of Development V3

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Smoke Grenades and Xbox One X Support: V.1.9.1 Patch Notes

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The Future of Save the World

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The Bush & Season Shop: V.1.8.2 Patch Notes

A new consumable is dropping into the arena … the Bush. V.1.8.2 also introduces the Season Shop, where we’ll offer new outfits, gliders and harvesting tools! 

Voice Chat Improvements and Quest Drops: V.1.8.1 Patch Notes

Release V.1.8.1 brings performance improvements, voice chat features and bug fixes.

FNBR Performance Update

We are always working to improve performance, and we’re going to share details with you along the way.

Customization, Progression and an In-game Store!

Have you wanted to customize your character? Now you can in our 1.8 update!