1v1 Fortography Results!

By The Fortnite Team


Inspired by the arrival of World Warriors Ryu and Chun-Li, we asked you to emulate 2D arcade action, screenshotting one-on-one square-offs. In response, you shared some veritable knockouts with us. Below are some of our favorite battles that you staged!


takey934 1v1 Fortography

Roof rumble. Photo by @takey934.

Gavanator3 1v1 Fortography

Red roof rumble. Photo by @Gavanator3.

catherrera 1v1 Fortography

An apt arena. Photo by @catherrera11.

Hanyp7 1v1 Fortography

Vi VS Catalyst. Photo by @Hanyp7.

Gentlecatz 1v1 Fortography

Stage select: Zero Point. Photo by @Gentlecatz.

Gughost7 1v1 Fortography

A familiar backdrop. Photo by @Gughost7.

AnObedientWolf 1v1 Fortography

Results screen. Photo by @AnObedientWolf.

edu_valle07 1v1 Fortography

Mecha’s still got it. Photo by @edu_valle07.

imprestavelment 1v1 Fortography

Combo pulled off. Photo by @imprestavelment.

lury59110018 1v1 Fortography 1

A slightly different perspective. Photo by @lury59110018.

Vailtsu 1v1 Fortography

Sunset skirmish. Photo by @Vailtsu.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. Stay tuned to @FortniteGame and our News page for the next Fortography theme, coming up very soon. Some may say the next theme is based on something that’s been right in front of you…