Blade the Vampire Hunter Daybreaks into Fortnite

By The Fortnite Team

Seize the day and save the night as the Daywalker himself. Half-vampire, half-human, 100% bloodsucker slayer, the Blade Outfit has arisen in the Item Shop along with the Blade Bundle!

Blade The Daywalker In Fortnite Jpg

Ready to hunt down bloodsuckers no matter the time of day, the Blade Outfit comes with the Sword of the Daywalker Pickaxe and Back Bling. With both equipped, wield the Sword as your Pickaxe — or sheathe it as your Back Bling.

Also available in the Item Shop is the Dayflier Glider, a special delivery from Blade’s mentor Whistler. Fly in and make the undead fear.

Fortnite Blade Bundle For Item Shop

And bloodsuckers beware: keep the conventional vampires at bay with the Daywalker’s Kata Emote!