Car Fortography Results!

By The Fortnite Team

Pedal to the metal! 🏁

Recently, we asked you to share your best Fortography of you inside a car. With shutter speed in-tow, you took photos that made us want to join you for the ride. Here are some of our favorites!

SaltyPotatoChi6 Car Fortography

All in the rear-view mirror now. Photo by @SaltyPotatoChi6.

kimi_ko_ Car Fortography

Color-coordinated. Photo by u/kimi_ko_.

Chris_or_Fusion Car Fortography

Slurp stunt. Photo by @Chris_or_Fusion.

RexiumFN Car Fortography

“Three Durrr Burgers, please.” Photo by @RexiumFN.

ChipFortography Car Fortography

Rockin’ water. Photo by @ChipFortography.

Skinofday Car Fortography

IO escape. Photo by @Skinofday.

MightyMishok Car Fortography

Playing with fire. Photo by @MightyMishok.

shinon_house Car Fortography

Not inside the cars, but good enough! Photo by @shinon_house.

Eric0ffee Car Fortography

Splash zone. Photo by u/Eric0ffee.

woonkFN Car Fortography

Two arches. Photo by @woonkFN.

bharath_jampana Car Fortography

The mother of all views. Photo by @bharath_jampana.

laz_dot Car Fortography

It’s not the destination. It’s the transportation. Photo by @laz_dot.

Thanks to everyone who submitted screenshots! Keep an eye on @FortniteGame and Fortnite News for when the next Fortography begins. 📷