Creative AMA Recap - 11.7.19

By The Fortnite Team

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us last week on Thursday for the Fortnite Creative AMA on Reddit. We enjoyed fielding the community's burning questions and giving some insight into Creative's future. If you weren’t able to join us, we’ve got a full recap of all the questions and answers below.

When will we get fishing rods / motorboats in creative?
A: They are on the list to be added as soon as we can get water working in the way we feel works for creative. We’re not sure on the exact timing yet.

Are there any plans for prop merging?
A: We’re talking about solutions to allow creators to create their own prefabs, setting up the quickbar to save between sessions is the first step towards this work. Longer term, we’re hoping to find ways to optimize prefabs for memory and rendering speed.

Will there ever be a feature where you can choose a skin in your locker and apply it to a team? Or maybe even just like effects such as glows or something to distinguish players in an infection game mode or something.
A: We are adding new team glows in an upcoming release to help with team-based games.

Will we get the tilted town prefabs? Especially since it’s now gone?
A: Tilted Town prefabs are on the list to get into Creative.

Any chance we can get customizable barriers for weather effects (rain, fog, snow, etc) as well as barriers for filters and time of the day?
A: We have a design for a new time of day device as well as including some weather effects. We haven’t started work on it yet.

Any plans for more terrain pieces, or potentially terrain editor?
A: Terrain is consistently towards the top of our list of features we want to expand further. We have several terrain-related initiatives in the works. These things are in very early development at this point.

Are we getting a Creative Roadmap?
A: There’s no plan to provide a roadmap. Our work changes frequently and we don’t want to set expectations on timing and disappoint anyone.

Are we gonna get some kind of 'Painting device' to turn things into the color we want?
A: It’s on our radar! We’ve worked on a tool prototype that swaps materials/textures.

Playing featured islands directly from the game mode selection menu could make a huge difference. What do you think about it?
A: This is a cool idea. We’ve talked about multiple solutions we’ll see what the future ho