EA 1.6.4 Patch Notes

By The Fortnite Team

Expect update 1.6.4 to release later today, Sept. 29th

Heya Fortnite community,

This week's update takes steady aim at community concerns with the Assault Rifle accuracy and weapon spread / bloom. The 1.6.4 release also includes a fix to a troublesome login issue on PS4 and a rendering crash on Xbox.

UPDATE - 1:00pm EDT:  Supply Drops and Duos are coming next week, along with a detailed blog breaking down our thoughts and goals on weapon accuracy. Expect leaderboards the following week.

EA1.6.4 Release Notes


Battle Royale

  • Balance
    • Adjustments to Assault Rifle.
      • White
        • Increased maximum accuracy by 10%.
        • Increased minimum accuracy by 22%.
        • Increased reload rate by 10%.
      • Green
        • Increased maximum accuracy by 8%.
        • Increased minimum accuracy by 20%.
        • Increased reload rate by 8%.
      • Blue
        • Increased maximum accuracy by 5%.
        • Increased minimum accuracy by 17%.
        • Increased reload rate by 5%.
      • Purple
        • Increased maximum accuracy by 3%.
        • Increased minimum accuracy by 14%.
        • Increased reload rate by 3%.
      • Orange
        • Increased minimum accuracy by 11%.
    • Optimal accuracy is achieved by aiming while crouching without movement.
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue that caused a party to be unjoinable after the Host had left it.
    • Fixed issues with players joining lobbies.
    • Fixed a couple of server crashes.

PS4 Only

  • Fixed an issue that caused login failure after completing the login queue.

Xbox Only

  • Fixed a frequent rendering thread crash that was seen on Xbox.