Fortnite Creative Featured Island Guidelines

By The Fortnite Team

Fortnite Creators,

The Creative community has grown with tremendous haste these past few months, and with it the amount of amazing content in the ecosystem. We’re excited to present an official way to submit your content directly to Epic for review. Now is your chance to be featured in-game!

Click here to head to the official content submission page. On this page, you can submit your hub or featured island creations.

Before you do, make sure you review the guidelines for Featured Islands and The Hub below.

Featured Island Guidelines


What we’re looking for when reviewing Featured Island submissions:

  • Your island is a game.
    • We’re looking for a mix of game types. Your island can be a multiplayer, coop, pvp, solo, puzzle, parkour experience or something totally new. Innovate!
  • It has clear game rules.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • The map is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is unique and is ultimately your own work.
  • Contains no inappropriate content.
  • Does not include any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.

Hub Guidelines

Start here -> Load a Featured Hub template.

The default settings and options on this template are already tuned for community-created Hubs. There is no need to change any of the preset settings, except the “Voice Chat” option. Be sure to change the setting from Team to All. You can fully customize the following on your Hub:

  • Time of Day
  • Camera Filter
  • Light Brightness
  • Light Color
  • Fog Thickness
  • Fog Color
  • Gravity

Every hub and experience are different and these rules are the baseline and expect flexibility on the rules being applied 
Follow these guidelines to help make sure your hub will be reviewed:

  • 35,000 Memory or Less.
  • No devices that can damage/eliminate players.
  • Cannot add anything that creates performance issues for the server
  • Server performance should always be observed and make sure to play your hub on a switch and mobile device and check for a good framerate around 30 FPS and above
    • Tips
      • Moderate the use of particle effects, transparent layers, physics balls
  • Players must be able to find and easily navigate to the portals
    • Tips
      • You can move the MM portals but must be viewable from the Spawn Area and not overshadow the Featured Portals
      • Must leave enough free space (Tile Length) around portals so the preview images do not clip into the surrounding area
  • Any gameplay mechanics must be optional and not obstruct any regular use of the hub
  • The center spawn arena must be flat, obstruction-free, and a maximum of one tile high.
  • All text should be thematically and fictionally grounded to the experience 
    • Tips 
      • Embed text on objects, billboards, TV, signposts, etc…
      • Text color must look natural in the environment Ex: If the text is on a black background could an engraving or carved out
      • The text should not feel like advertising 
  • Please sign your work and visually integrate into the theme of your hub
    • Identifying your social handles in a tasteful way
  • In hub review, the Creative team will request changes to improve the quality the hub and please add 3 or 4 player spawn points for the team to review the hub
  • Must submit an additional video if your hub has hidden easter eggs and interactions
  • Must have player flight turned on for QA Testing (Will be removed by us if selected)
Check out these standout hubs made by community developers like yourself.
Lunar New Year by Sunday: 0996-8935-5644

Valentines by Senix: 5474-4489-9030

Medieval Town by Rynex: 2248-4890-6732

Carnaval by Jxdvn: 6806-2481-9064


  • Anything you submit to us is subject to the Epic Games End User License Agreement which means, among other things:
    • Epic has the right to make use of anything you submit to us for any purpose, including for commercial purposes, without any compensation or notification to, or permission from, you.
    • Epic isn’t obligated to use anything you submit to us.
    • Epic isn’t responsible or liable for what others do with your submission

We can’t wait to see what you create! If you’re looking for inspiration, follow our Twitter where we post info and images of new featured islands.


  • Don’t overload the map with too many lights within close proximity to each other


  • Be mindful of players with epilepsy. In general, stay away from over the top flashing lights.