Fortography Results: Certified Survivalism!

By The Fortnite Team

Primetime Fortographers,

Shortly after the launch of Chapter 2 Season 6, we asked you to share screenshots of you thriving in the wild. Below are some of our favorite photos of you harnessing your primal instincts in this primal Season. The next Fortography theme can be found at the bottom of this post!

JaceGamesNStuff Survival Fortography

The right button at the right time. Photo by @JaceGamesNStuff.

takey934 Survival Fortography

Boar pen maintenance crew. Photo by @takey934.

tatakich1103 Survival Fortography

A different kind of primal instinct. Photo by @tatakich1103.

TairaCroft Survival Fortography

Archery protection. Photo by @TairaCroft.

okota_or Survival Fortography

Tame and command. Photo by @okota_or.

AleczRz0 Survival Fortography

Tread carefully. Photo by @AleczRz0.

_Levia_R_MSSP Survival Fortography

Evasive acrobatics. Photo by @_Levia_R_MSSP.

TheFortographer Survival Fortography

Checkpoint! Photo by @TheFortographer.

galeo1980 Survivor Fortography

New meets old. Photo by @galeo1980.

3NUBIS Survival Fortography

If you can’t beat them, be them. Photo by @3NUBIS.

Jack Saboten Survival Fortography

Summoning 16.10 early. Photo by @Jack_Saboten.

Speaking of 16.10, for our next Fortography theme, we want to see your best Raptor moments. Whether you’re overcoming them or retreating in fear, take a screenshot and share it with us by using the #Fortography hashtag!