Fortnite Raptors

Getting To Know Fortnite’s Wildlife In Chapter 2 Season 6

By The Fortnite Team
Those howls you hear aren’t just a Dire Outfit emoting - but actual Wolves! Both predators and their prey have taken up residence on the Island, and you’re at the top of the food chain… for now. Here’s a survival guide of what to expect out there in the wilds.


Newly hatched from eggs scattered across the Island, Raptors join the hunt to challenge your spot as the apex predator. Raptors roam in pairs; don’t be surprised if you take one on and their packmate rushes forward to back up their kin. Peerless among the Island’s Wildlife, Raptors will fight whoever and whatever crosses their path!


Wolves are predators who’re fiercely territorial and will attack if startled! Try distracting them with a tasty Meat snack so you don't become one. With the right touch and a little bribery you may even get one to join your pack. Of course, sometimes you’ll have to hunt them down too as their Animal Bones are important in upgrading your Makeshift weapons into their Primal form.

Fortnite Wolves


Boars, however, are skittish creatures