FNBR NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

By The Fortnite Team
Heya folks,

We have a brand new feature for NVIDIA owners coming in that will allow you to quickly share those hype Fortnite Battle Royale Plays. 

Introducing, ShadowPlay Highlights from NVIDIA! No longer will your friends have to “take your word” when you tell them about that mountain sliding snipe headshot. ShadowPlay will save plays automatically by default. You are also able to manually configure which plays get saved to customize it to fit your style.

Auto-Saved Plays:
  • Double, Triple and Multi Kills
  • Win or a Death
Following a match the end game screen will have a ShadowPlay Highlights button allowing you to directly access your plays from the previous game. 
You can also find this button located in the Pre-Lobby screen, where you can view the last match highlights.
Now get out there and make some plays! Got one you want to share? Tweet it to us @FortniteGame using #FNBRShadowPlays.