Slushii Spotlight Series Content Creator Guide

By The Fortnite Team

Update (September 24, 2020)

Due to unexpected circumstances relating to distribution rights, copyright claims may still occur for Creators that post YouTube content around Slushii’s Spotlight concert on Saturday, September 26. We are still seeing what’s possible to best support content creators, and we will update everyone if we have new information.

Ahead of this Saturday’s Spotlight live concert featuring Slushii, we’ve put together some tips for our content creators to ensure the best possible experience while sharing the event with your communities.

  • You can stream and share on YouTube from Sept 26th - Oct 2nd without copyright claims or demonetization on Spotlight concert series content. After the seven day window has passed your video will be demonetized, but no strikes or takedowns should be issued. 
    • If you receive a Copyright Claim prior to October 2nd on these videos, please appeal the claim directly with the rights holders.  
  • We’ve worked with our partners to ensure that creators in our Support-a-Creator program can share the show with their communities. 
    • IMPORTANT: You need to have a valid YouTube channel linked to your Support-a-Creator account prior to the concert start on September 26th, 5 PM EDT. 
    • If you would like to add a YouTube channel to your existing Support-a-Creator account, please submit a ticket to Player Support (here). 
      • We aren’t able to add new creators to the Support-a-Creator right now. Keep an eye on the website and Fortnite social for updates on that application re-opening.