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Elemental husks

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    Elemental husks

    I've been wondering since update 1.9, the yellow husks are nature or energy?

    nature is energy. the storms "nature" causes lightning which hits the husks and makes them zappy


      ah, I think I just got it, you have fire, water and nature husks, and you have the same guns, but you also have an energy gun which deals extra damage to all elements... I though there were energy husks also and thats what confused me.... Thanks.


        I think they should rename nature to lighting or thunder or something because I don't really think of nature as yellow lighting. I think more vines and trees and green auras and stuff. (Plz don't take this comment to seriously)


          You know I though the same thing, more like poison Ivy rather than Kid flash...


            Nature type are the ones washed out in the purple color often associated with poison. Water element are the ones that look like they are covered in frost. Fire is obvious. There isn't an energy elemental enemy type. The numbers I've heard on elemental enemies are: 50% less damage taken baseline. Hitting them with their weak element (like fire on nature) does full damage again. Hitting them with the element they are strong against (like water on nature) does 25% damage. Energy damage does 60% against all elements.



              After some observance and testing i saw that:

              Red: Fire - strong against Nature / bad against water /"not so good" against fire itself.
              Blue: Water - strong against fire / bad against nature / "not so good" against water itself.
              Yellow: Nature - Strong against Water / bad against Fire / "not so good" against nature itself.

              The Energy element is for players only, its a jack of all trades that has a respectful damage against all the 3 elemental husks, its not as strong as specific element weaknesess, but its great for dealing with multitude os elementals and ur short on elemental weapons (or diferent ammunitions).

              Extra 1: Avoid using non-elemental weapon or element that is bad against the element on elemental husks if u can, these are the worst case scenarios damage-wise, the damage is really low! thats why i aways walk around with my auto cannon shrike 30/30, shes blue but comes with 10% dmg / 21% crit chance / energy element. it is my all around trusty weapon for all uses :)

              Extra 2: Energy is fine for ALL kinds of enemies, there is no elemental husk with resistance to energy (and there is no energy husk).

              Hope i could be of help ^^

              Secret Extra: I dont have the exact % of the elemental dmg on this elemental dance, but i know that it functions like above hahaha xD

              Edit extra super secret:

              just to try to give some example:

              water vs fire:
              100% dmg

              energy/fire vs fire:
              65% dmg

              Non element vs fire:
              50% dmg

              Nature vs fire:

              i believe is something like that, but i will wait to see if someone with better % understanding presents him/herself ^^
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