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Sinister Implications of the in game environment.


Sinister Implications of the in game environment.

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    Sinister Implications of the in game environment.

    I recently discovered a scary part of the apparently randomly generated environment and was wondering if anyone else had seen something similar.

    I was exploring Plankton Suburbs looting away and discovered under the external garage of a typical suburb house, something very off putting.

    Under the floor there was a 3 storey deep "spiral" stair case one square in diameter.

    At the bottom of the stair case was an operating theatre, next to a steel bar cell only one square in diameter. The cell contained only a lootable sleeping bag, three concrete walls and the cell bars.

    In the house itself was an unoccupied survivor shelter.

    Who's house was it?
    How do you create a three storey deep lair in suburbia?
    What on earth was done in the operating room?
    Did the storm somehow allow the prisoner to escape, over power their captor ?
    Who only thens set up shop in their former prison whilst the apocalypse happens!
    Who does that?
    Why set up house in the place you were locked up and experimented on?

    Seen this scenario before?

    Has anyone else noticed any other disturbing locations?

    Do you think its a deliberate potential plot device, just randomly generated, or a programmer's dark side sneaking into the maps?

    SIDE NOTE (the other very sinister disturbing re-occuring "randomly" generated nightmare...... toilet bacon)
    Dear EPIC whoever works for you and thought that toilet bacon in every lootable dunny was funny, if you haven't sacked them already, I hope that person is transferred to your office's cafeteria. I have had to stop looting bathrooms, and give up my favourite breakfast.

    I took my friend to see what we dubbed the 'Frankenstein lair'. It does make you wonder what sinister things happened there.....
    If only I'd pause to think before typing .....


      I've found multiple rooms like this in basements and behind bookshelves. Some were operating rooms some were torture type chambers. One room behind a bookcase had a teddy bear on the bed in the cell. Also found an attic the other day with two bunk beds and childrens items laying around. There was no way in or out of this attic. I was going through roofs searching attics when I found it. I have always viewd the toilet bacon as a bit of an insult. There's no reason what's so ever for it to be there. I know it's meant to be funny but it's really pretty stupid imo. There's more bacon in toilets than stoves and refrigerators combined.


        I sacrifice 25 ordinary people and five slaves to create an unholy fusion of a slightly more powerful slave, whom I promptly sacrifice to give one of my other slaves a slight boost of additional power, so I, in turn, can become slightly more powerful.

        I have done this hundreds of times in my eternal, incessant quest for a greater ability to kill things.

        Whatever run-of-the-mill serial killer things have been going on in the suburbs of Plankerton cannot compare to the atrocities any given Commander commits daily.