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Basic QoL changes for "Save the World"


Basic QoL changes for "Save the World"

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    Basic QoL changes for "Save the World"

    These are just some basic things I've noticed while playing in "Save the World" that I find irksome. I really enjoy the game overall, but it's not an ideal experience yet. I will probably add to this as I get farther (still in plankerton), but I've noticed other people mention story related stuff too, which I definitely think needs to be finished too. Anyways, here's what I got so far:

    1: Quick building remove - tearing down the walls you've built in your base takes too long. It's tedious, and since we get nothing for it, it's just busy work for absolutely nothing. We should be able to reconfigure our bases easily. Even if this was only in SSD that would be better than nothing.

    2:Resource retrieval - related to what I just posted above - it would be nice to get some resources back for tearing down your own stuff. I wouldn't expect to get all resources back, but it would be nice to get half back. We get resources from tearing down other people's walls in the suburbs, or wrecking cars - there is no reason not to get some bricks/wood/metal back if we tear down a wall we just built.
    Sometimes things get built by accident while in a clutch moment.
    Sometimes it's we're trying to build in an area where the collision or other buildings make things hard to see, and things get misplaced.
    Sometimes you build something at your homebase only to find enemies never come from where you thought they would come from, because just beyond the shield edge is a cliff, not ramp.

    3- Increase resource limits - being able to carry 2k of each would be a nice QoL adjustment, so people don't need to bounce back and forth to a base all the time, just to make sure they can pick up resources.

    4- Warn us about the SSD building limits in a more obvious way, so we can plan for it better. I was really surprised when I got the 2k warning

    5- Reroll weapon perks - a couple other people have mentioned this as well - it sucks to finally get a legendary/epic roll of a weapon you want only to find you hate the perks. My spouse has an epic Raygun with -30% recoil as a perk, even though there is little to no recoil already.

    6- Exploration badge - I saw somewhere in your old "known issues" lists that revealing the map is supposed to show remaining survivors? That would be great, do that please.

    7- Adjust whatever algorithm decides what extra quests appear on the maps (things like bluglo syphons, anomolies, survivor's homes etc.). Had the quest to do syphons, had a hard time finding 1 syphon per map; finally beat it to move onto the quest for anomolies, and now can't find anomolies, but found 5 bluglo syphons on the same map. Really? It's dumb, and makes it too obvious that you're trying to lengthen our play time artificially.

    8- Map Notes - being able to mark stuff on the map for other people to find is great (or maybe if you yourself want to go back to it later)! It's too bad that the icon on the map is this pale purple color that's hard to see - could you make this better? Maybe yellow? Or purple with an outline? If you really want to be awesome, you could expand the notations we could use. Things like "anomoly" "survivor hovel" "troll chest" etc. Or maybe let us make our own?

    9- Priority Llama stuff - I know there are already specialiazed Llamas you can get, but the price is rediculous. With the normal llamas, it would be nice to be able to prioritize to some degree what type of stuff you get. Between heroes, survivors, weapons and traps, it would be nice to have a spot where you can tell the system to put a bit of an extra edge on one of the 4 listed above.

    10 - Redistribute skill points - Some games (such as Diablo) let you reroll all your hard earned skill points so that you can find many builds that you like for characters. This is a major factor in long term enjoyment for players, because people get bored. If they can't regain their skill points, then characters end up feeling pretty similar. Maybe you decide you want to dump everything into attack the second time round, instead of balancing? Now every character becomes a bit of a glass cannon, and all of a sudden you have to adjust your play style. Maybe you're really into outlanders for awhile - you can readjust your skill points to better match the class, and then when you get bored, you can readjust them again!

    11 - Better UI - Overall things are easy to find, but it's not always clear what everything *does* -- what do you use the resource survivors for? Just expeditions? Do the defenders in the SSD slots only affect who you can bring? (Cause I've definitely brought sniper, shot gun, pistol and assault rifle people to stonewood, even though I don't have them all types unlocked).
    On another note, it would be nice to if you could link the book directly to the "upgrade/inspect" tab for survivors/schematics/heroes etc. It's really annoying going back and forth.

    Do you guys have other things you want to see added/changed? Feel free to comment on stuff I have above too.

    12- Remove/switch traps without destroying the base building under it - I don't know about other people, but I've used super weak traps in my Stonewood base, and now that I have better stuff, I can't just replace them, without wrecking and rebuilding everything. I'm not going to do that, since it's a huge waste of resources. It would be nice to have a more passive use for the good traps we get later.

    13- Backpack and Ammo management outside of missions - So much time can go into managing backpack space, building/recycling weapons and restocking ammo; it would be nice to have this available from the homebase menu (not just in your storm shield). It could really help with the timed missions.

    14- Repair the Shelter Missions - Mark the location of where SEE-bot is going to drop, so we can get there before he gets destroyed. So much of the time (actually every time so far), SEE-bot has spawned on the other side of the map from where my party was, and several times, he has gotten destroyed before we could get there, simply because we had no warning. Even if we could learn which quarter of the map he would drop in, that would be better than nothing.

    15- RAY - An option to turn off RAY's tutorial dialogue in every mission would be nice. I really like the voice acting, she did a great job, and I like hearing the story stuff, and I don't want to just turn off the dialogue sound because of this (also hearing the survivors can be helpful); but I really don't need RAY to continuously tell me the same information all the time. Her dialogue can sometimes go pretty long, and I've found it difficult to communicate with my party sometimes because she would just talk over us. This could be an option on the Launch menu, where we can make last minute adjustments to our Loadout.
    I basically equate this to Navi in Ocarina of Time -- I've beaten the game multiple times, I can open a door on my own Navi!
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        exactly lol

      I wanna see a hard limit set for power levels. Seeing a player 20 lvls below or even single digit players in a lvl 70 mission is aggravating. You know they either can't or won't contribute due to being considerably weaker than the recommended lvl. They just waste space, suck up unearned xp and likely run around dying trying to loot things they can't use for weeks. Also restrict people that don't help from getting rewards. People getting things like obsidian and shadowshard from encampments they did almost if not zero for, should not be rewarded whatsoever. Reward effort, not the lazy. Come on epic.....
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        I haven't experienced that, but I don't tend to do a lot of "play with others" missions yet. I can see that being super annoying, and ya, there definitely needs to be a cap for that! I ended up in a mission with 2 level 3s when I was level 20, and thought it was pretty dumb (they did a decent job and everything, I was assisting in their quest mission, but I thought it was a bit ridiculous the system paired me with them).
        It would make sense that people should be rewarded based on not just where they play (like twine/plankerton etc.) but also based on their level.
        <15 should net you stonewood rewards
        <40 should net you plankerton rewards
        etc. (don't know the general level caps for canny and twine yet =P)

      more stuff:

      16 - Extra resources/outdated resources - It would be great to have some more uses for weak/outdated resources once we level our weapons and traps past them. Frequently, while farming resources, one will end up with mad stacks of stuff that have no real purpose anymore, and they fill up valuable backpack space (as an example, I usually have about 15-20 weapons, maybe 5 stacks of traps and the rest is resources -- right now my backpack is 110 slots).
      a) let us merge weak mats together to make the next rarity of the same item ( eg- 5 stringy twine makes 1 simple twine, 5 rusty mechanical parts makes 1 simple mechanical part etc.). This would be a good way to eat up our resource stacks, but give us something back.
      b) Let us sell/trade mats to an in-game NPC vendor in exchange for points. We can then use the points we collect for better mats that maybe we don't find enough of (quartz comes to mind), or for EXP.

      Either of these options would be great, because as an example, just yesterday I dropped about 10 stacks of 99 old mats that I just couldn't justify keeping anymore. They take up a lot of space, and it would be nice for them to have a purpose.

      17 - Black-ball certain items from pickup, such as from chests , crates etc. - You can't always see everything that gets vacuumed into your inventory, and sometimes you'll end up with things taking up spaces you could be using for mats you DO want. Having these spaces filled with unwanted mats could lead to favored mats being dropped to the ground by accident if you're in a rush. The 2-4 seconds it takes for your character to seemingly vacuum something and for it to drop inconspicuously behind you as you move away is just enough time for you not to notice that the material you've been trying to farm is still sitting on the ground because it can't make another stack.

      18 - Quartz - Speaking of quartz, you don't get enough when it drops. When you find it in things like Loot Llamas you only get 1 or 2 pieces. This isn't at all balanced with how much is used by freeze traps. Pair this with the fact that quartz is only found in minimal supply in levels and you're hitting a wall on a very useful trap.

      19- Nuts and Bolts & Ammo- We use these for too much -- so much of the time, I'm hitting a wall when it comes to these things. They're used in at least half of all traps, and they're used in ammo. Really, ammo? Ammo should be something you can almost always reasonably make, so it should be left at basic mat cost (except for the energy ammo, because you can find a lot of batteries, but batteries aren't required in as much stuff, and there are just less weapons in general that use this). In short:
      Remove the nuts and bolts requirement for ammo.

      20 - More uses for the collected survivors - These survivors are just sitting in my homebase resources, building up. I don't go on enough expeditions to use them up enough that they just aren't always at the 1000 cap. Not a huge deal, but seems like a waste; why not give them more functions? It would be interesting if you had the option of assigning survivors to your research center nodes. When you do this, the boost you get from the nodes increases. It would be a nice simple way of using more survivors, and allowing a little bit more hero customization -- You want to be super tanky? Assign 10 survivors to the next fortitude/health node and get an more shield regen or health.

      21 - Health bonus in the support slot from Constructors (like Hazard the 13th Kyle) - The support bonus says it adds 10% health on top of your health, but the boost seems negligible when he's actually equipped. Most of the health boost I'm seeing is from his level and rarity rating.

      22 - Tactical Bonuses - Heroes need to have more tactical bonuses, right now there are a lot more available support bonuses than tactical ones, and a lot of the tactical ones that ARE in the game are class locked.

      23 - General trap/base info can be hard to see/read - a) sometimes when you mouse over a trap you can't see the trap stats on the base piece at all. It's uses/ health etc just won't show up. b) Damage to your base should be represented with red, not blue. The BASE ability causes a blue field to go over your building pieces, and this can make damage hard to see.

      24 - "Repair all" - Before selecting "Expand Shield" from the stormshield consoles, we should get the option to "repair all". This would automatically find and repair any damaged walls, floors, stairs and roofs in the area. The appropriate amount of resources would be removed from our inventory and it would save a tremendous amount of time for the player. It can take a long time to search and repair everything that was damaged but not destroyed. If the player doesn't have enough resources to do this, the system could say how much more of a resource is needed, and the player could get what they need.

      25 - We should be able to remove traps without destroying them, if the trap is at full uses/health. The trap would go back into our inventory.

      26 - Faster crafting/bulk crafting - Crafting traps and ammo takes a long time, and requires too much micromanaging. Give us a slider in the inventory menu and let us pick how many stacks we want of an item. Increase the cue to at least 20 spots.

      27 - Basic collision crashing of at least one tile in stormshield bases - This is important so that we can fill holes easier. There was one spot in the plankerton stormshield that I had to move my walls out 1 extra space and cover an extra 3 or 4 spaces just so I could keep one corner from being used an impromptu door. The gap between the wall and cliff was large enough that my characters could run through it (without hitting anything or glitching etc), and I couldn't close it easily, because it was against a ramp.

      28 - Base Defenders - Base defenders should come pre-equipped with weapons that match their star rating, and should have their own ammo. They go through your weapon durability and ammo very quickly, and general consensus is that they currently aren't worth using.

      29 - Pylon Boosts - pylon boosts should last longer than 2 minutes. It takes longer than 2 minutes to find the bluglo to use them, and really 2 minutes in a a match of at least 20 minutes is no time at all. Pair this with the fact that they're frequently found at the outset of the level and you've got yourself a pointless bluglo sink. You could get the boost, then go to where the main source of the fighting is going on and the boost is nearly gone.

      30- Melee - K, let's talk Melee for just a second.
      a) Heavy attacks for melee shouldn't cost as much stamina. I main Dim Mak right now, and some heavy melee attacks (since they are different on a per-weapon basis) takes up to 60% of my stamina. Really? It's pretty excessive.

      b)Special abilities shouldn't cost stamina at all --> Ninjas are supposed to be melee intensive, but right now the game doesn't really compensate for being in the middle of a group of enemies and being in their line of fire. Melee feels very outclassed by firearms (specifically by soldiers). As it stands special abilities have a cool down AND they require stamina. This is bad. Doubling up on requirements is punishing to the player. That's why in moba games, and adventure games like Diablo, abilities require only 1 of the possible resources. Abilities have a cooldown, OR they require one of the alternate resource pools (such as MP, AP etc). This allows players to see how they're resources are holding up and plan accordingly. If you're running low on stamina, you rely on basic attacks and cooldowns until it's back. By the time you run through those a bit, the abilities that were in CD are back up.Right now it's frustrating, sprinting to a point in which your base is getting wrecked by a bunch of husks only to find you can't use the ability you wanted that would have cleared them out (for me this is smoke bomb). Then you wait up to 10 seconds seconds for your stamina to come back and they wrecked your wall. Great.

      Either this or sprinting should cost a lot less stamina.