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[PS4] [Top Tier Players] Community Recruitment


[PS4] [Top Tier Players] Community Recruitment

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    [PS4] [Top Tier Players] Community Recruitment

    Good day everyone!

    Community recruitment [Top tier players] PS4 only - ALL servers

    Having noticeable leader/members such as “Dojo” (current n1 squad PS4 player in the world with a - so far - unmatchable win rate %) + many other top100/200 players (taking fortnitetracker as reference)

    We wished to present & advertise our community
    We are a pool of experienced & committed players with a competitive but laidback mindset. Team play being one of our core values, we highly value the right balance between fun & playing to win.

    Our main goal:
    Create a pool of like-minded players that share our vision and ambition in game.

    Conditions for entrance:
    • Over 21 years old
    • 20% win rate minimum (Squads) with +100wins
    • Mic
    • Values team play above all
    • A good sense of humor is always welcomed : -)
    • Having properly identified your best role in a 4men squad (Rusher/Flanker – Sniper/Builder – Hybrid...)
    • If above matches, PM us your epic account name or screenshot your stats and we will gladly welcome you
    To apply:
    Please PM me (or post below) your PSN account name with fortnitetracker link to your stats or screenshot of your stats, if positive, an invite will follow !


    20% win rate in squads, little behind on 100 wins.
    I've played with a lot of randoms.
    21 with mic.
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